e could reach the general stage.

What did the general stage represent?

They were the most powerful bunch of people in this era.
They had the highest status in society and enjoyed countless wealth and resources.
The difference between them and the ordinary martial warriors was like the sky and the earth.

Xiao Yunfan kept quiet, though.
This student was speaking up for him.
If he refuted, both parties would be unhappy.

There were things he couldn’t say.
There were things you wouldn’t understand purely through words.
You would have to experience the society personally to understand them.

In the car, Wang Teng asked Lin Chuhan, “Why were you with that fellow?”

Before Lin Chuhan could reply, Tian Xiaoxiao interrupted her.
“We met him on the plane.
He kept pestering us.”

“You should stay away from him.
He isn’t a good person,” Wan Baiqiu suddenly said.

“Really? I think Senior Xiao is quite a nice guy.” Tian Xiaoxiao felt a little unhappy at Wan Baiqiu’s words.
Xiao Yunfan was their senior in university.
If others talked bad about him in front of them, they wouldn’t look good either.

“Hmph, that’s because you haven’t seen his other side.” Wan Baiqiu sneered.
“If you go to the Xingwu Continent one day and work together with him, you will naturally understand how scheming he is.”

Tian Xiaoxiao hesitated when she noticed how firm Wan Baiqiu was in her opinion.

“What will I get from lying to you? I just want to remind you.
It’s up to you whether you want to believe me or not.
Naive ladies like you will suffer terribly in his hands.” Wan Baiqiu ignored Tian Xiaoxiao after she finished this sentence.

“Just be careful,” Wang Teng said.

Lin Chuhan and Tian Xiaoxiao exchanged glances with each other.
They nodded and didn’t rebuke anymore.

Wang Teng sent Lin Chuhan and Tian Xiaoxiao home.

Lin Chuhan glanced at Wang Teng worriedly after she got out of the car.
She explained, “There’s nothing between Senior Xiao and me.
I met him on the plane.
He kept following me…”

“You’re afraid that I’ll misunderstand you?” Wang Teng teased.

“That’s not what I mean.
You can assume whatever you want.” Lin Chuhan’s ears turned red, and she ran away.

Wang Teng smiled and shook his head.
He went back to his car and drove back to school.

“Junior Wang Teng, is that your girlfriend?” Wan Baiqiu winked at him.

“How envious.
You already have a girlfriend in the first year, a beautiful one too,” Han Zhu lamented in a serious tone.

“I didn’t know you were like this,” Wang Teng said.

“Your senior is a man too,” Han Zhu said helplessly.

“Senior Sister Wan is single.
Why don’t you consider her?” Wang Teng sniggered.

“Hmph, I’ll rather be single than find a boring man like him.” Wan Baiqiu snorted.

Han Zhu: …

Wang Teng burst out laughing.

When they reached the university, Peng Yuanshan called them over.

Peng Yuanshan and the other teachers had been waiting for some time.
They went straight to the topic when they saw Wang Teng.
“You brought glory to our school in this National Number One Martial Arts Competition.
I’ll put this in your portfolio.
The competition took up a lot of time, and the new year is almost here.
Go back and accompany your families.
Have a happy holiday.
We can talk about the future arrangements after we come back.”

“It’s the new year.” Comprehension finally dawned on Wang Teng.
No wonder the streets seemed busier on his way back.
Everyone was smiling.

The students were eager to go home..
They bade farewell to one another and left the school.

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