He hid his wings and stepped on the air, his speed skyrocketing.


An evil clansman at the peak of 7-star soldier level laid his eyes on Wang Teng.
He chased after him relentlessly.
Wang Teng ran away from him and even killed a few low-rank evil clansmen along the way.
The 7-star soldier-level evil clansman was infuriated.
He shouted at Wang Teng.

When Wang Teng killed a 5-star soldier-level evil clansman, he slowed down a little.
The 7-star evil clansman took the chance and increased his speed.
He caught up with Wang Teng instantly and fired his fist at him.


One fist was powerful enough to cause an explosion in the air.
An outline of a lofty mountain appeared behind him, pushing down on Wang Teng.

“Damn it, do you really think I’m afraid of you?”

Wang Teng turned around abruptly.

Eight level devil scripture, activated!

Dark Force scattered throughout his body.
No one noticed that under his layers of clothing, black patterns were seeping out from his skin.

Leiting Physique, activated!

Slash! Boom!

Lightning sparkled in the air.
With lightning protecting his body, his physical body became much stronger.

Wang Teng had just received the Leiting Physique and wasn’t well-versed with it.
His lightning Force was only at 2-star soldier level too.

But it was better than nothing.

Furthermore, he only used Leiting Physique as a cover for Eight Level Devil Scripture.

With the help of these two physique skills, Wang Teng released his fist and executed his fist conscious.

Ape King Fist!

A scary shadow of a giant ape appeared behind Wang Teng.
As his fist moved forward, the ape’s thick arm shot out too.


The illusion of the mountain froze for a split second.
Then, it shattered and was destroyed into fragments.

The evil clansman was confused.
He squinted as he vomited blood and got knocked back.

“I’m going to chop you to death!” Wang Teng chased after him while swinging Mo Que continuously.
Eruptions reverberated.
Sharp glows surrounded the other party.

Boom, boom, boom…

The peak 7-star soldier-level martial warrior was hacked to death by Wang Teng.
He died on the spot.

Multiple attribute bubbles floated out.

Wang Teng picked them up.



Advanced Stage Earth Talent*32

Earth Force*380

Mirage Mountain Fist*1

Mirage Mountain Fist Conscious*32

Wang Teng was panting after the last round.
His eyes lit up as another round of attributes entered his pocket.

There were many good items.

Advanced stage earth talent, earth-rank high-class fist battle technique, Mirage Mountain Fist, and earth fist conscious.

This Mirage Mountain Fist was probably the skill his opponent executed just now.
It was mighty.
If he didn’t have a powerful physique skill like the Eight Level Devil Scripture, he would need to fight based on battle techniques alone.
In that case, he wouldn’t be the evil clansman’s match.

But with this battle technique in his hand, things were different.
Along with the sky-rank physique skill, this kind of close combat battle technique would display more potential in his hands.

Moreover, he had fist conscious too.

After enlightening his fist conscious, he realized that the Mirage Mountain Fist conscious and the Ape King Fist conscious were both earth elements.
However, there were some slight differences.
The level of consciouses was different, so he didn’t know which was stronger.

However, to Wang Teng, these were all skills.
There was no difference as long as he could use them to kill his opponents…


Just when Wang Teng was immersed in the happiness of a huge harvest, a loud shout came from far away.

Wang Teng sensed something too.
Without thinking, he took a step forward.

The space beside him started distorting…


An arrow shot over from afar like a ray of light.
It pierced through Wang Teng’s heart.


The light arrow went right through him and slammed into the wall of the tall building behind him, blasting a huge hole in the wall..
As for Wang Teng, his figure slowly dissipated on the spot.

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