paritions, and they were turned into slaves.

There weren’t even any pure bloodlines left behind.
Only mixed-bloods could be found.

What a pity.

Wang Teng looked at the burly mixed-blood in front of him and suddenly found him a little tragic.

He shook his head and stopped thinking about it.
There were some things he couldn’t change alone.
Thinking about it, this burly mixed-blood’s talent was not bad.
If not, he wouldn’t have possessed the Heart Of Zhongyan.

Wang Teng touched his chin, his eyes shimmering.

The burly mixed-blood felt a little uncomfortable because of his gaze.
This pure-blood’s gaze was so chilling.
He looked as though he was going to do something nasty to his body.

He had heard that some pure-bloods had special fetishes.
Could it be…

The mixed-blood’s face turned green.
When he thought about those disgusting images, his 125kg muscular body shuddered.
Then, he shuddered and shuddered again…

“Erm, do you know that the consequences of offending me are very serious?” Wang Teng smiled as he opened his mouth.

“Sir, sir, my name is Kun Shan.
What should I do for you to let me go?” The burly mixed-blood felt a drop of cold sweat on his forehead.
He lowered his head and asked Wang Teng carefully.

Could it be that the pure-blood would only let him go after doing that thing?

“Erm… I haven’t thought about it.” Wang Teng walked in front of the unconscious vampire who was the master of Kun Shan and gave him a tight slap.

Wang Teng had used a lot of force, so his face turned swollen.

“Huh?” The other party woke up in pain immediately.
He looked at the smiling Wang Teng in a daze.
Fear started to creep up his eyes.
“What do you want to do? Don’t come over!”

“I want that mixed-blood.” Wang Teng tilted his head and looked at him.
” What do you think?”

Kun Shan got depressed when he heard this.
As expected, this pure-blood had his eyes on his pure body.

“Take him! Take him! He’s yours!” the vampire shouted without thinking.

“Give me the key of the slave collar.”

Kun Shan’s master gave the key to Wang Teng without any hesitation.

This was a small rune key.
There was nothing special about it, but as a runemaster, Wang Teng knew that it was the real thing.

Wang Teng nodded in satisfaction.
“It looks like you’re quite sensible.
I’ll let you go this time.
You’re welcome to provoke me again.”

The vampire felt frustrated and furious, but he didn’t dare display it.

Ignoring him, Wang Teng turned to Zi Ye and asked, “Is there anyone else that bullied you?”

Zi Ye nodded.

“Go on.
You should put an end to some things.
If you can take revenge now, don’t leave it overnight.
If not, you won’t be able to sleep well,” Wang Teng said.

Zi Ye’s eyes lit up.
She nodded as she digested his words.

She walked towards the other mixed-bloods.
This time, she didn’t use the dagger.
She just gave everyone three small slaps.

The slaps were loud and crisp.

The mixed-bloods didn’t dare to resist.
They obediently allowed the young girl to slap them.

Wang Teng was disappointed for a second when he saw no new attribute bubbles.

However, these mixed-bloods were of a different race from Kun Shan.
The members of the Zhongyan race were tall and muscular.
The muscles on their bodies were as hard as rocks, and they had bald heads.
They were very easy to recognize.

Wang Teng didn’t think that he would pick up the Heart Of Zhongyan from others.

However, these mixed-bloods were all a bunch of treasures.
They belonged to different races and might give him some rare attributes.
He could get some benefits from them.

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