Chapter 605: Ox Hair Filiform Needle!

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A soft gasp escaped Shennai Tongji’s mouth as she stared at Wang Teng in surprise.
Then, she turned into a shadow and disappeared on the spot again.

Wang Teng was not in a hurry to defeat her.

He was very interested in spiritual illusion.
He wanted his opponent to execute her skill to the maximum so that he could pick up as many attribute bubbles as possible.

The instant Shennai Tongji disappeared, many star beasts started to appear in the arena.
They all had powerful presences.
There were large apes, giant pythons longer than ten meters, ferocious tigers, ruthless wolves, and many more…

The star beasts filled up the coliseum and stared at Wang Teng fiercely.

Also, they were giving off a bloodthirsty aura, which seemed real as if they were truly powerful star beasts.
A single glance was enough to make people’s hair stand up.

Even though some people knew that this was an illusion, they were still afraid.

This was how powerful spiritual illusion was.

Unfortunately, Shennai Tongji’s opponent was Wang Teng, a bug.
His mastery of spiritual power exceeded her by a level.
And this one level wasn’t just a simple level of difference.

The gap between Imperial Realm and Emperor Realm was so wide that some divine spirit masters never overcame it in their lives.

Of course, Wang Teng didn’t plan to bully her.
If not, there was no need to continue this match.
He wouldn’t be able to collect attribute bubbles either.


The large star beasts in front roared before they charged towards Wang Teng.

Their attacks were varied and strange.
Metal, wood, water, fire, earth, lightning, wind, all elements were present.
It was a dazzling sight.

Some star beasts were spurting flames.
In an instant, the entire arena was bathed in fire.
Scorching heat spread out.

Even the martial warriors sitting in the stands felt the heat.
They were astounded.
Was this really an illusion?


At the same time, lightning struck down from the sky.
Some star beasts were drawing the lightning.

Sharp spikes formed by the earth sprouted on the ground.
Plants with veins grew like crazy and flew towards Wang Teng…

This scene was astonishing!

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All the martial warriors were dumbstruck.

However, Wang Teng remained composed.
His expression was extremely calm.

These attacks weren’t all fake.
Some were real, and some weren’t.
It was hard to gauge.

If it was someone other than Wang Teng, they wouldn’t be able to evade them.
With his Spiritual Sight, he could see what the real attacks were.
When he looked over, all the illusions disappeared.
There were only two to three real attacks.

Shennai Tongji had used her spiritual kinesis to control the Forces in the area and turned them into attacks.
They were all aimed at Wang Teng.

However, she wasn’t Wang Teng.
These Forces were all extrenal help.
Since she didn’t actually possess them, they weren’t that powerful.

Wang Teng didn’t move.
He allowed the seemingly powerful attacks to land on him.

Everyone widened their eyes in surprise.

Wang Teng wasn’t dodging?

But the next instant, they realized that the attacks didn’t affect Wang Teng at all…

“It’s all fake!” Everyone’s gaze flickered, feeling shocked.
It wasn’t just that the attacks were fake; they were astounded that Wang Teng could see through them.

Mind you, if they had met this level of illusion, they would be in a flurry.

How could Wang Teng do this so easily?

This didn’t make sense!

Was Wang Teng’s eyesight so sharp? Could he see through illusions?

Wang Teng remained composed.
He merely released his fist and destroyed the real attacks.

Shennai Tongji was dumbfounded when she saw this scene from her hiding place.
This time, she was honestly amazed by Wang Teng.

Wang Teng could see through her illusion.
This was unbelievable!

Shennai Tongji turned serious and stopped hiding.
Her figure gradually appeared in the arena.
With a wave of her hand, all the star beast illusions disappeared.

“Why aren’t you using your spiritual illusion anymore?” Wang Teng was surprised when he saw her deciding to step out on her own.

At the same time, he found it a pity.
He was happily picking up spiritual illusion attributes when she suddenly stopped playing.
What should he do now?

Shanben Quan was shocked.
He looked at the battle in the arena with worry.

“This Wang Teng is weird.
I wonder how strong he is? Will Tongji be able to handle him?” he frowned as he muttered to himself.

Sitting beside him was a handsome young man with long hair.
He laughed and said, “Senior Shanben, don’t worry too much.
Princess Tongji is the most powerful talent in our country.
She has many secret skills, so she will be able to defeat Wang Teng.”

“Yiteng, don’t underestimate any opponent!” Shanben Quan glanced at him and said.

Awkwardness appeared on Yiteng Zhentuo’s face.
He kept quiet in embarrassment.

Shanben Quan seemed to be reprimanding him.
Their country emphasized heavily on seniority, so as his junior, he didn’t dare to refute.

Besides, in terms of ability, he wasn’t Shanben Quan’s match.

In the arena, Shennai Tongji remained quiet.
All of a sudden, her body rose into the air, and she started floating.
An invisible force swept through the arena as her hair danced wildly in the wind.

Spiritual power!

She looked down at Wang Teng and stretched both her hands out.
Dense sharp glints appeared in the air.
There were countless ox hair filiform needles.

“This is getting interesting.” Wang Teng squinted.

Divine spirit masters were able to control Forces and could also maneuver objects to use as weapons.
These ox hair filiform needles were extremely small and thin.
They were light and easy to control too.

Hence, controlling a large number ox hair filiform needles wouldn’t require too much spiritual power.

To a divine spirit master who had a limited amount of spiritual power, this was the best weapon to choose.

Wang Teng’s Shooting Star Spiral had enough attacking and explosive power, but compared with the ox hair filiform needles, it required more spiritual power.
Also, it wasn’t as discreet as the opponent’s needles.

If these two weapons were released at the same time, the Shooting Star Spiral would get discovered first.
Of course, Wang Teng had other methods to conceal it.
That was why he could succeed every single time.

That was another situation!


A cold shout escaped Shennai Tongji’s mouth.
Numerous sharp glints shot forward like bullets and flew towards Wang Teng.

All the martial warriors squinted when they saw this scene.

Divine spirit masters were rare.
Watching them in action was even harder.
Thus, when they saw Shennai Tongji’s attacking skills, they were amazed.
This was new to them.

Moreover, they also felt their heads going numb.
No ordinary martial warriors would be able to resist the large number of ox hair filiform needles.

This skill was stranger and harder to deal with than ordinary martial arts move.

Divine spirit masters were indeed extremely talented.
How envious.

Also, Shennai Tongji’s ability was on par with general-stage martial warriors..
Such powerful divine spirit masters were even rarer.

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