Chapter 630: Mini Space Tornado

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“This isn’t an illusion?!” The scene gave Wang Teng a shock.
He frowned uncontrollably.

Why would something that didn’t exist in reality appear inside the Cancer Palace?

If this wasn’t an illusion, what could it be?

But if this was an illusion, he should be able to break it with his spiritual power unless the other person’s realm was higher than his.
However, that wasn’t possible either.

Wang Teng denied this thought instantly.
He wasn’t overconfident.
This was just the truth.
There were people who had a higher realm than him, but they probably wouldn’t appear here.

Mount Saint would definitely view the Imperial Realm spiritual power with high importance.

Since spiritual power is useless, then… Wang Teng’s eyes shimmered.
The Force in his body exploded.

Green flames surged out of his body along with his fire Force.
They swept over the corpses around him.

Agonizing screams filled up the air.
All the corpses were burned when they were touched by the Emerald Glazed Flame, turning into ashes and disappearing.

These corpses were nothing in front of his divine fire.

Wang Teng stood in the flames and stepped forward.

Suddenly, his spiritual power, which was floating around, felt a slight emotional fluctuation at a certain part of this space.

Found you! Wang Teng smiled and disappeared on the spot.

The next instant, he appeared some distance in front to his left and punched the air.

The punch made contact with something, creating a dull sound.

Amidst the Force explosion, a figure appeared out of thin air, his hands crossed in front of his chest.
He stopped after taking a few steps back.

This was a young man who was wearing divine constellation armor.
He looked at Wang Teng grimly with bewilderment in his eyes.

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“How did you find me?” Margus asked and put down his hands secretly.
Force flowed through his body as he dispersed the strong tremor that had infiltrated his body.

“Guess!” Wang Teng sized up the man and smiled.

The other party thought that his slight emotional fluctuations wouldn’t be discovered, but he didn’t know how powerful Wang Teng’s spiritual power was.
This slight movement was enough for him to lock onto him.

This young man from Country Xia was evil.
He kept shouting, asking if anyone was here.
His voice was like a spirit.
He almost lost his composure because of him.

What was going on in his mind?

“Don’t you want to know where this is?” Margus suddenly smiled.
There was sarcasm on his face.

“Do you want me to ask you?” Wang Teng said, “I won’t.”

Margus felt the corners of his lips twitching as he looked at that irritating face.

“I don’t care where this is.
I’ll break it,” Wang Teng continued calmly.

“How arrogant!” Margus snorted.
“Try it.
If you can get out of this place, I’ll call you grandfather.”

“Wait.” Wang Teng suddenly took out his cellphone and pressed the screen.
“Okay, repeat what you’ve just said.”

Margus was stunned. What the hell are you doing?

“It’s nothing.
Just repeat what you’ve said,” Wang Teng said earnestly.

“Are you playing with me?” Margus’s expression got ugly.

“You misunderstood me.
I’m just afraid that you will regret your words later,” Wang Teng replied.

“Regret?” Margus sniggered.
“This is what I’ve said.
If you can break this space, I will not only call you grandfather once, I can call you that ten times or a hundred times.
I mean what I say.”

“Very good.
I like your confidence.” Wang Teng kept his cellphone after he recorded his words and looked at Margus in admiration.

He didn’t just speak to Margus because he wanted to anger him.
He was trying to get him to reveal himself.

Although he didn’t give much useful information, Wang Teng ascertained that this was another space.

This space might be a space fragment.
The holy knight of the Cancer Palace made use of the space fragment using special means and turned it into this graveyard.
He used it to control and defeat his opponent.
It was a mysterious method that was hard to decipher.

After all, not many people could control space.

Wait, this meant that the holy knight of the Cancer Palace probably possessed space talent!

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He hadn’t seen space attributes in a long time.
Was he finally going to see them again?

Margus felt a chill travel down his spine as Wang Teng stared at him.

Why was his gaze so strange?

He looked as if he wanted to skin him alive.
Did he have some strange fetish?

Wang Teng didn’t plan to waste any time.
The space talent, which he hadn’t used in a long time, was finally activated.
Using space skills to destroy space skills was the best solution.

Unfortunately for Margus, Wang Teng possessed space talent too.
Besides, he wasn’t weak.

When he stretched out his palm, space power started gathering on it.
The air above his palm started vibrating and spinning.

It spun faster and faster and gradually turned into a space tornado.

This was a mini Space Tornado!

Executing a large Space Tornado wasn’t easy, but creating a mini one was still possible.

Margus was watching the show at the side, but at this moment, his eyes widened in surprise, and his eyeballs almost fell out of their sockets.

“Gasp! Power of space!” Margus was in disbelief.
He didn’t expect another person to have the ability to use space power.
Also, the violent spatial fluctuations above Wang Teng’s palm gave him a fright.
His eyebrows kept jumping, and he had a bad feeling.

I must stop him! He gasped in astonishment.

With this thought in mind, multiple corpses broke out from the ground and pounced on Wang Teng.

He didn’t sit and wait.
Taking a step forward, he shot towards Wang Teng.

A powerful aura swarmed towards Wang Teng.
Raising his head, his Emerald Glazed Flame swept through the air around him and burned those corpses into ashes.

“Die!” Margus shouted in anger and clawed Wang Teng’s palm.

“Too late!” Wang Teng flicked his finger.
The mini Space Tornado sank into the darkness.

An instant later, explosions rocked the place as the space around them started collapsing little by little.
The darkness, the corpses, the graveyard… everything turned into dots of lights and disappeared gradually.

“No!” Margus gritted his teeth, his eyes widening in anger as he shouted furiously.

His body was also swept by the spatial power during the explosions.
He was thrown back violently.

Frose heard his shrill cry from the outside world and shuddered.
He hesitated before saying, “That sounded like Margus.”

The moment this thought appeared, he noticed, to his astonishment, the darkness in front of him dissipating at a fast speed.
The space in front of him became distorted, sucking the darkness inside..
The Cancer Palace resumed its normal appearance slowly.

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