Chapter 691: Unity Of Soul And Blade

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The two evil clansmen shuttled back and forth in the arena.
The Force glow on their bodies blossomed as they crashed into each other continuously.


Their weapons collided in mid-air, giving off a clear metallic sound.
The blade glow and the sword glow shattered instantly.
It was a tight match.

However, their attacks were very powerful.
The impact swept through the arena and slammed onto the defense shield, which shook violently.

The onlookers stepped back involuntarily, afraid of getting injured.

“Hong Peng and Murong Shan have gotten stronger.
They must have reached low-tier general stage,” someone exclaimed.

“Based on their previous attack, they have indeed reached that stage.” Someone agreed with the person.

“Hmph, the people outside keep boasting about their abilities, but our Zhenli Clan is filled with geniuses too.
If we let them out, they will be as famous as those outsiders.”

“That’s right.
The martial warriors in our Zhenli Clan are stronger than those useless people outside.”

The evil clansmen got excited as they watched the fight.
They had been suppressed and forced to stay in the dark for too long.
Hence, they resonated with what the person had said and started clamoring.

‘Wang Teng stared at them weirdly.
He glanced at those who had the loudest voice and thought of a few words.

Raging at their incompetence!

“I feel that we should go out and fight with the other geniuses.
That way, we can become stronger and the other factions won’t dare to belittle us,” someone shouted in excitement.

There was an eerie silence.

Everyone stared at the evil clansman who spoke, feeling that they were looking at an idiot.

‘Wang Teng almost burst out laughing.

These evil clansmen were like rats living on the streets.
Everyone wanted to kill them, and yet, they wanted to stand in broad daylight and fight with the talented martial warriors in the outside world.

Their desire to die was strong.

He wondered where this evil clansman got the courage to shout these words.

The evil clansman was stunned.
He didn’t know why he made that idiotic statement.
Everyone was looking at him with a strange gaze.
He understood what they were thinking and wanted to dig a hole for himself.

Damn it, this was embarrassing!


At this moment, a loud explosion came from the arena, attracting everyone’s attention.

Hong Peng and Murong Shan’s fight got intense.
They were both injured.
Their faces were slightly pale, and they had exhausted most of their Force reserves.

However, they continued to stare at each other intently.
No one wanted to stop.
Both of them got cheated.
They had to kill the other party to vent the hatred in their hearts.

Their gazes collided in mid-air, almost creating sparks.

“Die!” The blade in Hong Peng’s hand gave off a glaring light.
More than ten golden blade rays shot out, aimed straight at Murong Shan.

Murong Shan didn’t step back.
Killing intent appeared on his face.
He wielded his sword and released rays of sword glow.
Once these rays of light gathered together, he hurled them out.

Boom, boom, boom!

The two attacks collided.
Explosions rang through the air, and the blinding light obstructed everyone’s vision.

They’re indeed powerful.
Wang Teng activated his Eyes of Essence to see their situation behind the light.

They were an equal match.
After this collision, both parties got injured and flew out.
They were half-kneeling on the ground.

After some time, the light in the arena dispersed, and everyone saw the situation inside.
They gasped in astonishment.


It was a draw!

No one had expected this result.

They felt that someone would definitely die here.
After all, the grudge between them was huge.
Only blood could wash the humiliation they had received.

‘Women couldn’t be shared.

‘Wang Teng didn’t care about this.
His gaze was already attracted by the attribute bubbles scattered in the arena.

Metal Force*460

Metal Blade Conscious*360

Water Force*455,

Water Sword Conscious*375

As the attribute bubbles merged into his body, Wang Teng’s pupils moved.
A golden blade glow appeared in his mind.
The blade conscious attribute bubbles turned into droplets of golden light and merged into the golden blade glow.
It grew twice as big.


The metal blade glow slashed out, almost cutting the space with its sharp blade conscious.

It was terrifying!

The image only appeared for a split second before entering the depth of Wang Teng’s mind.
It became a part of him.

8th level metal blade conscious! He had succeeded!

‘Wang Teng’s metal blade conscious was at the 7th level, but he advanced a level today and hit the 8th level.
Its power had increased significantly.

After the metal blade glow dispersed, the image in Wang Teng’s mind changed.
He saw waves tossing and churning in the sea.

Suddenly, a sword glow cut through the surface of the sea.
It turned into countless water droplets and merged into Wang Teng’s water sword conscious.

Water Sword Conscious: 3855/6000 (6th level)

However, his water sword conscious remained at the 6th level.
It didn’t increase.

Wang Teng didn’t mind, though.
Any increase was good.

The next stage of ‘conscious’ was ‘ultima.’ Currently, he only had Strength of Ultima.
He understood how powerful the Strength of Ultima was, so he was excited to see the strength of his ‘consciouses’ once they rose to the ‘ultima’ stage.

The two people in the arena panted heavily.
Their faces were pale, and they were staring at each other with bloodshot eyes.

Hong Peng couldn’t accept the result.
His gaze turned ruthless.
“Murong Shan, I admit that I underestimated you.
I didn’t think that you could force a draw with me.
But this is the end.
I won’t allow you to live.”

He threw down the blade in his hand and placed his palms together.
A terrifying blade aura erupted from his body.

This blade aura became stronger and stronger.
It manifested into numerous rays of light and churned in the air.

He was the blade now!

“You’re crazy!” Murong Shan’s pupils constricted in fear.
In a panic, he started retreating, disregarding the injuries on his body.

“Go!” Hong Peng howled.

Inan instant, Hong Peng’s body turned into a blade glow.
He flew out.


Murong Shan froze on the spot, and the blade glow landed on his head.
A line of blood flowed down.


Murong Shan’s body was chopped into two.
Blood splattered everywhere, and he collapsed.

Everyone was dumbstruck.
Their mouths were agape, and they couldn’t close them for a long time.

Everything happened too suddenly.
No one had the time to react.

Wang Teng straightened his body.
A sharp glint shot out of his eyes.

Unity of soul and blade!

Hong Peng had executed the unity of soul and blade!

He didn’t think that he would see the legendary unity of soul and blade on an evil clansman.

This didn’t make sense!

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