Chapter 695 Using The Calmest Tone To Say The Most Vicious Words

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Zuotian Liehua was appalled and stunned.
Her beautiful face was filled with disbelief.

Is this the useless Yao Ji?

When did he become so powerful?

Was he acting in the past?

Zuotian Liehua couldn’t remain calm.
She couldn’t believe what was happening.

“Me? I’m Yao Ji, the real Yao Ji,” Wang Teng replied calmly.
It was hard to imagine that he was lying from his sincere expression.

Zuotian Liehua took a deep breath.
The truth was right in front of her, so she had to believe it.
She forced herself to regain her composure and asked, “What did you do to me?”

I just asked you some questions.”

“You used spiritual illusion on me!” Zuotian Liehua was flabbergasted.

“It isn’t that profound of a skill.
It’s just spiritual illusion.” Wang Teng snorted.

“You!” Zuotian Liehua felt that she was humiliated.
The spiritual illusion that she was extremely proud of was nothing to Wang Teng.

Spiritual Illusion was a profound skill!

When a normal martial warrior met someone who knew spiritual illusion, they would definitely lose, especially if their spiritual power wasn’t strong.
This was the advantage of a divine spirit master.

As a result, she could charm Hong Peng and Murong Shan.
Mind you, they were low-tier general-stage martial warriors while she had just entered the brigadier general stage.
The difference in their cultivation levels

was vast.

Hence, spiritual illusion wasn’t an ordinary or normal skill.

But she couldn’t refute either.
Her confidence was destroyed when Wang Teng broke her spiritual defense and she fell under his illusion.

“Do you want to stay alive?” Wang Teng didn’t mind her angry gaze.
He continued asking her with a smile.

“What do you want?” Zuotian Liehua snapped back.

“You have been hiding here for a long time, so you should know where their main hideouts are, right? Bring me there.”

Zuotian Liehua was shocked.
Yao Ji knew everything about her.

Damn it!

Her identity had been exposed.

Zuotian Liehua wasn’t willing to accept her fate.
Her mind worked furiously to come up with a plan.

“Don’t play games with me.
I don’t mind using the previous method to make you speak the truth.
Although it will be boring since you’d only be an obedient puppet, at least you won’t cause trouble for me.”

“Youre… a devil!” Zuotian Liehua’s expression changed.
She glared at Wang Teng and said helplessly, “I can bring you, but you must let me leave after you’ve finished your business.”

“I promise!” Wang Teng answered without hesitation.

Zuotian Liehua was speechless.

This fellow replied too quickly.
He must be lying.

Every man was a liar!

“You don’t believe me?” Wang Teng was lost his words.

“What do you think?”

“Alright, I’ll make an oath.
If you listen to me obediently and won’t cause trouble, I promise I’ll let you go.
If not, I’ll get struck by lightning and die a terrible death.” Wang Teng raised his hand and swore to heaven.

“This isn’t enough!” Zuotian Liehua shook her head.
“An oath will just bind your heart.
It isn’t real.
I don’t believe you.”

“What do you want then? If this doesn’t work, I can only kill you.
I don’t mind spending more time and energy looking for the hideouts myself.” Wang Teng’s gaze turned cold.
He stared intently at Zuotian Liehua.

Zuotian Liehua was terrified.
That gaze, he wasn’t just scaring her; he would really kill her!

“Alright, I believe you.” Zuotian Liehua nodded unwillingly.

She was in his hands, so she had to listen to him.
She didn’t want to die!

This fellow must be a eunuch.
How could he bear to harm a beautiful and enchanting woman like her?

He wasn’t a real man!

Zuotian Liehua cursed Wang Teng multiple times in her heart.

“Very good, he who understands the times is a wise man, or a girl.” Wang Teng didn’t know what she was thinking.
He nodded in satisfaction when she agreed to his request.

“When are we going?” Zuotian Liehua asked.

“No hurries.
Let’s solve this problem first.” Wang Teng suddenly turned to look at Hong Peng on the bed.

“You want to kill him?! This is the base of the Zhenli Clan.
It will be troublesome if he dies,” Zuotian Liehua said in astonishment.

“It can’t be helped.
He heard something he shouldn’t have.” Wang Teng walked in front of Hong Peng and smiled at him.
“Am I right, Hong Peng?”

The other party was unconscious due to his heavy injury.
He didn’t make any movement.

Zuotian Liehua was puzzled.
She rubbed the side of her face that was plastered on the wall just now and walked over.

“Is he awake? But this fellow doesn’t seem like a smart person.
If he is, he wouldn’t have been fooled by me,” she said.

“Cough, everyone will turn smart when they’re about to die,” Wang Teng said casually.
“Also, it doesn’t matter if he’s awake.
I’ll be killing him anyway.”

Zuotian Liehua’s heart turned cold.

He used the calmest tone to say the most vicious words.

This ‘Yao Ji! was a brutal guy!

She suddenly felt fortunate that she had agreed to his request just now.
If not, he might have killed her directly.
There was no chance of bargaining at all.

Wang Teng didn’t notice the slight change in her expression.
He took out his brick and gestured at his head.

Where should he hit?

This fellow had the Amalgamate Blade Scripture.
He must get as many attribute bubbles from his as he could.

Zuotian Liehua was stunned when he saw the brick in Wang Teng’s hand.

Why was he holding a brick?

Besides, it was gold in color.
How exaggerating and rustic!

Was he going to use the golden brick to smack Hong Peng to death?

Wang Teng didn’t know that Zuotian Liehua was looking at him as if he were a sadist.
He aimed his brick at Hong Peng’s head and slammed it down.

Bang, bang, bang…

Since he had decided to do it, he would do it.
He didn’t hold back.

Dull thuds resounded in the cave for some time.
Zuotian Liehua felt her eyelids twitching as she watched Wang Teng.
The muscles on her face trembled.

She saw Hong Peng’s face swelling up at visible speed as if it was a balloon.
Soon, it became twice as big.

“Vicious!” Zuotian Liehua took a deep breath and quietly shifted to the side.
She kept her distance.

“Stop hitting…” At this moment, a weak voice came from Hong Peng’s mouth.
He raised his hand with much difficulty to beg for mercy.

“Oh, you’re awake? I thought you could remain unconscious for a while longer.” Wang Teng clicked his tongue.

Hong Peng: …

Zuotian Liehua: …

They looked at him as if he were the incarnation of a devil.

Look at what he was saying.

Especially Hong Peng.
His eyes had swelled till there was a narrow gap in their place.
He looked fearfully at Wang Teng and stuttered, “Please…”.

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