kill he used on her.

“So, what’s the core secret?” asked Wang Teng.

Hong Peng gradually opened his mouth with a dazed expression.
“The pope intercepted and captured an alien spacecraft in the past.
He hid it under the snow mountain.

Less than ten people in the entire Zhenli Clan know about this.”

Wang Teng and Zuotian Liehua were staggered.

“Alien spacecraft!” Wang Teng was shocked.
The Zhenli Clan had an alien spacecraft?


However, Hong Peng was influenced by his Bewitch skill, so he must be saying the truth.

Zuotian Liehua was thunderstruck too.
At the same time, she felt worried.
Would Yao Ji let her go after she heard this secret?

She wasn’t certain and felt a little helpless.
Was she going to die here?

At this moment, Wang Teng suddenly turned and smiled at her.
“You seem afraid of me.”

“No… no!” Zuotian Liehua stammered.
She forced herself to calm down.

“Don’t worry, I won’t kill you,” Wang Teng said, “But you need to give me your spiritual flame.”

“Okay, I’ll give it to you,” Zuotian Liehua answered directly.

Wang Teng had prepared some threats, but he wasn’t given the opportunity to use them.
He felt a little extra.

Why did you agree so quickly?

When did this lady become so sensible?

The spiritual flame was the soul of a person.
Giving it away meant that she was passing her life to him.
Even so, Zuotian Liehua still agreed without any hesitation.

It seemed abnormal for some reason.

“Do you not want to hesitate for a moment?” Wang Teng asked curiously.

It was Zuotian Liehua’s turn to feel speechless.

Was there something wrong with this fellow’s mind?

At this stage, she was too lazy to explain herself.
She closed her eyes and quietly sensed the position of her origin of the soul.

After some time, a faint little flame floated out of her forehead.

Spiritual flame!

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He released his spiritual power, allowing it to swallow the spiritual flame.
Then, it retracted back into his mind.

He had two spiritual flames in his consciousness now.
One belonged to the metal armor flaming scorpion while the other was Zuotian Liehua’s.

After the spiritual flame got absorbed by Wang Teng, Zuotian Liehua trembled.
Her face turned extremely pale.
She seemed weak.

“Let’s go.” Wang Teng turned around, intending to leave this cave.
Suddenly, he remembered that Hong Peng was still alive.

His spiritual power flowed out, invaded Hong Peng’s consciousness, and destroyed it.
A few attribute bubbles dropped on the ground.
He picked them up.

Spiritual Realm Spirit*210

Spiritual Realm Enlightenment*250

Metal Force*860

Amalgamate Blade Scripture*350

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