d examinees, the airship was very stable.
There was no turbulence at all.

Around half an hour later, the airship trembled a little and started to descend.

“We have arrived!”

The examinees hurriedly looked outside.
There was actually an island below them.
They were in the middle of the sea!

“The venue for the actual combat assessment is on an island!”

“That’s unimaginable.
No wonder I’ve never heard of the location for the actual combat assessment in the past.”

“Look, two other airships are descending over there!”

A sudden voice attracted everyone’s attention.

Indeed, in the direction the examinee was pointing, two airships were flying over from different directions.
They were landing on the island too.

“They must be the students from the other regions in Donghai!” Someone guessed.

The airship landed on the island slowly.

The island was quite big, and a wide expanse of land was cleared out for the airships’ landing.
There was a huge camping ground in front.

The examinees got off the airship and sized up their surroundings.

The camp ahead took up a large area.
The borders were filled with a large number of heavy rune machine guns, an intimidating sight for the youngsters.
Their muzzles were facing the forest on the island and the coastline.

The primary island was surrounded by rune metal fencing, and sentries manned all the entrances.

At the same time, the other two airships had landed too.

A huge number of examinees surged out.
Within a few seconds, the empty area in front of the camping ground was filled with people.

“Look inside the forest.”

The moment the shout was heard, the roar of a beast echoed in the forest.


In the primary forest, a giant beast roared and charged towards the metal fence.
The large number of preys outside had obviously aroused its appetite.


Unfortunately, before it could get close, a loud explosion shook the area.

The guards had aimed the cannons at the giant beast and shot it down.
The menacing beast was reduced to small pieces of meat.


A piece of flesh landed in front of an examinee with a splat.
The poor guy was so frightened his face turned pale.

“I’ve heard that there are many mutated beasts in the wild.
I finally got to see one today.”

“However, these should be ordinary mutated beasts that haven’t absorbed Force.
Their skins are thicker and they are bulkier, but they aren’t Force star beasts.”

“But, these mutated beasts are scary too.
Are we going to face them during our actual combat assessment?”

Someone spoke in fear.
The scene just now frightened many people.


“Welcome to the third exam venue for the Donghai region.
This time, your actual combat assessment will be held here.

“We have prepared the protective battle uniform and weapons for you.
When your name is called later, you can come forward to collect your equipment.

“Of course, some people are more comfortable with using their own weapons and have brought them along.
You can use your weapons if you pass the inspection and your weapons meet the requirements.

“You have two hours now.
Hurry up and get your equipment.
Then, you can start your exam!”

A man stood on the platform in the camping ground.
His voice wasn’t loud, but it entered everyone’s ears clearly.

“Chen Xiaoming.”

“Lin Dawei.”

“Zheng Dong.”

Below the platform, rows and rows of huge cases were lined up.
More than ten staff were distributing the weapons at the side.
The students whose names got called went forward quickly to collect their items.

There was an area beside it for inspecting the examinees’ weapons to see if they met the criteria.

Wang Teng walked over and took out his rune weapon carrier casket.
He pulled out his weapons one by one.
Of course, he didn’t bring his rune gun.

It went without thinking that weapons like guns were definitely not allowed to be used during the exam.

The inspector was slightly shocked when he saw the weapon carrier casket.
“Young boy, your equipment is not bad.
Where did you buy it?”

“Custom made on Taobao, the only one of its kind,” Wang Teng replied, a bit proudly.

The inspector smiled and didn’t probe further.
He started inspecting Wang Teng’s weapons, which were boxing gloves and battle swords.

“They are both one-star rune weapons.
No wonder you don’t want to use the weapons we’re distributing,” the inspector glanced at Wang Teng in astonishment.

“Do they fulfill the requirements?” Wang Teng asked.

“Of course, why won’t they? Only martial warriors can unleash the full potential of one-star rune weapons.
In the hands of martial disciples, they are just a bit sharper.
Could you be a martial warrior?” asked the inspector.

“Even if you are a martial warrior and are able to unleash the full power of these one-star rune weapons, that’s your own ability.
It’s not breaking the rules,” another inspector at the side added.

Wang Teng nodded.
After the inspector confirmed that there was nothing wrong, Wang Teng kept the weapons.
He carried his weapon carrier casket and went back to the examinees’ queue.

“So this thing is your weapon!” It suddenly occurred to Lin Chuhan.

“I’ve already said that this is my secret weapon,” Wang Teng smiled and replied.

“Tsk! How is this a secret?” Lin Chuhan said with disdain.

“Lin Chuhan!”

“Wang Teng!”

At this moment, their names were finally called.
They hurriedly went forward to collect their equipment.

Wang Teng said to the staff, “You can just give me a lighter and more convenient protective battle uniform.
I don’t need weapons.”

“This set of battle uniforms is lighter and more convenient, but its defense ability is a little weak.” The staff found a lighter set of black battle uniforms and passed it to Wang Teng.

Wang Teng tried the size and nodded.
“I’ll take this.”

An hour later, all the examinees had collected their protective battle uniform, battle boots, and the weapons they needed.

The battle uniform and battle boots were all military items.
They were made from special materials and were very durable.

The battle uniform consisted of long pants and a singlet.
The defense ability was good.
It was able to withstand the sharp claws of a mutated beast and protect the vital organs in the body.

As for the weapons, they were military-grade weapons too.
There was a wide array of weapons in all forms of sizes.

Although they weren’t rune weapons, they were made from high-density high-strength alloys.
Tearing the hard skin of a mutated beast wouldn’t be a problem.

It was worth mentioning that the weapons used by the examinees were all cold weapons.
No guns were allowed.

At this moment, all the examinees had changed into their battle uniforms and battle boots.
They were getting used to the weapons in their hands.
The exam hadn’t started yet.
Everyone was waiting patiently at the waiting area.

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