sy to convince.

From the way he looked at the blue-haired young man a moment ago, they didn’t think that he would agree.
He seemed intent on killing the other party.

“No!” Wang Teng replied indifferently.

The blue-haired young man’s expression distorted.

This devil was playing with him!

The blue-haired young man had a mental breakdown.
His eyes turned bloodshot.
They were burning with flames of anger.

“Look at your eyes.
It’s so scary.
You will definitely seek revenge in the future.
I think it’s better to kill you.” Wang Teng pretended to be frightened.
He sounded as if the blue-haired young man was the one who wanted to kill him.

The blue-haired young man: …

Everyone was dumbfounded by Wang Teng’s shamelessness.

“You will die a terrible death.
Don’t think about living in peace after you kill me.
The Lan family will take revenge for me—” The blue-haired young man knew that he wouldn’t be spared, so he started threatening Wang Teng with a vicious gaze.

Before he could finish his sentence, a soft sound was heard.
A blood-red flower blossomed on the blue-haired young man’s forehead.

“Indeed, it’s better to kill him,” Wang Teng mumbled to himself as he lowered his finger.

There was unwillingness and hatred in the blue-haired young man’s eyes.
His lifeless body fell to the ground with a thump.

The entire control room was dead silent.
You could hear a pin drop.

Was the blue-haired young man dead?

Wang Teng killed him before anyone could react.

The crowd only regained their senses after some time.
Their expressions turned grim.
Wang Teng killed the young man, so they would need to worry about the revenge from the Lan family now.

This was a family that owned three life planets.
They didn’t have the power to confront it.

Wang Teng wasn’t as worried.
He looked at the ground.

After killing the blue-haired young man, a few attribute bubbles had dropped from his body.

Imperial Realm Spirit*132

Imperial Realm Enlightenment*145

Constellation Force (Water)*2400

Ultimate Stage Water Talent*650

Thousand Crashing Ripples·Water Element Ultima*520

Wang Teng’s eyes lit up.
He felt that the blue-haired young man had died a worthy death.

Both his Spirit and Enlightenment were at the Imperial Realm, and he dropped more than a hundred points for each.

Wang Teng’s Spirit and Enlightenment were getting closer and closer to achieving a breakthrough.

Then, there were 2400 points of constellation Force.
After advancing to the planetary stage, the number of Force attributes needed to advance a level was extremely high.
The limit of the first-level planetary stage was ten thousand points.
Wang Teng was worried that his progression speed would slow down, but it seemed like he was overthinking.

Killing a planetary-stage martial warrior gave him 2400 points of constellation Force.
He would be able to advance after killing a few of them.

Planetary-stage martial warriors were wealthy fellows.

There were no planetary-stage martial warriors on Earth, but there must be many in the universe.

As expected of a talent from the universe.
The blue-haired young man possessed ultimate stage water talent, and he dropped 650 points of the talent.

Rarely any martial warriors on Earth dropped so many points of talents at once.

Ultimate Stage Water Talent: 2210/5000

His talent increased from 1560 to 2210.
The increment speed was fast.

Wang Teng wondered what was after the ultimate stage.
At that time, how powerful would his talent become?

The last attribute bubble was the ultima attribute bubble.

As the attribute bubbles merged into his body, memory fragments appeared in Wang Teng’s mind.

Waves, sword glows, a figure…

These memory fragments were regarding the enlightenment of the Thousand Crashing Ripples.
They floated into his mind and became part of his memory.

A white light flashed past, and a glaring sword glow burst in Wang Teng’s mind.
Layers of waves tossed and turned amidst the sword glow.

This ultima was extremely powerful!

Wang Teng opened his eyes.
A flash of blue sword glow blinked in them.
It gave off a frightening aura.

Thousand Crashing Ripples·Water Element Ultima: 480/500 (second level)

In an instant, Wang Teng’s Thousand Crashing Ripples rose from the first level to the second level.
The effect increased greatly.

The blue-haired young man had practiced hard for many years before reaching the third level of the ultima.
Yet, Wang Teng managed to attain the second level just by picking up attributes, taking less than a day.

Comparison made one infuriated!

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