The next day, the Wang family woke up one after another.
All of them had dark circles and were yawning with tears and gum in their eyes.

They couldn’t sleep the entire night, only dozing off in the early morning.

Grandpa Wang came to the living room.
Li Xiumei, Zhao Huili, and the other ladies were already preparing breakfast.

There were disadvantages of having a large family staying together.
With so many people, it was troublesome to cook for everyone.
A lot of ingredients needed to be prepared for a simple breakfast.
The ladies spent half an hour making breakfast even though there were many of them.

When Grandpa Wang saw breakfast being served, he said to Fang Qianwen beside him, “Qianwen, see if your cousin is awake.”

“Oh, okay.” Fang Qianwen had just brushed her teeth and hadn’t woken up fully.
She nodded and went upstairs.

Wang Teng was the pillar of the Wang family.
Grandpa Wang wasn’t planning to start the breakfast without him.

“Sister, I want to go too.” Little Doudou shot out from the side and ran to catch up with Fang Qianwen with her short legs.

“Slow down.
Don’t trip,” Li Xiumei reminded her.

After some time, Fang Qianwen came down while holding Doudou’s hand.
She said in a strange tone, “Cousin isn’t in his room.
I wonder where he went?”

“Yes, he’s not inside.
Brother has woken up already.” Doudou nodded her little head in agreement.

“He’s not around?” Grandpa Wang was surprised.

“He might have gone out for morning practice.
Dad, let’s eat first.
Don’t wait for him,” Wang Shengguo said in a casual tone.

“In that case, let’s sit down and have breakfast.” Grandpa Wang nodded.

Everyone sat down around the dining table.
Just when they were about to start eating, a ray of light lit up above the dining table, and a figure appeared.
It was Wang Teng.

“Grandpa, Mom, Dad, when everyone sees this video, I’d have already left.
You can stay in Capital Xia for now.
The Leader of martial arts has promised me to take care of you, so don’t worry about safety.
I have to leave for some time to attend to a matter.
I don’t know when I’ll be back.
Don’t miss me!”

A voice came out of the video.
After ending his speech, the light shut down, and the image disappeared as well.

“Stupid child, he didn’t even bid farewell before leaving,” Li Xiumei complained.
Her eyes turned red.

She knew what Wang Teng had left to do, and her expression turned anxious.
She was concerned about his safety.

Worry appeared on Lin Chuhan and Lin Chuxia’s faces too.
They didn’t expect Wang Teng to leave so quickly.
He left before they could have a proper chat.

This time, his enemies were the gifted martial warriors from the universe.
They were many times stronger than the martial warriors on Earth.
The family wondered if Wang Teng would come back alive.

They started to feel frustrated.
They were honestly useless.
They couldn’t offer any help during crucial times and were a burden to Wang Teng most of the time instead.

“He probably left quietly because he doesn’t want us to worry.” Grandpa Wang sighed and waved his hands.
“Don’t worry.
We should have more confidence in him.
Our Little Teng is the genius of his generation, the most powerful martial warrior on Earth.
He will be fine.”

“Before he comes back, stay put in Capital Xia.
Don’t run away or cause any trouble.
Wait for him to return.”

“Alright, this is it.
Let’s eat.”

At the same time, a large bird with crimson-black feathers was flying above Nanhai.

This was a handsome and majestic-looking crow.
Its crimson eyes were as bright as flames.
They gave off a sharp gaze, and there was a terrifying aura exuding out of its body.
The sea beasts below swam away quickly, afraid of provoking it.

It flew at a fast speed.
Every time it flapped its wings, it would travel a hundred meters, leaving behind a gale in its wake.

Yet, there was a person sitting on the back of this crow.
He didn’t seem affected by the fierce wind around him.
His hair didn’t even fly an inch into the air.

“Country Sylo, Country Annan, Country Glow… these small countries are marked by different colors.
It looks like they have already been seized,” the person opened his mouth and murmured to himself.

A hologram of a map shot out from his wristwatch and floated in front of him.
This was Wang Teng who had left Capital Xia.

His Queen Phoenix Battlecraft was destroyed, so he had to use Little White as his ride.
Fortunately, Little White was a lord-level wild beast now, so it could move quickly.
He wouldn’t waste much time.

Also, compared to a battlecraft, Little White was a spiritual pet that could maneuver more flexibly.

Wang Teng was calculating where he should enter from.

After snatching the blue-haired young man’s personal terminal and investigating it for some time, he finally understood how to use it.

The most important function of the personal terminal was its ability to mark the size of the land that had been conquered by the different aliens.

One of the assessment criteria for this trial was the mass of the land you conquered.

Looking at it carefully, the map displayed all the zones and countries on Earth.
There were many human symbols floating above the different counties, which gave off lights of different colors.
The rays of lights enveloped the area around it, forming different colored zones.

Country Xia was marked in blue while the neighboring countries, including Country Boar, Country Neon, Country Gaosha, Country Talot, Country Annan, and Country Glow were all marked in different colors.

These counties had all been invaded by aliens.

This function of the personal terminal was extremely useful.
He didn’t have to waste time finding the countries with aliens.

However, once the conqueror of the country changed, the other aliens would notice it right away.

If Wang Teng’s blue area swallowed too many countries, the other aliens would view him with high importance and place more attention on him.
They might even work together to resist him.

That would be troublesome.

Although Wang Teng was unhappy, he could only shake his head helplessly.
He couldn’t change what had already happened.
He could only accept it unwillingly.

Wang Teng was surprised that none of the countries around Country Xia managed to escape the invasion of the aliens.
All of them were colored.
It felt like a pack of wolves had surrounded a tiger.

Country Xia was the tiger while the small countries around it were wolves.
They were waiting for the right time to swallow this large piece of land.

However, the aliens didn’t know that the owner of Country Xia had been changed.
It was no longer a tiger.
It was an awakened giant dragon…

“Let’s take care of the aliens around us first so that I don’t have to worry about the rear,” Wang Teng muttered to himself.
His gaze turned cold.

“Little White, to Country Annan!”

At his order, the majestic crow gave a shrill screech and expanded its wings.
It flapped them furiously.

A strong gale was formed, and Little White disappeared from the spot.
It carried Wang Teng and flew towards their destination at the speed of lightning.

This was the start of his hunt!

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