Wang Teng got surprised by the changes on his attributes panel.
Then, his expression turned strange.

How long had it been since he last saw it? How long hadn’t he used it?

It was unexpected that he managed to get this attribute from an alien martial warrior.

Reunion after a long time? Reviving an old dream? Starting afresh? Starting again…?

Was the system reminding him that he should fire some shots occasionally?

Wang Teng touched his chin and wondered to himself.

By right, the Gun Kungfu attribute had been raised to the perfected stage.
After getting more attributes, it advanced to the master level.

Master-level Gun Kungfu sounds powerful.
I wonder how I should use it?

Wang Teng shook his head and temporarily put this thought down.
Even if he had reached the master level, Gun Kungfu wasn’t very useful for him.

The other conscious attribute helped Wang Teng greatly increase his ability.
His earth sword conscious was at the 9th level.
It was getting closer and closer to the ultima stage.
Once he hit the 10th level, he would have a chance to reach ultima.

Of course, if Wang Teng was lucky, he could receive the ultima directly and wouldn’t have to spend so much time on it.

Wang Teng felt that picking up attributes was better!

He had 36 more luck points than a normal person, so he should have a good chance.

After picking up the attribute, Wang Teng looked at the three candidates again.
They were dizzy, but they held on firmly and didn’t faint.
They were staring at Wang Teng in fear as well as some hidden bitterness.

“Let us go and we can give you whatever you want.” Eric made his final attempt.

Wang Teng’s spiritual power was extremely sensitive.
He detected something wrong instantly and squinted.
Smiling brightly, he said, “It’s time for you to leave.”

“You…” The three of them were astounded.
They hurriedly gathered the remaining Force in their bodies and pulled themselves up.
They wanted to escape.

Wang Teng remained calm and looked at them reaching the entrance of the cave in the blink of an eye.
Suddenly, he released three flying daggers.

Three sounds of blades slicing up flesh were heard.
The three candidates died before they could scream in pain.

Their bodies dropped to the ground having lost all signs of vitality.
They died unwillingly.

These three candidates were all talented people.
They had reached the planetary stage at a young age and their families were quite powerful.
After receiving the right to participate in this trial, they had a bright future ahead.

They would never have expected themselves to die on this underdeveloped planet, much less die in the hands of an Earthling.

They were filled with unwillingness and frustration.
They died a terrible death.

Wang Teng shook his head and picked up the attribute bubbles scattered on the ground.
He wanted to catch them and beat more attributes out of them, but he decided against it after some thought.

It was better to kill these three troublesome fellows earlier.

Constellation Force (Earth)*1250

Ultimate Stage Earth Talent*200

Constellation Force (Fire)*1080

Ultimate Stage Fire Talent*185

Constellation Force (Metal)*1320

Ultimate Stage Metal Talent*210

Imperial Realm Spirit*115

Imperial Realm Enlightenment*108

Common Universal Language*320

Common Universal Language*280

Common Universal Language*310

Mountain Cleaver Battleax*350

Wang Teng received another round of attributes.
The smile was tattooed on his face.
Picking up planetary-stage martial warriors’ attribute bubbles was so refreshing.

In the past, it was so hard to get the constellation Force.
Now, each bubble contained more than a thousand points of it.

Wang Teng felt like crying when he remembered the one and two points of the constellation Force he was collecting.
Those were the difficult times.

Fortunately, the struggle had ended.

This was a huge leap of improvement!

Also, the talents of the planetary-stage martial warriors were all at the ultimate stage.
Wang Teng had never seen anything below this stage.

After gaining three ultimate stage talents, Wang Teng felt that he had become more outstanding and amazing.

He felt like he was floating in the sky!

The spirit and enlightenment were all at the Imperial Realm too, which allowed his spirit and enlightenment to rise quickly.
He was only around 400 points away from a breakthrough.

Then, there was the Common Universal Language attribute bubble.
After these bubbles merged into his body, the knowledge of a special language appeared in his mind.

Many words and symbols merged into his memory, becoming part of him.

Common Universal Language: 10/1000 (small achievement)

He jumped the well-versed stage and went straight to the small achievement stage.

Wang Teng grasped a language in an instant.
He could say and write it without thinking as if he had used it for many years.

Before this, he needed to use the translation function of the personal terminal to understand the common universal language.
Now, he didn’t need it.

He had grasped this language!

The last attribute bubble was unexpected.
It was an ax battle technique.
Although it was a planetary-stage battle technique, the ax wasn’t a weapon he would use.

He had finally received a planetary-stage battle technique, but he couldn’t use it.
Wang Teng was frustrated.

Trying to picture himself wielding a huge ax and slamming it around him furiously, he shuddered.

The image was too beautiful.
He didn’t dare to think further.

“Nevermind, I will sell it in the future.” Wang Teng shook his head and started making plans silently.

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