It dared to do this because it had arrived in front of the dimensional rift and could enter it in the next second.
The human behind him was still a long distance away.
He would never be able to catch up.

However, things seemed different from what it expected.
It realized that it… couldn’t move!

It had stopped abruptly before the dark clouds and couldn’t move an inch closer!

I’m going to have a nervous breakdown soon!

The Nether World Giant Python was stunned.
It realized that it was still able to move its head, so it turned its neck stiffly and looked behind.

The human was looking at him contemptuously.
He was still standing there with no signs of moving, but it must be him.
No doubt about that!

There was no other possibility.

“Run, why aren’t you running?” Wang Teng opened his mouth and asked slowly.

The Nether World Giant Python almost teared up.
These were tears of regret.

This human was too infuriating!

It was full of regret.
It shouldn’t have threatened him.
Wasn’t it better for him to jump into the dimensional rift quickly and escape?

Look, it couldn’t escape now.

Wang Teng strolled over step by step and stopped in front of the Nether World Giant Python.
The snake was deeply alarmed.
It was panic-stricken.

“I gave you the chance, but you disappointed me,” Wang Teng patted the Nether World Giant Python’s head and said earnestly.

“… Why don’t you give me another chance?” The Nether World Giant Python trembled in fear.

“Are you daydreaming?” Wang Teng asked.

“Spare me, and I’ll leave immediately.
The beast tide on Earth will disappear too.” The Nether World Giant Python backed down.

“I’ll kill you, and the beast tide will still disappear,” Wang Teng said.

“No, if you kill me, you will stir up a greater beast tide.” The Nether World Giant Python shook its head anxiously, “I gave a firm order.
All the star beasts will attack the human cities and destroy everything.
They won’t stop even if I die.”

“You might not know, but most of the beast tides in Country Xia have been suppressed.
There are planetary-stage martial warriors in other countries.
You should know about the planetary stage, right? Beast tides won’t affect them,” Wang Teng said calmly.

“Even so, the majority of the humans will be killed.
Are you going to let them die?” The Giant Nether World Giant Python was dumbfounded.
It stared at Wang Teng as if he was a devil.

“I’m only a human.
I can’t care about everything.” Wang Teng shook his head indifferently.

“You…” The Nether World Giant Python didn’t know what to say.

“Alright, accept your death obediently.
My hands are fast.
I promise that you’ll only feel a second of pain before you die.
Don’t worry.” Wang Teng raised his hand and pasted it on the Nether World Giant Python’s forehead.

The Nether World Giant Python almost went crazy.

Damn it, what does he think he’s saying?

A second of pain is still a pain!

The Nether World Giant Python was in despair.
However, it was unwilling to die so easily.
It bellowed once again.
“Wu Gu!”

The same name.
It was begging for help.
He was its last hope.

“Sigh, have you finished watching the good show?”

A peal of cynical laughter spread out slowly.

“Are you finally willing to come out?” Wang Teng calmly looked in the direction of the noise.
He saw a black skull popping its head stealthily out of the dark clouds.

A surprised look appeared in Wang Teng’s eyes.

A black skull with two balls of dull blue ghost fire flickering in its empty eye sockets…

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