He flapped his wings and soared towards the sky, trying to get away from Argus’s pursuit.

However, Argus’s attacks were extremely fierce.
He chased the fleeing devil lord wherever he went.
It was as though he had vowed to kill a devil lord in order to prove himself to Wang Teng.

“Get lost!” The vampire devil lord turned his head and roared.
A black ball of light rapidly condensed in his mouth.

In the next moment, the vampire devil lord closed his mouth, sending the black ball of light toward Argus.

“Hmph!” Argus snorted and thrust his spear forward.

The golden spear collided with the black ball and caused a fierce Force wave to spread in the air.

The vampire devil lord was elated when the wave managed to slow Argus down.
He flew away in a bid to escape.

“The talents from the universe are a tough bunch.
They are all perverted.
But next time, I will make them pay.” Ruthless thoughts were flowing in the vampire devil lord’s head.

The next moment, he suddenly realized that he… couldn’t fly!

The vampire devil lord looked down, and his pupils shrank immediately.
He was horrified.
His leg had been caught, and he didn’t even know when it happened!

And the one who caught his leg was Wang Teng, the guy he didn’t want to provoke the most!

When? The vampire devil lord was stunned.

A rock arm stretched out from below, clasping the vampire devil lord’s leg firmly.

The devil lord then felt that there was a mocking smile on the rock giant’s face.
He couldn’t tell if he was being delusional or not.

“The fight’s not over.
Why are you running away?” Wang Teng’s voice resounded from within the rock giant’s body.

The vampire devil lord didn’t say another word and condensed a black ball in his mouth once again.
He wanted to hit him with his ultimate move.

Unfortunately, Wang Teng didn’t give him an opportunity to do so.
The rock arm suddenly exerted force and started swinging.

The vampire’s body spun wildly like a windmill.
His whole world was spinning, and the black ball in his mouth dissipated.

Wang Teng slammed the vampire to the ground.
The land quaked and moaned under the impact.

The scene was shocking.
A huge bat was smashed into the ground by a rock giant.

It felt painful by just thinking about it!

Dull thuds continued to sound.
The devil lord’s body was slammed against the ground again and again.
The poor guy was knocked out of his senses, even forgetting to scream.

“I’ve never killed a huge bat like you.
Let me try it today,” Wang Teng said.

The vampire devil lord suddenly shuddered, and he got goosebumps all over his body.

Wang Teng didn’t give him a chance to resist.
When the devil lord’s body landed on the ground, he placed his foot on his back and tore his wings with the rock arms.

A pair of fleshy wings broke off, splattering blood everywhere.
It was a gory scene.

“Ah!” The vampire devil lord let out a shrill scream and struggled frantically on the ground.

Wang Teng didn’t say a word.
The entire rock body landed on the devil lord’s body and held him in place while its eight arms pummeled the guy.

After a flurry of punches, the vampire devil lord blew up like the giant devil lord.
Another dark apparition devil lord was defeated!

Wang Teng’s rock giant stood up and stretched its back.

“Wang! Teng!” Argus’s cold voice emerged from his back.

I’m sorry.
I couldn’t control myself.” Wang Teng turned around and looked at him innocently.

“You!” Argus looked ashen.

“Calm down, calm down.
Just fight another one.
There are a lot of devil lords besides this one.” Wang Teng snickered.

“…” Argus was on the verge of vomiting blood.

He had spent so much energy beating up the vampire devil lord.
In the end, Wang Teng claimed the booty instead.

Damn it.
He shouldn’t steal someone’s glory like that.
How shameless!

Argus saw Wang Teng’s despicable face and wanted to beat him up.

Just then, a loud blare could be heard.

The ground was shaking violently.

The vibrations were much greater than when a planetary-stage martial warrior or a devil lord self-destructed.

Everyone looked up and down.

Wang Teng frowned and flew up into the sky.
Although his rock body was huge, he could ignore gravity by using Heart Of Magnetic Essence to manipulate the rock body.

His pupils shrank when he looked down and saw what was going on.

At a glance, he could see the entire Central Continent collapsing.
Large patches of forests were being destroyed as they fell into the dark cracks.
Mountains were crumbling and caving in the midst of the vibrations.

Over in the distance, there was even a volcanic eruption.
Hot magma spewed straight into the sky.

The surviving star beasts in the forests were fleeing and roaring desperately, but they were quickly swallowed by the ground.
Some star beasts were struggling at the edge of the cracks in vain.
They soon fell and disappeared without a trace.

“This… The entire Central Continent is collapsing!?” Wang Teng’s heart shook as if he had guessed something.

The battle between the planetary-stage warriors and devil lords was too terrifying.
It was going to destroy the entire continent and sink it into the ocean.

That was the power of the planetary stage.
Given the space and freedom, any planetary-stage warrior would be able to destroy a planet easily.

That was nothing but the truth!

Far away on their battlecraft, the leaders of various countries saw what was happening to the Central Continent and were speechless.

A continent was about to be destroyed and sink into the ocean?

On Country Xia’s battlecraft, the Leader of martial arts struggled to swallow his saliva.

He couldn’t find any words to describe the complex emotions in his heart.

“If we let them do as they please, the whole planet would be destroyed.” Commander Hong uttered in shock.

“This is bad.
The sea levels will rise and there will be tsunamis if the entire continent sinks into the ocean.” Commander Yong said anxiously.

“Don’t worry, the defense arrays that were completed by Wang Teng previously are enough to withstand the tsunami.” The Leader assured them.

“Yes, yes.
My memory is failing me.
It’s fortunate that Wang Teng has good foresight,” Commander Yong slapped his head and replied with relief.

“But I didn’t expect the arrays to be utilized so soon,” Commander Hong said helplessly.

“I wonder if the other countries have made sufficient countermeasures.” Commander Yong pondered.

“This tsunami should be enough the devastate them for a while.
The White Eagle Nation and Alliance’s battlecraft are rushing back.” Commander Long noted.

The Central Continent hasn’t sunk completely.
It looks like it has stopped.” The Leader frowned.

“Hmm?” Everyone couldn’t help but look.

Sure enough, the Central Continent suddenly stopped after sinking to a certain level.

“What’s that!?” Commander Long pointed at the screen projection and exclaimed.

Someone of his age and status would have developed a calm temperament.
However, he couldn’t control himself and screamed.

In fact, the Leader and the others had also realized it.
Everyone was flabbergasted as they looked at the projection.

They saw something enormous gradually emerging from under the Central Continent.

Those were historical remains of a large ancient civilization?!

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