After ascertaining that his condition had stabilized, Wang Teng took a look at the other attribute bubbles.

2250 points of Imperial Realm Spirit!

This could be converted to 225 points of Planetary Realm Spirit.

Wang Teng’s spirit attribute increased a little again.
It was getting close to the upper limit.

Spirit: 9825/10000 (Planetary Realm)

Damn it, system, are you doing this on purpose? Why can’t you push it up a little more? It’s almost touching the breakthrough point! Wang Teng screamed in his heart.
He almost went mad when he saw the small gap.

After complaining for a few seconds, he sighed helplessly and gave up the idea of using his blank attributes to fill up the tiny gap left.

Blank attributes were extremely important.
The implications might be unthinkable if he didn’t have enough blank attributes to raise his Dark Devil Scripture to the perfected stage just now.
Thus, he didn’t want to touch his blank attributes if he didn’t need to.
He would only use them at crucial moments.

He glanced at his attributes panel.

After a few rounds of usage, he only had 87655 blank attributes left.
It wasn’t a small number, but Wang Teng still felt insecure.

He was getting stronger and stronger.
This number of blank attributes wasn’t even enough for him to push a scripture to the perfected stage.

Wang Teng was keenly aware of how poor and helpless he was.

He shifted his gaze away and placed it on his talents.
1680 points of emperor-level dark talent were added this time.

Emperor-Level Dark Talent: 1940/10000

Wang Teng nodded in satisfaction.
A matured talent must be an all-rounder.
His dark talent mustn’t lag behind the others.

The last attribute bubble he received was devil transformation.
There were 125 points of it.
With the previous 35 points, it crossed the foundation stage and reached the well-versed stage.

Devil Transformation: 50/300 (well-versed)

Wang Teng didn’t know what to think about this attribute.
It rose to the well-versed stage without much effort, but he didn’t want to use it at all!

The devil lords’ devil transformations were all hideous.
He couldn’t accept it.

He was a handsome young man.
Devil transformation wasn’t suitable for him.

Wang Teng shook his head and threw the devil transformation to the back of his mind.

He glanced at the two clones of the instructors and thought for a moment before giving them his order.

The two clones understood Wang Teng’s intention instantly.
They walked out of the command room and left right before Biluo.

Fortunately, the two instructors from Saint Star Pagoda were smart enough to build a soundproof wall.
She didn’t know what happened inside.
She would never imagine that the two instructors had died silently.

Afterward, Wang Teng walked out of the command room while Round Ball hid in the life energy stone.

“What did the two instructors talk to you about?” Biluo leaned forward and asked softly.

They promised me various benefits like three years of access to the library and 50 billion OFC worth of cultivation resources.
I said that I don’t want to go, but they insisted and persuaded me for a long time,” Wang Teng spouted nonsense.

“Three years of access to the library? 50 billion OFC worth of cultivation resources? Oh my god!” Biluo’s eyes turned red.
She looked at Wang Teng as if he was a piece of treasure.
Her eyes were shimmering as she said, “Wang Teng, we’re friends, right? We worked together before, so do remember me after we get into the Saint Star Pagoda!”

She was blinded by the benefits that Wang Teng told her and automatically disregarded the brutal truth that he had rejected Saint Star Pagoda’s offer.

Wang Teng stared at her strangely.

Beautiful lady, your image changed suddenly!

You were a cold and distant beauty a moment ago.
How did you become greedy and funny in the next moment?

Indeed, no beauties could reject the money.

I’m such an amiable and handsome young man.
Even a pretty lady like her can’t reject me. Wang Teng touched his chin and thought to himself happily.

“Wait, did you say that you rejected the instructors’ offer?” Biluo suddenly regained her senses and widened her eyes in surprise.

“Yes, you’re right!” Wang Teng nodded indifferently.

“Are you kidding me?” Biluo was in disbelief.
“How can you reject such a good offer? You must be lying.
You agreed, right?” She went berserk.

“Your thinking is too simple!” Wang Teng looked at her with a meaningful gaze.

Biluo almost choked on her own breath.
She pointed at herself and asked, “My thinking is too simple?”

“Yes, I’m talking about you.” Wang Teng started walking away.

Biluo was stunned for a moment.
Then, she caught up with him hurriedly and asked, “Are you going to the Great Qian Empire?”

“What do you think?” Wang Teng chuckled.
He didn’t explain it to her.

Biluo’s expression turned complicated.
She felt inferior.

Wang Teng must have rejected Saint Star Pagoda’s offer because he got a better choice.

Was there a need to guess?

He must be heading to the Great Qian Empire!

That was a high-tier civilization many times more powerful than the Olant Federation.
Within a few seconds, Wang Teng had climbed to a height where she needed to look up at him.

A few moments ago, she was the one with a higher status.
Now, their positions swapped, and he was above her.

Things changed over time.

She thought that the baron’s legacy consisted of an identity for Wang Teng in the Great Qian Empire so that he could study in an academy there.
The thought that Wang Teng would become a baron of the Great Qian Empire never crossed her mind.

The two of them walked out of the historical site.
Due to Round Ball’s presence, they left the building successfully without suffering any attacks.

On the outskirts of the Central Continent.

The battlecraft from the various nations were still present.
All the important figures were waiting impatiently.
They yearned to explore the relics below, but no one dared to.
They were getting grumpy.

When Wang Teng and Biluo walked out, everyone saw them.

At this moment, the huge building in the middle of the historical site sunk below the ground gradually.
The ground closed up and the building disappeared.
An empty patch of land was left in the center.

This building was the shell of the QY-E63 spacecraft.
Round Ball kept it using a special method after it sunk down.

No one knew where the spacecraft went.

However, the other historical buildings weren’t connected to the spacecraft, so they remained behind.
Based on what Round Ball said, there was nothing especially worthy here.
Wang Teng shouldn’t waste his time exploring this place.

Wang Teng contacted the Leader of martial arts and asked them to arrange for manpower to explore the historical site.

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