Chapter 92: Dad, Mom Is Asking You To Go Home For Dinner!

“What is happening?”

Wang Shengguo was tied in a room.
He could faintly hear the commotion outside, but he couldn’t figure out the exact details.

Sigh, I wonder how they are doing? He couldn’t help but think of Li Xiumei and Wang Teng. They must be worried sick.

How did those people find me? There are no grudges between us, so it’s impossible that they will make me their scapegoat for no reason.

Wang Shengguo pondered about the cause and the consequences, but he couldn’t find any reason.
He had seen the document.
If he signed his name on it, the entire Xinteng Group, including their Wang family, would suffer terribly…

Wait, the Wang family!

Is their target the Wang family? A chill ran through his body when he thought of this possibility.

They are cutting the ground under our foot.
They want to destroy the entire Wang family!

At first, he didn’t want to implicate his wife and son.
However, after straightening his thoughts, there was even more reason for him not to sign the document.

Just as he was thinking about this, he suddenly heard the door opening.

His eyes were covered with a black cloth, so he couldn’t see the person walking in.
He could only raise his head and turn in the direction of the door.

“Dad, Mom is asking you to go home for dinner.”

A familiar voice entered Wang Shengguo’s ears.

“Little Teng!” Wang Shengguo thought that his hearing was going wild.
However, this playful tone really sounded like his son.

A second later, the black cloth was removed.

He finally saw the person who came.
It really was Wang Teng!

“Son, what are you doing here?” Wang Shengguo was stunned.

“If I hadn’t come, you might have been locked here for god knows how long,” Wang Teng replied helplessly.

He cut the ropes binding Wang Shengguo and helped him up.
“Alright, let’s go home.
Mom must be worried.”

When Wang Shengguo stood up and tried to walk, he staggered.
He had been tied up for a long time, so his legs were numb.

Wang Teng hurriedly held him.
At the same time, he didn’t forget to tease his father, “Dad, you haven’t reached 50, but your legs are already out of shape.”

“Bullshit, your dad is very healthy.
I won’t pant even if I climb ten flights of stairs,” Wang Shengguo refuted furiously.

“You’re really free.
Why are you climbing the stairs when you can take the lift?” Wang Teng complained.

…Wang Shengguo was speechless.
He felt that his intelligence would drop drastically whenever he talked to this brat.

“You haven’t told me how you came in? Did they agree to let me go? Did you promise them something?”

Wang Shengguo immediately got anxious when he thought of the document.
“Did they ask you to sign a document? You must never sign it.
That’s a huge trap.
If we drop inside, our Wang family will be doomed.”

“Don’t worry.
I’m not so stupid.

“The people from the Iron Fist Clan are very easy to talk to.
I shared the truth and reasoned with them.
I also chatted with them about life and ambitions.
It took so much effort before they finally recognized their mistakes and agreed to let you go.”

Wang Teng spouted nonsense.

“Are you kidding me?” Wang Shengguo’s expression turned strange.

Share the truth?

Reasoned with them?

Talking about life and ambitions?

Can you reason with the Iron Fist Clan? Are they so free that they will chat about life and ambition with you?

Wang Shengguo suddenly felt like hitting him. Are you trying to fool me? Do you think I’m stupid?

“Why do you think they let you go?” Wang Teng retorted.
Then, he walked out of the room with Wang Shengguo.

He purposely evaded the areas with corpses.
He had even changed into clean clothes before he met Wang Shengguo.

Soon, he brought Wang Shengguo out of the Iron Fist Clan.

Wang Shengguo couldn’t get anything out of Wang Teng’s mouth.
In the end, he turned around and curiously glanced at the Iron Fist Clan.
It was so quiet he felt uneasy.

The two of them met Wang Yanan.

“Uncle!” Wang Yanan heaved a sigh of relief when she saw them.
At the same time, she had a new understanding of Wang Teng’s capability.

He had gone in the tiger’s den, the Iron Fist Clan, alone and came out unscathed.
He even brought his father out safely.
This wasn’t something ordinary people could achieve.

“Yanan, sorry to trouble you to make a trip here.” Wang Shengguo thanked Wang Yanan.

“Uncle, there’s no need to be polite with me.
We are family,” Wang Yanan smiled and said.

The man who came along with them was still in shock. Mr.
Wang’s son is a diamond in the rough. Glancing at the abnormally silent Iron Fist Clan, his head turned numb.

Wang Teng had gone in for merely less than half an hour.
How could those people agree to let Wang Shengguo go in such a short period? Could it be…

He thought of a possibility.
He secretly glanced at Wang Teng with his hair standing on the ends.


Wang, should we rest in Jiang City for the night or go back to Donghai?” the man asked.

“Let’s go back to Donghai.” Wang Shengguo was eager to go back, so he replied without hesitation.

The other party nodded.
He drove the car to the highway and sped their way back to Donghai.

They only returned to Donghai at six in the morning.

The car stopped outside the Fuhua Villa District.
Wang Teng and Wang Shengguo got off the car.

“Uncle, I will be going back first.
I can inform Grandfather too in case he’s worried,” Wang Yanan lowered the car window and said.

“Alright, I won’t keep you anymore.
You had a long day.
Go back and have a good rest.” Wang Shengguo nodded.

Wang Yanan also nodded in return.
She then waved at Wang Teng.
“Cousin, I’ll be leaving first.
Let’s meet up when we’re free.
Our families should get to know each other better.”

“Okay, Elder Sister.
Have a safe journey!” Wang Teng smiled and nodded.

Wang Yanan was right about one thing.
They were relatives; blood was thicker than water.

In his past life, their relatives would argue with one another, but in times of crisis, for instance, when the Wang family collapsed, they still helped each other out.
This was something outsiders couldn’t do.

Wang Shengguo was stunned by Wang Yanan’s attitude towards Wang Teng.

In the past, Wang Yanan treated Wang Teng with disdain.
After all, she was the favored child of God, outstanding in all areas.

Wang Teng was different.
He was useless and playful, so he couldn’t merge into their small circle at all.

But, now, Wang Yanan was exceptionally gentle towards Wang Teng.
This attitude made Wang Shengguo relieved and gratified.

After Wang Yanan left, Wang Shengguo and Wang Teng went home.

Li Xiumei didn’t sleep the entire night.
She was waiting on the sofa in the living room, her face rife with worry and agitation.

Aunt Lee didn’t go home, either.
She kept Li Xiumei company in case she felt alone.

She instantly noticed Wang Teng and his father when they opened the door and walked in.
She cried happily, “Madam, Mr.
Wang and Young Master Wang are back!”


Li Xiumei raised her head.
The instant she saw Wang Shengguo, tears almost gushed out of her eyes.

Wang Shengguo walked forward and hugged Li Xiumei.
He patted her back gently.
“I’m back.
I’m sorry for making you worry.”

“Ha~ Mom, Dad, stop this PDA.
My goosebumps are dropping all over the floor.” Wang Teng yawned and rolled his eyes.

Li Xiumei struggled out of Wang Shengguo’s arms with a red face.

“Stupid brat.” Wang Shengguo glared at Wang Teng.

Wang, have a seat.
I will make some food,” Aunt Chen smiled as she said.

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