Li Muyang, Happy Break-Up 1

After work on Thursday afternoon, Lin Wan made a phone call to her boyfriend, Li Muyang, but unfortunately, there was no response.

The next day was supposed to be their engagement day, and Lin Wan wanted to discuss the details of the engagement banquet with Li Muyang.
However, she couldn’t reach him.
Perhaps he was sound asleep and missed the ringing of his phone?

With that thought in mind, Lin Wan decided to flag down a taxi by the roadside.
Instead of going home, she chose to head straight to Li Muyang’s upscale apartment, hoping to find him there.

Li Muyang’s apartment was situated in a luxurious building, occupying an entire floor.
Lin Wan rode the elevator up to the 12th floor and was about to knock on the door when she noticed that it wasn’t fully closed.
There was a slight gap.

Carefully pushing the door open, Lin Wan stepped inside and was about to call out Li Muyang’s name.

“Mu…” Before she could utter the word ‘yang’, Lin Wan caught a faint gasp.

“Hmm… Brother Muyang…”

Her eyes widened in disbelief.

The voice belonged to Lin Wan’s half-sister, Lin Qingqing, and the tone she used was flirtatious.
What could they be up to?

Lin Wan immediately had a hunch.
She cautiously approached the bedroom door and positioned herself there.
Through the partially open door, she witnessed a scene she couldn’t bear and heard their laughter.

“You’re such a stunning young lady,” Li Muyang’s voice complimented.

“Brother Muyang, where am I beautiful?” Lin Qingqing’s voice was oozing with seductiveness.

“Everywhere, especially…” Li Muyang’s voice trailed off, accompanied by some suggestive movements.
As Lin Qingqing’s moans filled the air, Li Muyang smirked and added, “This particular place is the epitome of beauty.”

“How naughty,” Lin Qingqing playfully remarked with a coy expression.
“Brother Muyang, tell me, do you love me more or that cunning vixen Lin Wan?”

“I love you, without a doubt.
Who does Lin Wan think she is? She can’t even compare to you.”

Upon hearing Li Muyang’s words, Lin Qi

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