Lin Wan had already anticipated this on her way back.
She knew her father, auntie, and Lin Qingqing too well.
If Xiao Yichen went home, she didn’t know what kind of words they would use to mock him.

Suppressing her emotions, Lin Wan continued, “I’ll be out soon.
Go inside and give my father the household register.
Pack your things.
It won’t take long.”

She didn’t feel any attachment to this family.
She knew that she wouldn’t seek happiness in her future family because she had no feelings for Xiao Yichen.
She just hoped that she wouldn’t be as hurt as before.

Xiao Yichen noticed the change in Lin Wan’s emotions and could sense something from her words.

“Yes, I’ll wait for you,” Xiao Yichen nodded.

He didn’t expect her family to be like this.
In that case, he would listen to her.

“Yes, I’ll be quick,” Lin Wan promised again.
Then she got out of the car and walked towards home.

In the living room of the Lin family, Lin Tianyun and Ding Caihua were chatting with their daughter, Lin Qingqing.

Lin Wan opened the door.
Before entering the living room, she heard voices coming from inside.

“Qingqing, let me tell you.
Everyone at the engagement banquet yesterday said that you and Muyang are the most compatible.” Ding Caihua’s smile was radiant.
Now that her daughter had married into a wealthy family, she naturally felt happy.

“Of course,” Lin Qingqing replied confidently.
“Brother Muyang and I are a perfect match.”

Seeing his daughter’s obedient and adorable appearance, Lin Tianyun also felt pleased.
Being able to become relatives with the Li family was considered a benefit for the Lin family.

The three people in the living room turned around when they heard footsteps approaching.

When they saw Lin Wan, Ding Caihua and Lin Qingqing’s expressions immediately changed, and their gazes became sharp.

“Why are you back now? I thought you died outside.” Ding Caihua looked disgusted and glared at Lin Wan, speaking with even more disdain.

Ignoring Ding Caihua’s words, Lin Wan continued walking towards the living room.

After so many years, she had grown accustomed to such an atmosphere and hurtful words.

Upon seeing Lin Wan standing in the living room, Lin Qingqing suddenly stood up and approached her.

“Sister, why didn’t you come to the engagement ceremony yesterday? Brother Muyang and I were waiting for you for a long time,” Lin Qingqing deliberately said, her voice filled with mockery.

Hearing Lin Qingqing’s words, it would be a lie to say that Lin Wan didn’t feel terrible.
However, she couldn’t show her sadness in front of these people and allow them to see her as a joke.

Suppressing the emotions in her heart, Lin Wan looked at Lin Qingqing indifferently and replied, “Do you think it’s amusing to snatch away what is rightfully mine?”

Lin Qingqing didn’t expect Lin Wan to remain so calm.
There was no sign of sadness at all.

However, just as Lin Qingqing was about to say something, Lin Wan continued, “Lin Qingqing, Li Muyang can betray me.
One day, he will disappoint you too.”

If Li Muyang could betray their six-year relationship, it was only a matter of time before he betrayed Lin Qingqing.

“Y-you…” Lin Qingqing was at a loss for words.
Her face twisted with anger as she glared at Lin Wan.

Lin Wan was truly ruthless.
She cursed herself as soon as she got engaged.

Unable to bear seeing her daughter being bullied, Ding Caihua couldn’t sit still any longer.
She stood up and walked forward.
Just as she stood in front of Lin Wan, she slapped her.

Pa! The sound echoed throughout the living room.

A burning sensation instantly surged through Lin Wan’s right cheek.

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