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Lin Wan was dumbfounded.
She couldn’t react in time.

What she knew about the Eastern Empire was that it was considered Ancheng City’s business giant.
However, what did the person she married have to do with the CEO of the Eastern Empire?

Seeing that Lin Wan couldn’t react for a long time, Shen Yun took out her phone and showed her the headlines of the entire city today.
She handed the phone to Lin Wan.

Lin Wan took Shen Yun’s phone and browsed the news several times before finally reacting.

“So, Xiao Yichen is the CEO of the Eastern Empire.
I… am… Xiao Yichen’s wife,” Lin Wan mumbled.

“Yes,” Shen Yun nodded firmly.
Then, she turned to look at her colleagues not far away and said to Lin Wan, “Listen, they’re still discussing Xiao Yichen’s marriage.”

At this moment, Lin Wan also turned around and listened attentively to the discussions of her colleagues.

After absorbing all the information, the first thing Lin Wan did was to immediately hold Shen Yun’s hand and urgently say, “Yunyun, please help me keep this a secret, okay?”

Shen Yun was a little frightened when he saw Lin Wan’s anxious expression.
Marrying into a wealthy family and marrying Xiao Yichen was something many women wanted to show off, but Wanwan…

“Please, I don’t want to be the subject of their gossip,” Lin Wan continued.
She had witnessed the power of gossip among her colleagues, and she didn’t want to become their topic of discussion.

Shen Yun now understood Lin Wan’s concerns.
She nodded and said firmly, “Yes, I will keep it a secret for you.”

After discussing this matter, Lin Wan and Shen Yun moved on to talk about design plagiarism.

“Wanwan, I heard from the director that the legal department is still reviewing your information and all the design drafts for this competition, so there’s no news or results yet,” Shen Yun informed her.

Lin Wan still couldn’t figure it out.
Her design hadn’t been plagiarized.
She wanted to prove her innocence, but where should she start?

Seeing Lin Wan’s worried expression, Shen Yun encouraged her, “Don’t worry too much.
Our company is so big.
A few of the people in the legal department are transferred over from the Luo Corporation’s headquarters.
I believe in their ability.
They definitely won’t wrong a good person and won’t let go of a bad person who spread rumors and framed them.”

“Yes…” With Shen Yun’s encouragement, Lin Wan nodded firmly.

In the current situation, she could only wait.
When there was news from the legal department, she would think about what to do next.


Lin Wan spent the entire morning working.
During lunch, she and Shen Yun sat together.

The staff restaurant was filled with Dream Phil’s employees.
As they ate, Lin Wan and Shen Yun heard the voices around them.

“Look, that’s Lin Wan from the design department.
She plagiarized in the jewelry competition this time.
She’s really embarrassing our Dream Phil.”

“She looks pretty good.
Could it be that she relied on her connections to enter Dream Phil and doesn’t have any skill?”

“Who knows? Nowadays, people who rely on their looks know more about workplace politics than us.”

“I wish the Legal Department would give her a notice to leave Dream Phil.
Maybe even leave the jewelry business altogether.”


Lin Wan heard her colleagues’ words very clearly.
The food in her mouth suddenly became tasteless.

“Wanwan, don’t listen to them.
They’re all talking nonsense,” Shen Yun comforted Lin Wan when she saw her emotions change.

“Yes, I’m fine,” Lin Wan pretended to be strong and gave Shen Yun a forced smile.

When she received a call from her colleague earlier that day, she had already anticipated this.
Now, if she wanted to prove her innocence and find the person who framed her, she had to endure all of this.

After dinner, Lin Wan returned to her office and received an internal call from the legal department.
They wanted expected to see her there.

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