“Oh…” Lin Wan immediately sat up straight, her mind racing, but she still lacked the courage to tell Xiao Yichen.
“No, it’s nothing.
Hehe, let’s eat.”

Observing the woman’s forced smile and her renewed focus on eating, Xiao Yichen didn’t press further.

She clearly had something on her mind, but she chose not to share it.
He would have to wait and see when she decided to open up.
Or was she planning to keep something from him?

After dinner, Xiao Yichen retreated to his study, while Lin Wan returned to the bedroom.
After taking a shower, she lay on the bed, her troubled expression fixed on the ceiling.

How should she approach the topic with Xiao Yichen? Would he be willing to help her? Or would he suspect her of having been involved in plagiarism?

When Xiao Yichen finished his work in the study, he returned to the bedroom to find Lin Wan still awake.
She lay on the bed, engrossed in her phone.

Without saying a word, Xiao Yichen proceeded to the wardrobe, changing into his sleepwear before heading to the bathroom for a shower.

From the moment Xiao Yichen entered the room, Lin Wan’s attention shifted away from the news on her phone and focused solely on him.

He was the CEO of the Eastern Empire, a man whose influence was said to dominate Ancheng City.
If she were to ask him to investigate the specific details of that company, he would surely be capable of doing so, right?

However, the question of whether or not to ask him lingered in her mind.

After a brief hesitation, Lin Wan finally made up her mind.
She decided to gather her courage and talk to Xiao Yichen.
If he chose to assist her, she would be grateful for his kindness.
If not, she wouldn’t force him either.

After all, aside from their marital relationship and intimacy, there was no other connection between them.

Lin Wan got out of bed and walked directly to the bathroom door, waiting for Xiao Yichen.

Upon seeing Lin Wan standing by the door, Xiao Yichen frowned.

“Ah… Ah Chen…” Lin Wan still hadn’t fully adjusted to this form of address after the past few days.
It still felt a little awkward.
“I… I have something to discuss.”

“Hmm?” Xiao Yichen responded, his tone urging her to continue.

“I…” Lin Wan felt her nerves kick in.
She met Xiao Yichen’s gaze, took a deep breath to gather her courage, and continued, “There was a jewelry design competition recently…”

Lin Wan proceeded to share all the information she had and made her request to Xiao Yichen.

As she finished speaking, Xiao Yichen’s frown deepened, and a spark of anger ignited within him.

Someone accused his woman of plagiarism? And that person was from Wing?

Did that person have a death wish?

Observing the little woman standing before him, patiently awaiting his response, her eyes filled with anticipation, Xiao Yichen couldn’t help but feel a surge of joy.

Taking a step closer, he reached out and gently caressed her fair cheek.

Feeling the warmth of Xiao Yichen’s large hand, Lin Wan couldn’t help but tremble.

“I will take care of this matter,” Xiao Yichen declared with arrogance.

Hearing Xiao Yichen’s words, a genuine smile blossomed on Lin Wan’s face.
“Thank you.”

With Xiao Yichen’s assistance, she no longer felt any worry.

She had faith that this man would prove her innocence.

“Is this how you thank me?” Xiao Yichen gazed at the little woman in front of him, his hand still resting on her face.

Silent for a moment, Lin Wan met Xiao Yichen’s eyes and found herself momentarily perplexed by his words.
After considering it, she responded, “Then, let me treat you to a meal.”

In an instant, Xiao Yichen’s expression darkened.

Startled, Lin Wan immediately withdrew, fearing that she had angered Xiao Yichen and that he would retract his offer to help.

However, as he looked at the adorable woman before him, Xiao Yichen held his breath and extended his other hand to grasp her slender waist.
Taking another step closer, he spoke softly.

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