Are You Sure?

“…” Lin Wan wasn’t entirely sure about this arrangement, but since the director had already set it up, she couldn’t refuse.
She could only agree.

After gathering her belongings, Lin Wan carried her bag and headed to B2 to locate the car.

Leaning against the car, Luo Ziyan was dressed casually.
He was taken aback when he saw a slim and beautiful woman approaching.

Could she be his sister-in-law? Xiao Yichen had an incredible knack for finding a wife! How did he manage to find such a perfect woman? It seemed like he would have to ask him to introduce a woman as his future marriage partner.

As Lin Wan walked closer, she searched for the license plate number on the slip of paper in her hand and failed to notice someone nearby.

“Xiao Yichen’s wife, I’m here!” Luo Ziyan called out to the attractive woman nearby.

Since he laid eyes on her for the first time, his gaze never left her.
To him, admiring beauty wasn’t tiring; it actually relieved his weariness.
The main reason was… she was just too pleasing to the eye.

“…” Lin Wan glanced at the person shouting from a distance.
His words immediately made her face turn red.

Approaching Luo Ziyan, Lin Wan didn’t give him a thorough examination.
She smiled and asked politely, “Hello, you must be Mr.
Luo Ziyan, right?”

“Yes, indeed.
I’m also your man’s buddy,” Luo Ziyan generously replied, gesturing towards the car behind him.
“Get in the car, and I’ll take you to see your man.”

“…” Lin Wan felt a little confused.
Firstly, she needed to adjust to this man’s straightforwardness.
Secondly, what did he mean by seeing her man? Xiao Yichen should be working in the Eastern Empire now.

Just as Lin Wan recovered from her daze, she heard the car horn.
When she looked over, Luo Ziyan was already seated in the driver’s seat.

Therefore, Lin Wan didn’t dare to waste any more time and quickly got into the car.


In the CEO’s office on the top floor of the East Mansion, You Luan placed the deed to the Lin family’s small courtyard on the desk in front of the Boss.

“President Xiao, the procedures for the house in the Lin family’s small courtyard were completed yesterday.
This is the property deed,” You Luan reported.

“Yes.” Xiao Yichen didn’t even spare a glance at the real estate certificate.
He placed it into the right-side drawer of his desk.
Then, he checked his wristwatch and said, “It’s time to go.”

“Alright, I’ll go get the car,” You Luan immediately replied.

He still had to go to Wing Jewelry today, but he anticipated there would be an interesting event to witness.

You Luan drove to the parking lot and picked up the Boss at the main entrance of the East Mansion.
They then made their way to Wing Jewelry.


At Wing Jewelry, when Luo Ziyan and Lin Wan arrived, Xiao Yichen and You Luan were already present.

You Luan picked up Luo Ziyan and Lin Wan at the base of Wings.
The three of them took the elevator to the Human Resources Department’s office.

When Lin Wan saw Xiao Yichen seated in the office of the Human Resources Department at Wings, she felt inexplicably nervous.
However, there was a faint warmth in her heart, as if it provided a sense of security.

There were only four individuals in the office: Xiao Yichen, Luo Ziyan, and Lin Wan.
The three of them sat on the sofa while You Luan stood beside.

“President Xiao, Madam, Young Master Luo, I have already informed them.
Li Zizi will be here soon,” You Luan reported.

After a while, the four of them heard a knock on the door.
You Luan responded and saw a heavily made-up woman enter.

“Hello, President Xiao.
I’m Li Zizi.” Li Zizi only recognized Xiao Yichen among the four, so she greeted him exclusively.

Xiao Yichen merely glanced at Li Zizi before shifting his gaze away.

“This is Ms.
Lin Wan from Dream Phil.
Li, you previously sued Ms.
Lin Wan for plagiarizing your design.
Now, on behalf of President Xiao, I’m asking you, are you sure… Ms.
Lin Wan plagiarized your design?” You Luan introduced Lin Wan to Li Zizi and went straight to the point.

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