She never anticipated that Xiao Yichen would turn out to be Li Muyang’s uncle.
It was astonishing to discover how small the world could be.

She had hoped that starting a new life would help her forget the past and avoid encountering scumbags like before.
However, it seemed that her aspirations were in vain.
Fate had played a cruel trick on her, denying her the luxury of such hopes.

Xiao Yichen found Lin Wan’s smile to be more repulsive than tears.

Why was she pretending? What was she trying to achieve?

Nevertheless, despite his annoyance at her behavior, he couldn’t simply ignore his nephew’s question, considering the circumstances.

Xiao Yichen gazed at his nephew and Lin Qingqing standing beside him.
He spoke softly, “Moist and sweet.
It suits me.”

In an instant, Lin Wan’s face flushed red.
Regret filled her heart.
Xiao Yichen… he was a deceiver.

Li Muyang and Lin Qingqing were left dumbfounded.

Xiao Yichen tilted his head and looked at Lin Wan.
Disregarding her embarrassment, he asked with anger, “What’s your connection with them?”

They must be acquainted.
There had to be a relation between them.

Lin Wan controlled her emotions and met Xiao Yichen’s gaze.
She knew that concealing these facts was futile, so she divulged everything.

“Li Muyang was my boyfriend for six years.
We have broken up.
Lin Qingqing is my half-sister.”

Xiao Yichen’s frown deepened as he focused his full attention on the first half of Lin Wan’s statement.

Muyang was the boyfriend she had loved for six years? That was why she had been so nervous and lost her composure upon seeing Muyang just now.
Because… she still harbored feelings for Muyang in her heart?

She had given him her firsts, but her heart still belonged to Muyang?

“That, that… Uncle, let me tell you.
Lin Wan is a promiscuous woman.
When she was in a relationship with Brother Muyang in the past, she was involved with four men and even had abortions for two of them.
That’s why Brother Muyang didn’t want her.
She…” Lin Qingqing suddenly found her courage and hurriedly spoke.

However, before she could finish her sentence, Xiao Yichen turned around and glared at Lin Qingqing with a murderous look.

Terrified, Lin Qingqing quickly hid behind Li Muyang, not daring to utter another word.

“If you utter another word, I will silence you permanently,” Xiao Yichen’s voice was chillingly cold.

Lin Qingqing was so frightened that tears streamed down her face.
She covered her mouth with one hand, too scared to make a sound.

Lin Wan realized that Xiao Yichen was furious.
She didn’t know what to do, feeling helpless in the face of the unexpected situation and Lin Qingqing’s false accusations.

Xiao Yichen turned his gaze back to Lin Wan, sneering.
He grabbed her wrist and forcefully pulled her into the living room.

Wearing ten-centimeter high heels, Lin Wan nearly stumbled when Xiao Yichen suddenly yanked her.
Thankfully, she managed to regain her balance with a few quick steps, but her wrist throbbed with sharp pain.

In the living room, Xiao Shengdong and Ning Yan, the elderly couple, could roughly grasp the situation.
They were equally surprised to learn that this woman was their grandson’s wife… Xiao Yaling and Li Xiang recognized Lin Wan.
Now that they discovered their brother had married her, Xiao Yaling felt a sense of indignation.

“Dad, Mom,” Xiao Yichen greeted the two elders.
He then glanced at Lin Wan by his side and introduced her in a cold tone, “Lin Wan.”

Aware of the tense and awkward atmosphere, Lin Wan tried her best to smile and respectfully addressed the two elders before her, saying, “Hello, Dad, Mom.
I’m Lin Wan.”

Xiao Shengdong and Ning Yan exchanged glances.
Being seasoned and experienced, they knew how to ease the tension in the air.

Ning Yan smiled and quickly approached.
She took hold of Lin Wan’s other hand and spoke kindly, “Yes, Lin Wan.
This will be your home from now on.
You must come back often with Yichen.”

“Yes, I will,” Lin Wan replied with a smile.

After exchanging pleasantries with the two elders, Lin Wan noticed that Xiao Yichen had no intention of continuing the introductions.
It was understandable since Xiao Yaling and Li Xiang didn’t require formal introductions, as she already knew them.

Maintaining her smile, Lin Wan looked at Xiao Yaling and Li Xiang and greeted them as she had before, “Elder Sister, and…”

However, before she could finish saying the word “brother-in-law,” Xiao Yaling abruptly slapped Lin Wan.

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