Your Aunt

Lin Wan winced as Li Muyang’s grip tightened on her arm.
In no mood to entertain his words, she responded firmly, “Li Muyang, you have no reason to concern yourself with Chen and me.
Let go of me!”

With determination, Lin Wan struggled to free herself from Li Muyang’s grasp.

However, the more she fought, the tighter his grip became.
Anger was clearly etched on his face.

“Lin Wan, why don’t you come with me to the hotel right now? Let me experience it myself,” Li Muyang suggested, his gaze fixed on Lin Wan’s delicate countenance.

He regretted not claiming her for himself earlier.
If he had known her captivating allure, how could he have been tied to Lin Qingqing?

But it didn’t matter now.
If Lin Wan was superior to Lin Qingqing, he had no qualms about breaking off the engagement and leaving Lin Qingqing to marry Lin Wan once again.

“You despicable scumbag, leave me alone…” Lin Wan’s hatred for Li Muyang deepened upon hearing his words.
She shouted loudly while continuing to resist.

“A scumbag? I’m the person you’ve loved for six years,” Li Muyang declared, his rationality slipping away.
He leaned closer, his intentions evident.

He found Lin Wan increasingly enchanting, and his emotions were spiraling out of control.

“Get away from me…” In her desperation, Lin Wan grasped Li Muyang’s intentions.
She turned her face away and used all her strength to resist.

However, with a tree at her back and Li Muyang’s towering figure before her, her room to resist was limited.

Li Muyang seemed resolute, refusing to relent until he had kissed Lin Wan.
His actions grew bolder than ever.

Just as Li Muyang was about to grab Lin Wan’s chin, a large hand suddenly landed on his shoulder.
He was forcefully yanked away from her.

Before Li Muyang could identify his assailant, a powerful punch struck his face.
He staggered backward and fell to the ground.

Lin Wan’s body trembled with fear after witnessing Li Muyang’s recent actions.
Her mind went blank, and her only instinct was to seek someone to lean on.
She lunged towards Xiao Yichen, who stood nearby.

“Chen…” Lin Wan called out, her voice choked with sobs.

She was terrified.
Li Muyang’s aggressive and erratic behavior had deeply frightened her.

Xiao Yichen instinctively extended his long arm, welcoming Lin Wan into his embrace.
As she nestled in his arms, he held her tightly and cast a fierce gaze at his nephew sprawled on the ground.

How dare he treat his woman this way? Had he grown too comfortable?

And damn it, why was this woman Li Muyang’s ex-girlfriend? Despite their breakup, they had once loved each other, hadn’t they?

Upon seeing his uncle as the one who struck him, Li Muyang dared not utter a word.
He covered his nose with one hand, lying on the ground in pain.

“Muyang,” Xiao Yichen uttered, his tone devoid of warmth.
“Remember, she… is your aunt.”

If there were to be a next time, Li Muyang would not escape with such leniency!

Furthermore, if the woman in his arms failed to recognize her position, he would still discipline her!

After glaring at Li Muyang for a few seconds, Xiao Yichen firmly grasped Lin Wan’s wrist and led her towards the car.

After guiding the bewildered Lin Wan into the vehicle, Xiao Yichen swiftly got in himself, started the engine, and sped away.

When they arrived back at Blue Bay Villa, Lin Wan’s emotions had settled down.
Aware of Xiao Yichen’s intense anger, she chose to remain silent, merely trailing behind him as they entered the villa.

Since it wasn’t yet time to prepare dinner, Auntie Li was absent from the premises.

Xiao Yichen strode into the living room but abruptly halted in his tracks.
He turned around, fixing his gaze upon Lin Wan.

Anticipating that Xiao Yichen had something to say, Lin Wan met his furious gaze and patiently waited, but no words escaped his lips.

Just as Lin Wan was about to break the tension and speak up, Xiao Yichen took a sudden step forward, gripping her arm and pushing her down onto the sofa, closing in on her.

“Xiao Yichen, let go…” Lin Wan began to protest, but her words were swiftly halted by Xiao Yichen’s actions.

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