Off Tonight

Startled, Lin Wan swiftly closed the book, clutching it tightly as she turned towards the door.

Seeing that it was Xiao Yichen, Lin Wan’s fear gradually subsided.

“I-I’m reading,” Lin Wan stammered, not anticipating Xiao Yichen’s sudden return.
She stood her ground and obediently responded.

With a somber expression, Xiao Yichen approached.
His gaze fixated on the book in her hands.

Standing before Lin Wan, Xiao Yichen snatched the book from her grasp and briefly examined its cover.
Then, he shifted his gaze to Lin Wan and inquired, “Have you opened it?”

“I only read the title page.
I haven’t delved into the contents,” Lin Wan truthfully replied.

Given Xiao Yichen’s recent indifference and occasional bursts of temper, she wasn’t surprised by his gloomy countenance.

“From now on, refrain from touching the books in this section,” Xiao Yichen commanded.

“Oh,” Lin Wan responded, unsure of the reason but unwilling to ask further.
She simply acknowledged his instruction.

Could it be that Xiao Yichen was fastidious about cleanliness? Did he dislike others handling his books?

Xiao Yichen returned the book to its original place, then seized Lin Wan’s arm and pulled her out of the study.

“Wan’er, come out,” he spoke kindly from outside the door, his demeanor much gentler than earlier.

“No!” Lin Wan firmly retorted.

During the day, she might not dare to defy his words, but when it came to matters in bed at night, she had to assert herself.
She had no fear of his anger.

Lin Wan suddenly felt a surge of admiration for herself.
She had the audacity to defy Xiao Yichen in the presence of such an arrogant person.
She truly possessed boldness!

“Listen to me… Come out…” the man outside the door patiently insisted, his expression growing increasingly dark.

He had not had enough of the little woman.
It was still a very young night.
How could he let her waste time here?

If he could savor that one extra minute, he would make every second count.

“I won’t!” Lin Wan asserted with even greater determination.

After her response, the knocking on the door ceased, and the man’s voice could no longer be heard.

Believing that her double rejection had successfully deterred the person outside, Lin Wan returned to her bed and prepared to sleep alone.

Letting out a long sigh of relief, she was on the verge of finding solace when the sound of a key turning in the lock reached her ears.
The door was pushed open from the outside.

Lin Wan swiftly rose to her feet.
Upon catching sight of the individual who entered, she was left dumbfounded, her hands tightly clutching the towel draped over her body.

Hadn’t the door been locked? Why was he…

However, this was his villa.
He must possess a spare key, right?

Xiao Yichen’s gaze met the little woman’s face, causing his entire being to stir.
He advanced towards her, step by deliberate step, witnessing her retreat to the corner of the wall.

That works too.
Corner exercises could prove effective!

“Don’t come any closer,” Lin Wan nervously uttered, leaning against the wall.

Serving him like this every night was truly exhausting! She yearned to apply for leave for half a year and eight months.

But how could Xiao Yichen heed her words? He stood in front of Lin Wan, closing the distance, and lowered his head.
With one hand, he gripped her chin, gently raising it.

“Do you think I can’t do anything after you attempt to flee?” Xiao Yichen inquired, a mischievous smile playing on his handsome face.

His imposing figure pressed against her, further heightening Lin Wan’s unease.

“N-No, no, hehe…” Lin Wan forced a chuckle, aware that escape was futile this time.
She could only muster a smile and attempt to appease him.
“Um, Chen, could I… request a night off tonight?”

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