Chapter 42: Lin Wan, Your Heart Will Be Mine Too

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“…” How did he know that I had met Muyang?

“Yes,” Lin Wan answered truthfully.

“I’ve said it before.
He’s… my nephew.” Xiao Yichen lowered his voice when he said the word ‘nephew’.
It was obvious that he was deliberately emphasizing it.

Lin Wan could tell that Xiao Yichen was angry.
She also knew that he must know everything that happened in the mall yesterday.

Lin Wan restrained her emotions and said calmly, “I know.
1 only treat him as my nephew.”

After saying that, Lin Wan looked at Xiao Yichen seriously.
She continued, “Are you worried that I’ll go back to the relationship before with him? Don’t worry.
1 won’t.”

Xiao Yichen was quite satisfied with her words, but he didn’t say anything and waited for her to continue.

“I can’t accept the betrayal of the relationship.
From the moment Li Muyang betrayed me, he left my world.” After saying that, Lin Wan took a deep breath to encourage herself and continued to say what was on her mind.
“Of course, I know I’m now Mrs.
Xiao, your wife.”

Looking at Xiao Yichen, Lin Wan’s eyes were filled with determination and seriousness.
“I’ll accept the first time sex with you and marry you.
At least for now, 1 don’t regret it.
In the future, 1 only hope to live every day peacefully.”

“Xiao Yichen, I’ll do my duty as Mrs.
I’ve said this before.”

As a result, her words completely dispelled Xiao Yichen’s anger.

He believed her explanation!

However, she never mentioned the person in her heart from the beginning to the end.
So, was she giving herself to him now? Did she not have him in her heart?

Looking at the woman in his arms, Xiao Yichen wanted to ask.
But after thinking about it, he didn’t.

Lin Wan, your heart will belong to me too.

A week passed in the blink of an eye.
On this day, after Xiao Yichen and Lin Wan had breakfast in the morning, Lin Wan was about to go to work when Xiao Yichen stopped her.

“I’ll send you to work today,” Xiao Yichen said gently.

During this period, Xiao Yichen’s words were no longer as cold as before.
Instead, there was a unique gentleness that was only directed at her.

“Okay,” Lin Wan replied.

Xiao Yichen drove Lin Wan to work.
Along the way, the two of them did not say much.

When they were about to reach Dream Phil Company, Lin Wan said, “Put me down at the intersection ahead.
I’ll walk to the company.”

Xiao Yichen didn’t say anything, but he listened to her and stopped the car at the intersection ahead.

He knew very well what she was worried about.
She was worried that her colleagues would expose her secret marriage when they saw him.
She would also become a topic of discussion.

“Then I’m leaving,” Lin Wan said as she opened the car door and prepared to leave.

Xiao Yichen suddenly reached out and grabbed Lin Wan’s arm.

“I’ll pick you up in the afternoon,” Xiao Yichen said.
He couldn’t bear for her to get out of the car.

“Okay, then you should wait for me here.
I’ll come and find you after work,” Lin Wan said.
It was inconvenient for her to take a taxi back to Blue Bay after work.
Since he said that he would pick her up, that would be for the best.

“Okay…” Xiao Yichen replied before letting go of Lin Wan.

Looking at Lin Wan’s back, Xiao Yichen felt that her back view was beautiful.

Xiao Yichen only started the car and drove towards the Eastern Empire after Lin Wan disappeared.

Lin Wan had just entered the office building and was about to walk towards the elevator when a man suddenly appeared.
He held a rose in his hand and blocked Lin Wan’s path.

“Lin Wan.” Li Muyang held a rose in his hand and stood in front of Lin Wan with a smile..

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