Dawn Of My Teen

Hospital Proposal


Suhail pushed the wooden door with the walking stick and they quietly stepped in. Suhail was left at the door to look out for anyone who would pass by. She only took the water bottle inside with her. 5 minutes and she was back .

”Done? Already? ”

”yah, like what? Should I leave my name card too? ”

She brushed her hands of the sin that she just committed and whistled as she wobbled away with him. ” But you only checked his books and pour water in his bag. Come on, thats not enough… ” he was seriously wanting some bloodshed and thought Anna could help him achieve that.

”Hold your horses!! Will yah?? Lets head to the Primary Wing playground. I am craving some Sandwiches. ”

”and… where you gonna get Sandwiches? ”. She drummed her tummy with her free hand and snatched her walking stick. Thats when he noticed a bulging box in her (as always) untucked shirt. ”You stole his tiffin…? ” She beamed; flicked her hair back and left for the playground.

They sat at a perfectly shaded corner of the field and chewed on the Sandwiches.

”Almost all his Notes were written with gel pen. I didn just pour water without thinking. I ruined all his English and Math Notes for the first term exam, and then stole his tiffin. That was a Bonus and rare treat. Consider youself lucky. ” She explained to her student who suddenly looked fascinated at her skills of Revenge.

”So, I hope you learned well, dear. ” She said as his Teacher. They chatted for a whole period, sometimes getting annoyed by the children swarming around Suhail who was taken for a unique creature without legs.

”Well, didn you notice the news recently, about our Vise Principal?

”No. Well, I am not a social kind of person anyways. What kind of news though? Some kind of Scandal? Hit and run a beggar on streets? ” her enthusiasm was overdone.

”No. Apparently, his Racing Model Bike was set on fire by a Woman in black hoody. Hes quite a material person anyways. All his wealth can be seen in his outfit itself. I heard from my dad that he became the Vise Principle due to his Family funding or something. ” He showed her a video clip of CCTV footages which was going viral in the Social Media. In the video, a healthy woman in dark Hoody was sprinkling petrol all over a Sports Bike. She looked closely at the video. The womans sneakers looked quite familiar to her mothers. Well, its not like that was a limited edition shoes anyways. Their conversation went on

”So, what did that guy do to you? I mean, Vansh. ” she asked.

”He called me Handicap.. ”

”Ain you? ”

” But, thats not my name!!! ”

”oh! You mean like that…. ”

”well, what did the Vise Principal do to you? ”

”…He gave me this… ” she looked down at her plastered leg, remembering the sudden shock, pain and fear when she was hit. A tint of sadness touched her expression. He noticed it.

”Oh! I see, he gave you the bandages? ” She looked up at him, about to snap back, but…. Wait, Is he cheering me up! Similar tingles crept up her cheeks and to hide her heart on sleeves she laughed and he just enjoyed watching her laugh. He didn even need sandwiches anymore. He was full.

He breathed out. The last two days of his life had been eventful and now he wouldn even mind an Asteroid coming straight for him. His free hand reached down to her face and gently pushed a few strands of her hair away from her face. She liked it, but was a woman of rules she slowly spoke

”Though the second party shouldn say this but as you might wanna know, I am quite itchy about guys touching me, I would like to be properly proposed before skin ship. ”

”Hmm. Typical. ” He scratched his baby beard which he was very proud of.

”What? ”

”Um. Nothing. Thinking about how to propose to you. ”

They didn leave until the school had finished. After seeing him off by his van and glaring at his driver, she went ahead and called her mom to pick her up. Unexpectedly, she was already there waiting for her and she honked to get her daughters attention.

”I see, you got a Guy. Not to mention, a disabled. ” She mocked as usual but that wasn important.

”I smell Petrol… ”

”its Diesel, the can I left in the back is leaking. ”

(Swish) She wrapped her mother in a tight hug and cried out.

”Mom, I love you!! You are everything to me! Wahhhhhhhhhhhhh. ”

”I am already caught? Is it because I fell out of touch for a while? ” her mother tilted to the side for the rare loving hug while she was being squeezed to death in her daughters love. She never wished to neglect her Daughter. She was her life and her only reason to stay alive after her husband gave up on them and left them with not even any shelter. ”Mom did so much for you. Can you do one thing for mom? ”

”Hm. Say it. ” Probably to study hard? which is the usual case.

”Quite smoking… ”she proceeded to pull out a lollipop. Its been years since she gave her sweets with her on hands.

”Hic. Hic. Hic. ” Then there was crying, hiccupping, sobbing, laughing, consoling and hugging. ”Nobody will touch you ever again. ” An invisible pair of shining wings came from her mother and shielded her with love and warmth that she missed.

”Waaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ” the lollipop in her mouth was the first victim of her loud wailings.

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