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The soiled shirt was removed and Ye Fei casually threw it in the laundry basket next to him, turning on the hot water and adjusting the temperature.
Gu Ang’s eyes fell on the smooth lines of muscles, tight, firm and full of power.

Before, he could touch, but now he could only watch.

Ye Fei’s body was really nice, Gu Ang felt a little greedy.
He licked his lower lip unconsciously and repeated, “What are you doing?”

“What do you think?” Ye Fei adjusted the temperature, put the shower gel next to the sink, squatted down, and pulled at Gu Ang’s crumpled clothes.

Gu Ang grimaced and let him pull, “You’re a pervert.”

“Mmm.” Ye Fei didn’t care about him, and quickly helped him to strip his clothes and pants until he was naked.
His fingertips touched his skin, feeling warm and hot.
The warm yellow light drenched his white body, inch by inch, it was so arousing it was a crime.
Ye Fei thought that he might commit a crime.
He settled down, fixed himself on the shower shelf, pulled Gu Ang up from the floor against the wall, and the two breathed together.

The water spray wasn’t aimed, splashing recklessly, flowing down their body to accumulate slowly on the floor.
If they were lovers, this would be a lovebirds bath.
But after break up, it was a place of torment.

Gu Ang wiped a handful of water from his face, his consciousness was half chaotic and half dizzy.
He felt Ye Fei’s hand run through his hair, caressing each strand tenderly.
His touch was electric, numbing him from his scalp to his toes.
He reached out against Ye Fei’s chest, his fingertips warm and powerless, “You… stay away from me, don’t.”

Don’t, we’re already divorced.

“No?” Ye Fei took a deep breath, pursed his lower lip to avoid the breath of this person on the base of his ear.

The alcohol seemed to open up his pores, and the light white peach oolong spread out in the shower, sweet and fragrant, like a ripe and delicate peach in front of him, ready for picking.
Ye Fei’s body had long been honest enough to react, the scene was too torturous.
Ye Fei’s face was even colder, his jawline was taut and straight, and he was holding on by sheer willpower.

Gu Ang was half titillated by the abstinent look, and had some control.
He threw himself against the back wall and let the cold tiles cool him down.

Ye Fei dropped his eyes.
It turned out he wasn’t the only one who was manic.
But now, everything was unclear and it wasn’t yet appropriate.
He didn’t stop moving, quickly helped him rinse off his body, took a clean bathrobe to wrap the person up, then pushed him to the bathroom door, “Blow-dry your own hair.”

Gu Ang thought to himself, so it was really just a shower, he was just overly concerned.
He didn’t say anything, he was pressed up against the glass door in a loose robe, watching Ye Fei shower through the water mist.

The phrase ‘a beautiful woman, a sunken fish’ passed through his mind and he finally figured out the reason why he was drunk tonight.

It was just… he was a little bit jealous.

“Hey,” Gu Ang knocked on the glass, “where’s your ex from?”

Ye Fei turned around and finished rinsing the rest of the foam, “That was nonsense and you believed it.”

Gu Ang muttered a few words, and didn’t hold back his stifled laughter, holding a hair dryer and blowing his hair haphazardly.
Oh, it turned out to be a joke… his mood was suddenly better.

Once he got the answer, he felt instant relief.
Gu Ang put down the hairdryer and walked towards the bathroom door, and fell down on a bed, sleepy from the liquor.

When Ye Fei came out, he saw that Gu Ang was already asleep in his own bed with his clothes scattered and his face quiet.
His sleeping face was average, his legs rolled up in his quilt, while the hem of his bathrobe scattered in a mess.
Ye Fei footsteps stopped, before he propped up on the edge of the bed overlooking the sleeping face, suddenly wanting to see through that quilt.

I want to hug him, I want to kiss him, I want to… Fuck, I can’t think about it anymore. He hesitated for two seconds and let out a long sigh.
This person had dumped him, so even if he could write it off as drunkenness, taking advantage of someone wasn’t being gentlemanly.

He decided to be a gentleman.
Ye Fei turned around and walked to Gu Ang’s bed, lifted the quilt and lay down in it.

Half an hour passed, but he tossed and turned, unable to sleep.
The pillow was covered with the smell of white peach oolong, and the residual pheromone was like a beckoning to his heart, which couldn’t be calmed.

After another half hour, Ye Fei resigned himself and got up, boiled a pot of water and lit a cigarette.
Waiting for the water to boil, he unpacked the tea leaves he bought and made himself a pot of tea.

The night was long so why not enjoy the moon?

Gu Ang woke up in the morning with a splitting headache.
His memory of the night was torn apart into pieces, and all he could remember was huddling in the shower with Ye Fei, flesh on flesh, touching with abandon.

Wait… what had they done?

The ancestors had a point when they said to hold back drinking alcohol.

Gu Ang woke up with a start and rolled over to see Ye Fei’s face.
Like a Buddha, he sat on the edge of the bed and stared at him.

“Why are you sitting on my bed in the morning?” Gu Ang asked, wide-awake, “That’s freaky.”

Ye Fei hadn’t slept all night, and his face looked even worse, “Correction, this is my bed.”

“How can it be your…” Gu Ang rubbed his face and carefully surveyed the quilt covering his body.

The dark gray sheet really didn’t seem to be his.

Gu Ang’s face was a bit embarrassed, “Sorry, I drank too much.” It wasn’t very polite to occupy someone else’s bed, so he added, “Where did you sleep last night?”

“I didn’t sleep much.” Ye Fei vaguely muttered.
He had smoked all night to hide from a certain cat. 

That cat, or white peach oolong scent.

Gu Ang thought that Ye Fei, who loved to keep his distance from people, might not be able to sleep in his bed anymore.
His heart was filled with even more guilt, “Don’t worry.
For today’s combat class, I’ll cover for you.”

“Thank you.” Ye Fei rubbed his brow, stood up and pulled open his closet to change his clothes, “Let’s go, we’re going to be late.”

By the time the two arrived at Red Flame training ground number three, it was packed to the brim with people.
The entire freshman class was here, and the crowd seemed to be bustling with people, each with their fists in the air.

Bai SiNing’s curiosity grew as he watched the incredibly lively Gu Ang and the yawning Ye Fei walk by.
He put his arm around Gu Ang’s shoulder, “What happened yesterday?”

“What else? I took a shower and went to bed.” Gu Ang squinted at him.

Bai SiNing was puzzled, “No, what did you do to God Ye? He looks so sleepy.”

“I guess he didn’t sleep well.” Gu Ang was a bit vain and changed the subject, “When is it going to start?”

“Soon.” Bai SiNing looked at the scenery next to the training ground, with a kind of pride of inspecting his own rivers and mountains, “Look at how green our Red Flame mountains are, how spiritual the water is, and how good the people are.”

He patted his chest after saying that.

Gu Ang was amused at this person who acted like a fool.
Dumb in the head, but also cute.

A man with an inch haircut walked up to the podium slowly with his hands behind his back, “Hello everyone, I am Qin Yang, the class teacher of Class A.
I’m the supervisor of this competition.
This is Class S’ teacher Wang Chuang.
Teacher Wang will explain the rules related to this class rivalry rally.”

Qin Yang smiled and bowed slightly, gesturing Wang Chuang to the stage.

Wang Chuang frowned, and felt that the smiles of this class teacher held a strange meaning in it.

It’s creepy. Wang Chuang secretly spat this sentence in his heart.
He took a big step to the front of the stage and took the microphone from Qin Yang’s hand, “Then I’ll explain the rules of this cross-class competition, this time it’s mainly based on…”

Several teachers from other classes lowered their voices next to each other, and their expressions flashed calculatingly.

“Has the greeting been made?”

“Don’t worry, the other classes have already been informed.”

“What did they say?”

“They agreed to our proposal…”

Offstage, Gu Ang, who had a hangover, felt a splitting headache and pulled Bai SiNing next to him, asking, “Class representative, what did Teacher Wang say in the middle of the day? Summarize.”

Bai SiNing: “????”

So arrogant, did you not fucking listen to the rules?

Inwardly he was complaining, but his mouth was moving non-stop, “It’s very simple, the class rally race is divided into two parts.
The first half is a four-person chariot mudslide mob race.
The second half is a two-person three-legged race.
Based on which group of each class arrives first at the end will determine the final winner.”

Gu Ang was speechless.
Who came up with this shitty name?

“Then, we will give you five minutes to form your teams, and after five minutes, please gather at the starting point.” Wang Chuang said, then walked towards the meeting place first.

“Ang!!!!! You’re my father!!!!”

“Got it, go get three more people.” Gu Ang dropped his eyes and kicked Bai SiNing who was squatting down fiercely to hold his leg, and was sort of defeated by this stalker Beta.

The four-man chariot mudslide mob, as the name implied, was set up with four people underneath as wheels, while the top needed a driver to command.
This was a group competition that tested teamwork, partner cooperation, and impromptu reactions.

It didn’t take long for three students to follow Bai SiNing.
The five of them talked while walking and finally decided that Gu Ang, the strongest warrior, should be the chariot rider.
The others formed a team and soon arrived at the start.

Gu Ang put his hands in his sports pockets and took a quick look at the group divisions.

As expected, apart from himself, Ye Fei was the first team in Class S.
The “four kings” formed a team with their junior brothers.
In total, there were six teams on their side of the camp.
Their opponents were the ninety-four teams from other classes.

Gu Ang was about to get on the chariot when he saw Ye Fei, who was passing by him, suddenly stop in his tracks.

Bai SiNing apologized and explained, “God Ye, we’re all here.”

Ye Fei let out a hmm, “Let’s go for it.”

“Go for it.” Gu Ang returned perfunctorily, looking at him like he was crazy.
Did you turn your head over just to say this?

The sudden concern of this classmate, really flattering.

Ye Fei’s eyes fell on his white neck.
He hesitated for a few seconds, but still leaned over in public.
He took a breath and sniffed, sensing a very light and faint white peach oolong, fleeting.
But this time, it wasn’t an illusion.

As if to be sure, Ye Fei lowered his voice, “After the game, pay attention.” He coughed lightly, “I wanted to tell you in the morning.
Your pheromone seems to have spread out.”

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