Chapter 3: After a Kiss… 

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That person was quite tall, almost the same height as him, and wore a helmet to hide his face, emanating a cold aura.
Ye Fei instantly recognized him with just a glance.

The one who had dumped him stood in front of him.
Even if he had turned into ashes, he could piece him back to his original form1.

Plus, when he was fighting just now, he had swept a glance up the surroundings and had already noticed this melon seed eater2 enjoying the show to utmost content up on the tree. 

So, this futile stunt to mask his identity, what kind of play is this?

Gu Ang was worried he’d expose himself if he made any sound, so he just put his hands in pockets, and continued to stand there silently.

“What is it? A robbery?” Ye Fei asked in a low voice as his fingers fiddled with the school badges in his pants pocket.

Gu Ang inclined his head toward him, signaling to start the fight.

Ye Fei stood still and didn’t do anything, seemingly waiting for the other to make a move. 

The next second, Gu Ang quickly shot out, his body nimbly striking the back of his waist.

To hide his identity, he also deliberately avoided using his usual moves.

Ye Fei comprehended that Gu Ang was testing him.
He pretended to be surprised and deliberately hesitated for half a second before launching a counterattack, strictly controlling the force of ‘a freshman’ without revealing any flaws.

On the other hand, Gu Ang, with his series of attacks flowing, his battle force was in full swing, as if to force him to the edge of the situation to use his full strength.
His heart and hand were equally ruthless. 

Ye Fei’s gaze sunk, this fella’s skills indeed got more powerful.

The two of them had been going back and forth, as if they were playing a wonderful eye-catching exhibition match, and the leaves falling from the trees were swept around by the wind raised during the battle.

[Where did this helmet bro come from? His moves are too nimble!]

[There’s no need to wear a protective mask with this level of skill, right?]

[I can’t tell which god is this! Anyone who knows, please let me know!]

[Now I actually kind of want this helmet bro to win…]

[If the helmet bro is more handsome than God Ye, I will immediately climb the wall3!]

[More than 30 exchanges and they are still not done.
Wang YeZhu lasted around two or three minutes just now, right?]

Gu Ang felt a slight sweat on his palm, and his blood was boiling with the desire to win.
Defeating Ye Fei would bring him great satisfaction, both physically and psychologically.
Although, he had only won once so far.

At that time, Gu Ang courted Ye Fei and everyone knew it, and this man never showed any signs of relenting.
One alpha was interested in another alpha and wanted to be a couple, this thing was beyond the common perception.

Finally Ye Fei was pestered and said with a sigh, ‘Beat me and I’ll agree to go out with you.’

Gu Ang, a sloppy person and a total flunkie, began working hard as if enlightened and made tremendous progress in god-like speed. 

In the graduation fighting tournament, after a few dozen rounds of tough battles, Gu Ang used his best move.
He hooked his calf around Ye Fei’s thigh, tripping the man and pinning him firmly to the ground.

The two men were already slightly disheveled, skin against skin, their breathing intertwined.

‘Ge4, you lost, don’t deny it.’ Gu Ang panted as he said to the person pressed beneath him.
Two pairs of eyes gazing into each other.
The former could see himself reflected in the latter’s pair of inky pupils, he lost control and gave in to his impulses. 

Since the outcome had been decided, it seemed alright to get a kiss from your boyfriend in advance.
He was bold, and directly bit Ye Fei’s lip.
His bite wasn’t a light graze, it was direct and fearless, filled with his impetuous hormones.

The screams of the audience almost flipped the entire arena.

After that one kiss, the lower corner of Ye Fei’s lips was busted, followed by droplets of blood, really rough and sexy.

That was the first time Gu Ang saw Ye Fei smile so freely.

It was like the snow that covered the plum blossoms all winter had finally melted5.

When Gu Ang recalled that memory, the hot feeling seemed to flow back into his body with his boiling blood.

The person in front of him, was he still the same person from his time?

But nothing would change the fact that he was the one who asked to split up.
There was no way one could piece a broken mirror back together anymore.

He felt his heart tighten, and Gu Ang had a momentary lapse of concentration.

Ye Fei’s pupils moved slightly and caught him spacing out.
He used his arm force to grab Gu Ang’s wrist, wrapped his arm around his shoulders and dropped him to the ground.

So what if they traveled back in time together?

This person obviously provoked him first, and now he sentenced their feelings to the death penalty for no reason, it was impossible for him to not be angry. 

When Gu Ang was only fifty centimetres from the ground, Ye Fei increased his force.

He watched as a teenager in pure white sportswear about to fall on his back, on the ground that was soaked with rainwater and wet mud, mixed with dead branches and leaves and scattered debris.
It was disgustingly filthy. 

‘He hates getting dirty.’

This thought flashed quickly in Ye Fei’s mind, and he subconsciously withdrew his force.

Gu Ang seized the opportunity to counterattack, leapt up, buckled Ye Fei’s knee and yanked it forward.
When he saw the man’s left knee hit the ground, he immediately held the man captive by his shoulder, a few droplets of mud splattered on his trouser legs.

Ah dirty, Gu Ang frowned.

Ye Fei propped himself up on his right knee and grabbed all the school badges from his pocket with the other hand, unable to read the atmosphere, “I lost, these school badges are for you.”

The iceberg once again cracked easily when it met Gu Ang.

This kind of subconsciousness was really fucked up.

Gu Ang was slightly stunned, why did he suddenly withdraw his force just now?

His gaze dropped to look at the man on one knee, looking aloof, his seized back still straight as usual, with a bunch of red school badges scattered in his fair palm.

This pose, looks like a fucking marriage proposal!

Gu Ang panicked, and the blood from his cheeks quickly spread to the tips of the ears.
Thanks to the helmet, no one could see that.
Otherwise, blushing from a fight and being captured on the camera live in front of millions of viewers, this sort of embarrassment was unimaginable.

“Mn, thanks.” In hindsight, Gu Ang loosened the hand that was suppressing Ye Fei’s shoulder and grabbed the school badges.

His fingertips and his palm briefly touched, and then Ye Fei stood up.
The split second of closeness was broken off again.
Their breaths were intertwined for less than a second, and then suddenly disappeared.

Gu Ang’s heart felt a zap, his fingers felt tingly… 

The atmosphere was very subtle, but the on-screen comments erupted like wildfire, overlapping over the faces of the two.6

[Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.
What happened? Did God Ye lose?]

[One knee down and all!! I want to transmigrate into helmet bro’s body! Ah!!!]

[Brainless followers should slap themselves in the face! Who said no one can beat Ye Fei? Then what just happened?]

[Clearly God Ye was going to win, what’s with the sudden reversal?]

[I don’t know, they moved too fast!]

[So up to now, no one has found out who helmet bro is?]


The ‘helmet bro’ collected the school badges and turned away, hiding his identity and talent.

As he slowly walked, he carefully recalled their fight.
He felt that Ye Fei didn’t reveal his hand.
Every attack seemed like he was exerting his full force but there was no hitch in his breathing, not even the slightest sliver of panic.

But if he was to assume Ye Fei let him win on purpose, it was impossible as it seemed that Ye Fei did respect Gu Ang as an opponent and held no reservations during each attack.
When Gu Ang accidentally left an opening, Ye Fei would immediately aim at it.

Fuck, this person is hiding too well, the veil of mysterious in Gu Ang’s heart was getting more unclear.

He avoided the broadcast cameras.
If he was gonna put on a play, he wouldn’t expose himself.
He threw his helmet into the bushes before strutting back into the main pathway, into the view of the cameras.

The downpour finally quieted down and there were wisps of sunlight gradually peeking through the gaps in the branches and leaves, dropping patches of light beneath.

Gu Ang’s mood finally lifted and he whistled at the plump bird flying by, scaring the little one as it hurriedly flapped away. 

Faraway in the distance behind him, he could hear the hullabaloo brawls, the corner of his mouth raised into a smirk and he quickly averted his gaze from that direction.

It felt good to finish early, even the mud splatters on the side of his pants weren’t that irksome anymore. 

He didn’t bother to waste any more time, fearing that he might run into some randos that wanted to rob him, and turned directly to a shortcut to the top of the mountain: the slope behind the back of the hill.
The slope measuring about forty degrees, was where he used to go when he cut classes.

Gu Ang put the school badges in his pants pocket and climbed the rocks on the slope very quickly.
For the battle-hardened admiral, this was elementary child’s play.

After a short time, he could see the red flag waving at the top.

Before he even got close, Gu Ang felt several sets of cameras focusing on him, so he confidently walked into the view of audiences, carrying a relaxed smile.

Many spectators were still stuck contemplating on their final bets and were collectively confused when they saw the person who appeared at the finish line.

[Someone got to the finish line? So fast!!!]

[Who’s this? He looks interesting, but I don’t know him.]

[Here comes a fan girl, I can answer this question, his name is Gu Ang!]

[Gu Ang, Mr.
Last Place? How come he’s the first one here?]

[This is a way to show he’s giving up on the competition, right? Isn’t it the same concept as submitting a blank answer sheet?]

[Hahahahahaha Mr.
Last Place knows he can’t finish the task, so he might as well finish early and get more rest!]

[Just a flashy person, nothing to see here.
I’m sitting here waiting to see God Ye take the first place!]


“Student, it has only been seventeen minutes.” The referee on the stand recognized the relationship of this person with one of their school’s benefactors and advised him earnestly, “Giving up so early isn’t the quality of a good soldier.”

Gu Ang wasn’t upset.
He leisurely approached, “Teacher, I have finished the task.”

“Hmm?” The referee was a little stunned, remembering that he had forgotten his manners, so he cleared his throat to hide his surprise, “The condition of completing the competition isn’t based on who arrives first, you’re required to get…”

“Count if there’s enough.” Gu Ang snapped and pulled the school badges from his pocket, placing them on the table.
The metal texture collided with the glass table top, making clear ‘ping ping’ sounds.

Not bad, you really brought some token of your victory.

The referee pushed up his glasses and counted the badges back and forth three times dutifully.

Ten pieces, no errors.

Regardless of the method used, he indeed stayed within the rules, he did it.

The referee nodded toward the Principal next to him.

A line of big red letters popped up at the top of the big screen of the live broadcast, [First place: Gu Ang; 17 minutes 03 seconds]

At the same time, Zhong Zhan’s resounding voice came out from the microphone, “Congratulations to Gu Ang for entering Class S with his first place in the competition.”

This sentence was like recording a new historical moment, like a nuclear bomb being dropped in deep waters, shocking the audiences with a big splash! The audience fell silent, so shocked that they forgot how to comment.

The cascading lines of colorful pop-ups disappeared, leaving only an empty screen at this moment.

Gu Ang slowly looked up and his lips raised into a smile.

In the blank and clean live screen, without a single pop-up comment, millions watched as this teenager, adorned in an all white tracksuit and a mocking smile, raised his hand in a perfect military salute.


Translator Notes:

idiom to express how one can recognise one person no matter what Busybody.
Or bystander, enjoying the show. Slang: to be unfaithful!! Older brother,could be related or called out of affection/courtesy. Metaphor for spring has arrived KIRIO RMB TO INSERT SC

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