n his doorstep. So what?

Knowing what was to come didn't make him regret anything.
What was done was done—his personality meant shedding tears over spilled milk was just not his thing.

“I'll just weather the storm for a while.” Kang Jin-Ho shook his head, having already stopped worrying about his consequences.
The truth was, though, something else was making him worried instead.

While teaching Choi Yeong-Su a lesson, Kang Jin-Ho had nearly lost himself to a powerful urge to crack open the punk's skull with his elbow.
Heavenly Crimson Demon Emperor sleeping within must have been thirsty for bloodshed.
Failing to suppress his bloodlust on time would have resulted in Choi Yeong-Su's death. After all, even an amateur could break the skull of an unprotected person.

Kang Jin-Ho felt quite crappy inside.
He believed that he had fully returned to living an ordinary life, yet a part of him was still lingering in that other world.
He managed to suppress the hidden urge before it could cause a problem this time, but would he be able to control himself if a real threat suddenly manifested before him?

Unfortunately, mulling over it right now wouldn't get him anywhere. Of course, this didn't mean that he shouldn't think about it, though…

Jeong In-Gyu urged on desperately.
“Dude, I'm telling you, you shouldn't be relaxing like this.”

“It's fine,” Kang Jin-Ho replied nonchalantly.
However, his situation was a lot worse than he could have imagined.


“Who the hell do you think you are?!”

Kang Jin-Ho wordlessly stared at the teacher shouting and glaring at him.

This man was the dean of students, and his name was Gong Ik-Hyeon.
He also had an unfortunate nickname of 'Bloody Mop,’ which he got from smacking around students until they bled, then forcing them to mop up all the blood splatters on the floor.

This 'teacher' was currently trying to bite Kang Jin-Ho's head off.
“What do you think this school is, ah?! How dare you go around hitting people?! You think you're a thug, you f*cker?!”


“You piece of sh*t…
Get on the floor, now.
Sh*theads like you need to get smacked around.”

As a dean, disciplining students for fighting inside the school was par for the course.
Even if that was true, Kang Jin-Ho just couldn't view Bloody Mop in a favorable light at all.
That was all because this so-called teacher had conveniently omitted the part about Choi Yeong-Su tormenting Park Yu-Min.

Kang Jin-Ho cocked his head.
“But sir.
Choi Yeong-Su started it first by bullying Park Yu-Min.”

Gong Ik-Hyeon snidely retorted.
“Really? Who said that?”

“The other students in the classroom.”

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“Oh? Why don't you bring them here, then?”

Kang Jin-Ho silently arched his brow.
But Gong Ik-Hyeon, also known as Bloody Mop continued with a sarcastic tone.
“I'm telling you to bring your eyewitnesses here!”

“Please wait, then.” Kang Jin-Ho got up to leave the guidance office.

Bloody Mop was taken aback.
“H-hey, where do you think you're going?!”


“Do you really think that someone will come to your defense just because you asked? Everyone in your class already told me that you attacked Choi Yeong-Su even though he was just minding his own business!”

Kang Jin-Ho quietly glared at Bloody Mop.

The teacher growled.
“You dare glare at me?”

Kang Jin-Ho calmly asked, “Sir, you already know it, so what are you doing?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Don't you have a conscience, sir?”

“Hey, you piece of sh*t?! Are you trying to lecture me?! Get on the floor, now!”

Kang Jin-Ho shook his head.
“I don't think so.”

“You dare resist me?!”

“If I'm at fault, I'll gladly get punished hundred times over.
But I simply cannot see where I'm at fault this time, sir.”

“Hmph, this insane punk!” Bloody Mop also got up and grabbed Kang Jin-Ho's collar.
“Punk, do you wanna know what it feels like to die?!”

Their glares collided in mid-air.
However, Bloody Mop was the first to back off by sneakily turning his head away.
Kang Jin-Ho's relentless glare seemed to have triggered his guilty conscience.

The so-called teacher grunted unhappily.
“F*ck me.
What bullsh*t is this?”

The office door was flung open just then, and Kang Jin-Ho's homeroom teacher walked into the guidance office.
“Teacher Gong, what's going on here?”

“This punk here apparently beat up his fellow student, Choi Yeong-Su.”

“…Is that true? Jin-Ho really did that?”

“Yes, sir.
That boy, Yeong-Su, is in the hospital right now.
I heard that this punk started punching someone who’s minding his own business.”

The homeroom teacher, Kim Seong-Ju, shifted his attention to Kang Jin-Ho.
“Is that true, Jin-Ho?”

“No, sir.”

“Then explain what happened.”

“Choi Yeong-Su was tormenting Park Yu-Min, so I stopped him.”


Kang Jin-Ho continued to speak in a composed voice.
“I'll gladly face my punishment for hitting Choi Yeong-Su if he is also punished for bullying Park Yu-Min.
However, I will not acknowledge the incorrect version of events where I've supposedly hit him for no reason.”

Kim Seong-Ju looked back at Bloody Mop.
“Dean, you heard him.”

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“But Teacher Kim, the other kids told me that it was this punk who started swinging his fists out of the blue!”

That 'testimony' finally helped Kim Seong-Ju realize that Gong Ik-Hyeon was trying to imply something.
The homeroom teacher had finally figured out the current situation.
“I see.
For the time being…
Let me take Jin-Ho back to class.”

“But Teacher Kim!”

“I'm his homeroom teacher.
Regardless of what happens later, isn't talking to me first the correct course of action, Teacher Gong? Why did you bypass me and do whatever you want, sir? What you have done is on the verge of abuse of authority, Teacher Gong.”

“Our principal is furious right now! Teacher Kim, why are you being unreasonable like this?!”

“Don't worry, I'll take responsibility.
That's why I'd like to have a private chat with the boy elsewhere.”

“Argh, words are not getting through to you! Listen here, Teacher Kim Seong-Ju!”

The homeroom teacher remained utterly resolute.
One could sense his unwillingness to sit by and watch a student getting the short end of the stick. Just as the two men exchanged heated words, the office door opened wide, and two more men stepped inside.

“We're here, Chief Director.”

The new entrants were the principal of the school and the chief director of the foundation.
The two teachers quickly stopped arguing and bowed their heads toward their superiors.

The chief director pointed at Kang Jin-Ho.
“Is this the student in question?”

“Yes, sir.”

The old man proceeded to roar at Kang Jin-Ho in a sharp, clear voice.
“Did you hurt my Yeong-Su today?!”

Kang Jin-Ho nodded.
“Yes, I did.”


“Yeong-Su was bullying another kid, that's why, sir.”

“Is that so? If you're speaking the truth, then…
Yeong-Su should be punished accordingly.”

“E-excuse me, sir?” The dean was taken aback by that unexpected response and hurriedly looked at the chief director.
He knew that this old man wouldn't say such things, so what was going on here?

The chief director continued. “If you're telling us the truth, boy, then Yeong-Su is indeed at fault.
I operate an education foundation, so for my own grandson to bully another kid? He definitely deserves some ass-kicking.
Why are you so surprised to hear that, Teacher Gong?”

The principal hurriedly butted in.
“C-Chief Director, I'm sure that's not what happened! Even if this boy is telling the truth, he still assaulted another student, and he…”

“Principal, are you trying to make me look like a fool in front of everyone?”


The principal kept bowing his head apologetically.
Even a blind person could see that this situation was heading in a strange direction.

The chief director looked at the teachers.
“Did you call his parents over?”

“Yes, sir.
We've contacted his parents.”

“Well, we will continue this discussion once his parents arrive.
We are supposed to be adults here, so why are we mistreating a kid like this! I came here as a parent, so let's forget about our job titles for a second, and talk like civilized people, shall we?”

“Yes, sir.”

A period of awkward silence ensued.
Eventually, Kang Jin-Ho's parents arrived at the school.

I'm Jin-Ho's father, Kang Yu-Hwan.”

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