Kang Jin-Ho suddenly got a feeling that today wouldn ’t be smooth sailing for him after taking one look at Choi Yeon-Ha ’s facial expression distorted in unhappiness.

“How can you be late to an appointment you made yourself?”

“I ’m sorry…” Kang Jin-Ho promptly apologized.

“Why were you late, anyway?”

“Well, that is…” Kang Jin-Ho looked away while sheepishly scratching his cheek.

He wasn ’t the type to show up late for his appointments, but his car was destroyed.
Until he found a replacement, he was on his own.
So, for the first time in ages, he took the subway to get here, but then…

’I can never tell her that I got on the train going the other way…! ’

Kang Jin-Ho groaned softly under his breath.

He would sometimes see funny skits on TV about old politicians stuffing two ten-thousand won bills inside a transportation card slot or believing that the bus fare was still seventy won.
After thinking about his own situation, though, Kang Jin-Ho realized he wasn ’t all that different from those old men.[1]

When he looked back to his past, he realized he hadn ’t utilized public transport since his high school days.
Back then, he had his trusty Golden Elephant, a bicycle faster than any vehicle.
In that case, why would he even rely on public transport in the first place?

Choi Yeon-Ha was still shooting glares in his direction.
“Are you aware of the fact that you have no manners?”

“Yes, I do.” Kang Jin-Ho readily agreed with her assessment.
He had no excuse whatsoever to offer in his defense.

“For now, please take a seat,” said Choi Yeon-Ha.

“Thank you.” Kang Jin-Ho bowed deeply like a convict who had gotten his sentence reduced by a judge, then sat on the opposite side.

Choi Yeon-Ha glanced at the menu.
“Would you like to drink something?”

“No, I ’m fine.”

“You should drink something.
I remember hearing about how you ’re partial toward Americano.”

I ’ll have that, then.” Kang Jin-Ho didn ’t argue back and nodded.
Technically, he wasn ’t really ’partial ’ to it, just that the other types of sweet drinks didn ’t suit his palate as much and left him with little choice in the matter.
If he were serious about it, Kang Jin-Ho could have sourced the types of tea he used to enjoy back in Zhongyuan.
The problem with that idea, though, was his lack of skill in preparing tea.
Would he even be able to reproduce the same sort of aroma and taste as in the past? Not really.

Kang Jin-Ho ordered his Americano, then brought it to the table.
While sitting down, he studied Choi Yeon-Ha on the opposite side.

’She doesn ’t want to hide? ’

He had heard about how celebrities would usually wear hats and sunglasses when going outside to hide their faces as much as possible.
A good example of that behavior was Kang Eun-Yeong.
Hadn’t she also wrapped her face up to the point of resembling a mummy just to go shopping in a department store?

Back then, Kang Jin-Ho thought his little sister was worried about nothing.
However, his thoughts changed after fans crazily flooded a street and recreated a zombie herd from an apocalyptic movie in front of Kang Jin-Ho’s eyes when they learned about Kang Se-Ah’s sudden concert in the middle of a busy street! After witnessing that spectacle, he was prepared to hide his little sister ’s face under the thickest scarf in existence if he had to.

Kang Eun-Yeong repeatedly said that Choi Yeon-Ha was incomparably more popular and a far bigger star than her.
If that were true, the news of Choi Yeon-Ha being here could summon a legion of fans at least twice the scale of the one that appeared at the pizzeria ’s concert.
As such, Kang Jin-Ho couldn’t help but wonder if it were okay for Choi Yeon-Ha to expose herself so openly like this.

Choi Yeon-Ha smirked a little.
“Am I pretty?”


“Well, you ’ve been looking at my face quite openly for a while now, you see?”

“That wasn ’t my reason, actually.”

Choi Yeon-Ha ’s smirk vanished.
”…You still don ’t have any girlfriend, do you? ”

“Why are you asking me that all of a sudden?”

“I ’m starting to understand why you ’re still single, so that ’s the reason why.
I have been thinking that it should be impossible not to get a hot girlfriend with a face like yours, you know.”

’Hmm, this sounds like a thinly-veiled insult…? ’

Kang Jin-Ho could only make a cramped face while sipping his Americano.

Choi Yeon-Ha asked again, “Okay, so? Am I pretty?”

Kang Jin-Ho groaned under his breath again.
He had run into countless people before in his life, and among those in the ’difficult people to handle’ category, Choi Yeon-Ha would surely occupy one of the top five spots.

However, it wasn ’t because she had a rubbish personality.
No, she had this uncanny ability to accurately prick Kang Jin-Ho in all the uncomfortable places.

“Yes, you ’re pretty.”

“Thank you.
Although you did lose about half of your points since you sounded a bit too forced, I should still praise you for your point-scoring effort.”

“Thank you…” Kang Jin-Ho muttered, then leaned against the back of his chair.

’Does Eun-Yeong even know I ’m going through this much hardship for her? ’

How wonderful would it be for Kang Eun-Yeong to take time out of lounging around on the living room sofa and hoovering up snacks to understand her peaceful rest could only happen thanks to her oppa ’s one-sided sacrifice! If that were to happen, then Kang Jin-Ho would feel less aggrieved by this situation.

“How is Miss Se-Ah doing?” Choi Yeon-Ha asked while sipping her own coffee.

“She ’s doing fine…”

“Why did she suddenly fall ill, though?”

“Her condition just deteriorated, that ’s all.”

“Oh, I see.
Well, that does happen sometimes…” Choi Yeon-Ha nodded in acceptance without digging any further.
Honestly, she was not really interested in Kang Eun-Yeong ’s well-being.
Her focus was on Kang Jin-Ho and Kang Jin-Ho only, after all!

“Miss Choi.
There is a question I ’d like to ask you…” Kang Jin-Ho cautiously piped up, prompting Choi Yeon-Ha to stare at him with some anticipation.
She rested her chin on her hand and silently gazed into his eyes, forcing him to cough softly to clear his throat.
“Is Eun-Yeong that talented in acting?”

Choi Yeon-Ha subtly grinned.
“Don ’t you trust my judgment?”

“According to Eun-Yeong or other people ’s evaluation, you seem to be highly trusted in your abilities as an actor, Miss Choi.”

Choi Yeon-Ha smiled in satisfaction.
“I have always been getting similar praises, but hearing you say that feels rather fresh, Mister Jin-Ho.
I know you ’re just trying to suck up to me, but I still like it.
So, allow me to answer you. Mm…
Miss Se-Ah is more talented than you think, Mister Jin-Ho.
However, she just has this one small con, and…”


Choi Yeon-Ha contemplatively nodded.
“How should I say it…
Her life has been a little too…

“I ’m sorry?” Kang Jin-Ho tilted his head.

“Maybe because she has been living a sheltered life? She ’s too positive and outgoing.
Yes, she can get crafty sometimes, but not because she has a serious character flaw or anything like that,” Choi Yeon-Ha explained while stirring her latte.
“She should be great at portraying outgoing, lively characters, but I believe she ’ll reach her limits when trying to portray a tragic character.
It ’s unfortunate for an actor, but…”

Choi Yeon-Ha raised her head and stared at Kang Jin-Ho.
“As a person, I ’m envious of your sister.
It means she was showered with love and affection while growing up, after all.
It means…
she didn’t grow up all twisted inside, and she didn ’t have to go through many hardships in her life.”

Kang Jin-Ho furrowed his brow a little.
“Miss Choi, we never coddled Eun-Yeong.
And she had suffered many hardships during her idol trainee days as well.”

“I ’m sure that ’s what happened.
However…” Choi Yeon-Ha smiled refreshingly.
“She always had her oppa and family supporting her from behind.
Two dependable support structures would come rushing in to quickly resolve the situation whenever things became too hard and torturous for her.
So, she most likely has no experience with the crippling despair of being unable to do anything.”

“Is that kind of experience really necessary for acting?”

“No, not really.
I don ’t need to have experience in medicine to convincingly portray a doctor.
However, having such experience does broaden one ’s—spectrum, so to speak.”

“Hmm…” Kang Jin-Ho rubbed his chin as he entered his serious-thinking mode.

Choi Yeon-Ha quickly waved her hands.
“Please don ’t misunderstand me, Mister Jin-Ho.
I ’m not saying Miss Se-Ah needs to experience something like that at this point in her life.
Considering her age, she has all the necessary talent and is already successful enough in her own right.
Her looks are great, too.
Not as good as her brother ’s, but still great.”

Kang Jin-Ho slowly nodded.
Since Choi Yeon-Ha ’s opinion was like this, Kang Eun-Yeong ’s competitiveness as an actor should be pretty solid, then.

Choi Yeon-Ha grinned and leaned closer.
“Are you done satisfying your curiosity, Mister Jin-Ho?”

“More or less, yes.”

“In that case, let ’s get going.
I ’m starving.”


“I did warn you about my plan to gorge on expensive food today, didn ’t I?”

“You did.” Kang Jin-Ho nodded without much concern.

Choi Yeon-Ha smirked at his response.
“I guess the story about you having a lot of money is true? You don ’t seem concerned about the prospect of expensive food at all.”

Kang Jin-Ho shrugged his shoulders.
“How expensive can some food get, anyway?”

“You haven ’t experienced a two-million-won full-course meal, then?”

“…I ’m guessing they use gold ingots instead of rice?”

Choi Yeon-Ha covered her lips as a loud chuckle broke free.
“Whether they use gold or rice, you ’ll see when we get there.
You brought your car, yes?”

I don ’t have a car anymore.”

“Mm? What happened to that red Lamborghini?”

Kang Jin-Ho avoided meeting Choi Yeon-Ha ’s gaze.
“I had to scrap it recently.”

Choi Yeon-Ha stared weirdly at him.
“…You certainly have a talent for surprising people in strange things, Mister Jin-Ho.”

Kang Jin-Ho shuddered a little.
Why did it feel like he was about to experience a repeat of Ju Yeong-Gi ’s nagging?

Mercifully, Choi Yeon-Ha didn ’t assault him about the car anymore.
“In that case, let us take my car.”


They exited the cafe and headed to the parking lot at the back of the building.
And that was where Kang Jin-Ho discovered a large black SUV.

’Mm… ’

The car sometimes spoke volumes about its owner ’s tendencies and personality.
In that sense, seeing Choi Yeon-Ha drive around a large SUV seemed a little surprising.
However, it also seemed rather natural, in a way.

Considering her fame, her job as an actor, as well as her star quality, maybe a sleek sportscar would have been more suitable for her.
But she had a pragmatic side to her, so an SUV like this one seemed like a good match in that aspect.

“Please get in,” said Choi Yeon-Ha while pointing to the passenger side.

“Of course…” Kang Jin-Ho slipped into the seat.
Choi Yeon-Ha waited until he was buckled up and then…
unhesitantly stepped on the accelerator.

’…Yup, I ’m changing my mind. ’

As Kang Jin-Ho initially thought, a sleek sportscar suited Choi Yeon-Ha better.
A large SUV wasn ’t suitable for a reckless driver who slammed on her accelerator and snatched away the narrowest of gaps between other road users, after all!

However, there was something rather charming about the way Choi Yeon-Ha was clinging onto a large steering wheel bigger than her torso and turning it this way and that with both of her hands.

Choi Yeon-Ha glanced at him after reaching the open road.
“Have you given ’that ’ some more thought?”

“What are you talking about?”

“Being an actor, Mister Jin-Ho.”

Kang Jin-Ho tutted quietly.
“How many times do I have to tell you that I ’m not interested?”


“Yes, really…” Kang Jin-Ho resolutely shut her down.

“Very well.
However, you are totally at my mercy today, Mister Jin-Ho.
Even if I keep talking about you becoming an actor, you must not lose your cool, okay?”

Search bit.ly/3iBfjkV for the original.

“Understood…” Kang Jin-Ho groaned and looked outside the window.
For some reason, he had a feeling that today would be a long one.


The meal didn ’t turn out to be all that expensive.
Despite her attempts at trying to scare Kang Jin-Ho, Choi Yeon-Ha became deflated by his flat response and took him to a family restaurant instead.

After that…
all Kang Jin-Ho could remember was doing his utmost best to follow Choi Yeon-Ha around everywhere.
He lugged around many shopping bags while hopping between various shops he didn ’t even know existed.
Then, she said she would show him the greatness of acting by taking him to a stage production.
Afterward, they went on a drive outside the city limits before stopping by a local diner to have dinner.
Before he could realize it, it was already late at night.

’Gee whiz, I don ’t think I can do this again… ’

Kang Jin-Ho groaned while leaning against the back of the chair in exhaustion.
They had returned to the cafe where they met earlier in the day.

Choi Yeon-Ha grinned and asked, “Are you alright?”

Kang Jin-Ho slowly nodded.
“Yes, I ’m fine.”

“You have amazing stamina, Mister Jin-Ho.
Most people, whether they are men or women, would throw in their towels after hanging out with me for a day, you know? Even my managers often beg me to stop going around so much,” Choi Yeon-Ha explained while giggling away.

Seeing her like this somehow put Kang Jin-Ho ’s mind at ease.
How should he put this? Were this sense of accomplishment and the refreshed, weight-off-the-shoulders feeling something one could get after working their butt off to finish all the piled-up vacation homework in one day?

It did kind of feel that way.
Kang Jin-Ho felt as if he had cleared a task that had to be performed sooner or later.

Kang Jin-Ho expressed his thanks one more time.
“Miss Choi, thank you for your help.”

“No need to thank me, Mister Jin-Ho.”

Obviously, Kang Jin-Ho had witnessed how chaotic a film set could get.
So, he could easily guess how much trouble he had caused Choi Yeon-Ha by requesting three days off for his little sister.
Moreover, she even sacrificed her image and threw a tantrum, demanding her scenes to be filmed first, which lessened the dissatisfaction of the PDs and writers toward Kang Eun-Yeong.

On top of that, Choi Yeon-Ha even coached Kang Eun-Yeong to call the PDs and apologize for delaying the filming of her scenes.
Basically, she had done everything she could humanly do in this case.

Repaying such debt with one date seemed like a poor trade-off.
It was to the extent that Kang Jin-Ho wouldn ’t have any way to defend himself if Choi Yeon-Ha decided to call him a fraudster, an unscrupulous cheat.

Choi Yeon-Ha relaxedly asked, “I guess things will get hectic for you soon?”

Kang Jin-Ho shrugged his shoulders.
“Actually, things have been rather quiet for me lately.”

“Don ’t worry, it ’s gonna get busy for you soon.” Choi Yeon-Ha smiled brightly.
“Is it tomorrow? After tomorrow, you ’ll be too busy to even get a moment ’s rest, Mister Jin-Ho.”

“I don ’t follow…” Kang Jin-Ho tilted his head.

“Well, if you don ’t get it, you just need to experience it.
Setting all that aside, when will we have our second date?”

Kang Jin-Ho ’s head tilting intensified.
“We need to meet again?”

“Goodness, will you listen to this guy? So rude!” Choi Yeon-Ha looked flabbergasted, then stared at Kang Jin-Ho.
“Mister Jin-Ho?”


“Don ’t you find me pretty?”

“I do find you pretty.” Kang Jin-Ho nodded.
Objectively speaking, Choi Yeon-Ha was a beautiful woman.
Objectively speaking, that was.

“And that ’s why we ’ll go out on another date, Mister Jin-Ho.
Men love to hang out with pretty girls, after all.
And finding someone else as pretty as me won ’t be easy, even for you.
Don ’t you think so?” Choi Yeon-Ha winked at Kang Jin-Ho with a grin.
“I ’m interested in you, Mister Jin-Ho.
Not as a potential actor, but as a man, you see.”

Kang Jin-Ho was left utterly speechless and could only stare at Choi Yeon-Ha in a daze.

Seventy won is equivalent to five US cents.

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