ion had been different, Lee Hyeon-Ju wanted to listen to Kang Jin-Ho.
However, her anxiety level was too high for her to stay here obediently.
Her mind was too occupied with the thoughts of the worst-case scenario where both Kang Jin-Ho and her grandfather were no longer residents of this world.


She let out a long sigh to steel her resolve.
With a determined look on her face, Lee Hyeon-Ju glared at the residence.

Maybe she could mess up things about to be resolved by foolishly entering the building.
Even though such thoughts swirled in her head, Lee Hyeon-Ju still approached the building with a stiff expression.

Her cautious steps led her to the front of the building, then she stared hesitantly at the entrance, fear building up quickly in her.

’…Is it open? ’

She cautiously reached out and grabbed the door handle.


The door handle issued a low squeak and turned.
Lee Hyeon-Ju sucked in several deep breaths to calm herself, then opened the door as her heart trembled.

This residence belonged to her grandfather.
It was his home.
So, she knew its interior layout like the back of her hand.
If she opened this door, the first thing she would see would be the living room.
And that living room was where…

Lee Hyeon-Ju opened the door and tried to scan the living room, but her eyes narrowed to slits.
It was too dark inside.

The lights were off, and nothing could be seen.
However, she still picked on something rather prominent pretty quickly.
It was the… acrid stench of blood.

Since she was practically blind right now, the stench of blood seemed much more vivid to her senses.
It was unbelievably thick and overwhelming.
The disgusting stench rushed into her lungs, forcing a round of curses to escape from her mouth—along with the contents of her stomach rising up her throat.

’W-what is going on in here? ’

She could feel that something serious had gone down in this place.
However, that didn ’t mean she should back off now that she was here.
Lee Hyeon-Ju forcibly stopped her legs from trembling and forced them to walk inside.
She supported herself against the wall while cautiously sneaking past the front entrance and felt around the wall with her shaking hand to find the light switch.

But when she turned it on…


Lee Hyeon-Ju toppled over like a shrimp toward the floor and retched uncontrollably.
Since she hadn ’t eaten anything, only stomach acid rushed up her pipe, but her retching was powerful enough as if it would dislodge her insides for her to spit out of her mouth.

“Heuh-uhhh! Bleeeergh! Blergh!”

She tried to control herself, but her wits just didn ’t want to come back to her.
However, that was understandable because the ’spectacle ’ before her eyes…
easily exceeded her worst nightmare, after all!

The entire world seemed as if it were dyed in crimson.
From the floor to the walls, then even the ceiling…
Everything was so crimson that she couldn ’t even guess what their original hues could have been.
And there was no need to even elaborate on what caused all that crimson coloration.
However, this wasn’t the end of the spectacle…

“A-ah?! Ah…!”

In the middle of vomiting, Lee Hyeon-Ju finally became conscious of the object rolling around on the floor near her feet.
When she recognized what it was—Lee Hyeon-Ju stumbled back before falling on her butt.
She hurriedly scrambled back in pure shock.

What on Earth had happened in here?!

With the lights on, the sight of the living room vividly etched itself on Lee Hyeon-Ju ’s retina.
Thick blood had pooled in several spots like puddles.
More blood trickling toward the front entrance was dripping down the hump to wet the shoes she was wearing, then…
chunks of chopped-up human flesh and limbs resembling meat were laying in those blood puddles.

Lee Hyeon-Ju couldn ’t keep her eyes open anymore as she hurriedly squeezed them shut.

’Insane! ’

Indeed, he couldn ’t have killed all these people in this manner unless he was utterly insane.
and Lee Hyeon-Ju could very well be the person responsible for creating this catastrophe.

A quick look at will leave you more fulfilled.

’…I’ve invited a devil in, haven ’t I?! ’

Lee Hyeon-Ju had finally figured it out.
She had finally figured out how Kang Jin-Ho ’s fear-inducing atmosphere was born.

Kang Jin-Ho wasn ’t the type to overtly threaten his opponents.
He would simply act and turn a person into chunks of bloody meat in the blink of an eye.
He was capable of instilling fear in anyone because he viewed his opponents as nothing more than temporary amusement or toys he could tear apart at any time.

Lee Hyeon-Ju suddenly had another thought.
What if she had acted a little too haughtily or overboard during her first encounter with Kang Jin-Ho? She could have ended up in this tragic state, too.
Realizing that, she found herself unable to move her legs anymore.

Lee Hyeon-Ju was even relieved that she didn’t wet herself.
This sight was mercilessly teaching her what it felt like to lose strength in every fiber of her being.

No, I need to get a hold of myself! ’

There was no time to waste like this.
The devil-like bastard should have reached Lee Hyeon-Ju ’s grandfather by now.
If things had gone well, she should have heard something from them.

In other words, her grandfather could be in a standoff against Kang Jin-Ho right at this moment!

Lee Hyeon-Ju forced herself to stand back up.
Her legs were quivering, but she still willed them to move.
Her grandfather should be on the second floor, and the devil should be in the same place as him.

Her trembling steps took her up the stairs and eventually, to the corridor with a half-open doorway at the end.
Light was leaking out from the door gap.

’He said his compensation hasn ’t been decided yet. ’

So Lee Hyeon-Ju shouldn ’t be thankful that he came, said Kang Jin-Ho.
When she heard that, she initially didn ’t understand what he meant.
After seeing the massacre downstairs, though? A new thought powerfully announced itself in her mind: Kang Jin-Ho didn ’t come here to help her out.

Clearly recognizing that fact allowed her to figure out what she had to do right now.
The ’compensation ’ hadn ’t been decided yet.
In other words, Kang Jin-Ho might not help Lee Hyeon-Ju and her grandfather out if the offer on the table wasn’t to his liking.
In that case, why did he even come here?

The answer was simple—there was another party involved in this event, wasn ’t there?

If the offered compensation weren ’t to his liking, Kang Jin-Ho would simply demand what he ’wanted ’ from the other side instead.
He could do something like that.

Lee Hyeon-Ju bit her lower lip hard enough to draw blood.
Her new job was to make a deal with a scary devil.
Only by satisfying the devil would Lee Hyeon-Ju and her grandfather survive tonight.

To stop herself from getting crushed by this insane and cruel situation, Lee Hyeon-Ju grabbed and squeezed her thigh hard.
This was the first time she encountered a situation like this!

As her nails dug into her thighs, stinging pain spread throughout her body.
It felt like her mind had cleared up a little.

Lee Hyeon-Ju sucked in a deep breath before walking toward the open doorway at the end of the corridor.

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