driving around in a car like this, so you should at least be prepared to deal with such minor inconveniences, you know!”

Kang Jin-Ho still didn ’t seem all that impressed as he scanned the blue car in the middle.
“Hmm… This one is a bit round and squishy-looking.”


‘That ’s because your old car had all sorts of sharp angles and stuff! Besides, this isn ’t ’round and squishy ’, you know! Sure, its horseshoe grill’s kinda, sorta looks a bit roundish, and that ’s why it feels that way…!’

”Mister Jin-Ho, please listen to me! This car here is the Bugatti Veyron! As I said before, it ’s the fastest production car in the world right now! Nothing can go faster than this bad boy unless you go for extremely-limited special edition models or hire a tuning firm! ”[1]

“Mm…” Kang Jin-Ho contemplatively nodded.
“But, here ’s the thing…”


”There hadn’t been any opportunities for me to travel at my old car ’s top speed, you see? ”

‘Say what now, you brat?! I know you ’ve sped down the highway the wrong way ’round three hundred kilometers per hour not too long ago, so you dare lie to me this way?!’

Jo Gyu-Min ’s lips trembled from his barely-contained rage, but he desperately kept his mouth shut.
He tried to remind himself that today was a good day.
A good day, indeed! There was no need to lose his cool and sour the nice mood of today!

But then, Kang Jin-Ho continued to demonstrate that he had no ability to read the room.
”Besides, when I went faster and faster, I could actually see the fuel gauge needle drop in real time.
It ’s kind of annoying to stop for fuel often, you know. ”

“I ’m sorry?”

”Isn ’t there a car that doesn ’t need lots of fuel but is still plenty fast enough for me? ”

Jo Gyu-Min slowly blinked his eyes while thinking, ’Why don ’t you ask for your private airplane instead? ’


But then, he suddenly remembered that there was a car like that.
What about those hybrid supercars getting all the press coverage lately? Considering the electric motor ’s unique aspect of having tremendous torque at all rev ranges, such a car might just suit Kang Jin-Ho ’s peculiar taste.


”There are cars like that in existence, yes, but I think you might find them just a little bit lacking, Mister Jin-Ho.
If you ’re only looking for great acceleration, then fine, but they are still a bit behind in terms of responsiveness, you see. ”


”Please choose out of these three.
I ’ve selected them after careful consideration, you know.
And I can tell you for certain that, even though there are cars with similar specs as these three, you won ’t find a better one than them. ”

Kang Jin-Ho stared at the cars while making the face of a man experiencing a serious dilemma.

Jo Gyu-Min chuckled and lightly patted Kang Jin-Ho ’s shoulder.
“You aren ’t supposed to choose a car this way, Mister Jin-Ho.
Why don ’t you sit inside, then take them out for a test drive? That ’s the reason why I borrowed them in the first place.
I promise you; you ’ll have made up your mind by the time you ’ve driven all three.”

“…Chief Jo?”

“Yes, Mister Jin-Ho?”

“Which car will be the least eye-catching, you think?”

“…!” Jo Gyu-Min sucked in a deep breath.
He knew everyone had different needs when choosing their car, but he just couldn ’t remain patient with Kang Jin-Ho ’s criteria and ended up yelling, “In that case, just get a family sedan! A family sedan, I say!”

”No, because when I went to a supermarket with Mother in her sedan, its small trunk proved inconvenient. ”

‘In that case, get a pick-up truck or…’

“Feels like people will notice me wherever I go in such a vehicle, so that ’s a no as well.”

‘I-in that case, why don ’t you get a car only a cow would drive?! No one will notice you in that case!’[2]

“So, I was thinking…” Kang Jin-Ho made a serious face while getting ready to unleash more of his nonsense, causing Jo Gyu-Min to groan inwardly.
“Isn ’t there a car that is…
responsive, fast, and fun to drive, but also practical?”

“…Mister Jin-Ho.”


”Can you bake a pizza that tastes exactly like how you would want a delicious pizza to be but isn ’t as oily or fatty no matter how much you eat? And on top of that, it has the distinctive taste of cheese but goes well with a traditional Korean stew? ”

“There isn ’t a pizza like that, though?”

“Then, why are you asking me to find a car like that, Mister Jin-Ho?! Why!”

”Aaah, so that ’s what you wanted to say? I honestly thought there was a car like that. ” Kang Jin-Ho nonchalantly shrugged his shoulders.

However, it only made Jo Gyu-Min more furious inside.
He dearly wanted to flip a table or something right now, but he held himself back by repeatedly thinking, ’I ’m Mister Jin-Ho ’s loyal, supportive aide.
Yes, I am! ’ The fact that he had already raised his voice like that was already a big black mark on his name.
He shouldn ’t disrespect Kang Jin-Ho any further than this.

“Urgh…” Jo Gyu-Min held his head and groaned.

Kang Jin-Ho saw the pained look on Jo Gyu-Min ’s face and apologized.
“I ’m sorry.
It ’s just that I ’m clueless about these things.”

“Mister Jin-Ho, it has been so many years since you started driving your own car.
So, how could you be this disinterested in motoring in general?”

“Well, I never had a reason to care, you see.”

“Hah…” Jo Gyu-Min suddenly displayed a mystical skill of sighing deeply while still making a proud face.

’I see.
Without me, nothing can be done around here. ’

Kang Jin-Ho leaned in closer and cautiously muttered, “So, here ’s what I was thinking…”


“Chief Jo, I think you ’re probably the best when it comes to stuff like this.”

Ha… ” Jo Gyu-Min stood straight and tall.
Any taller, and he could have a problem with his spine later on!

“To think that someone as competent as you will be working alongside me.
That gives me great confidence about my future, Chief Jo.”

Well, thank you so much.
Actually, I should be saying that to you. ”

“So, like…
As I was saying…”


”I can ’t help but think that…
there has to be a car that fits my criteria.
You know, a comfortable car that is also practical and economical so I can avoid the annoyance of stopping at a filling station all the time.
That kind of a car. ”

“H-hold on, Mister Jin-Ho.”

‘That ’s like trying to find a Kirin! An animal straight out of imagination, Mister Jin-Ho.
You know, a thing out of legends or mythical tales!’

Kang Jin-Ho confidently declared, “I believe in you, Chief Jo.”

“N-no, Mister Jin-Ho! That ’s like finding a Kirin! You ’re practically telling me to go out into the wilds to hunt a Kirin here!”

It can be hard to make great work when its stolen from bit.ly/3iBfjkV.

“Mm? But you can find plenty of giraffes in a zoo?”[3]

“No, not that kind of Kirin! I ’m talking about, you know, dragon-like creatures!”

Kang Jin-Ho made a resolute expression and stared at Jo Gyu-Min.
“I don ’t know how difficult such a thing will be, but…”


“I believe that if it ’s you, you can hunt even a dragon, Chief Jo.
So, how hard could finding a car be?”


”Well, then.
I ’ll believe in you and go home for the day.
Contact me when you have good news. ”

”M-Mister Jin-Ho?! Mister Kang Jin-Ho?! ” Jo Gyu-Min urgently reached out, but his hand could only grab at the empty air instead of Kang Jin-Ho ’s arm as the latter strode gallantly away toward the waiting elevator.

Jo Gyu-Min could only stand there and stare in stupefaction before slumping onto a nearby couch.
He stared at the ceiling for a while in a daze, then pulled out his phone and called someone.

”Evening, Mister Choi.
I know you ’re a car dealer, so…
I wanted to ask you about something.
If I call the Lamborghini factory directly, will they build me an Aventador with a big trunk and four seats? ” Jo Gyu-Min weakly asked, then silently waited for a reply.
However, sorrow quickly filled his expression.
”…No, listen, Mister Choi.
I ’m not drunk.
And no, I ’m not messing with you, either.
Yes, I…
I ’m sorry about this.
I really am. ”

Jo Gyu-Min ended the call there and buried his face between his knees.

This was why people shouldn ’t be too adventurous with their lives.
Jo Gyu-Min was suddenly reminded of how nice a settled, comfortable path to success was, and his shoulders started to shudder in response.

LOL, this novel ’s showing its age, doesn ’t it? ☜

”Car only a cow would drive ” was a ’nickname ’ Korean drivers gave to Hyundai Sonata.
In Korean, ”Sonata ” can also be read as ”only cow will drive ”.
Hence that nickname.

A “Kirin”, or “Qilin” in Chinese, is a mythical creature appearing in various East Asian literature.
It ’s the same word for ’giraffe ’ in Korean.

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