on, after all.

'In that regard…'

Jo Gyu-Min glanced at Kang Jin-Ho, thinking that this youth and Chairman Hwang Jeong-Hu were two remarkable people.

Hwang Jeong-Hu had amassed an eye-popping fortune over the years but was not obsessed about it.
Kang Jin-Ho also had little to no interest in the piles of money available to him.
If Jo Gyu-Min was in Kang Jin-Ho's shoes and held a key to a safe filled with billions of won at the latter's age, then…
He would never worry about his future ever again.

Money could practically solve anything, so what was there to worry about? However, Kang Jin-Ho wasn't like that.
Other than a sturdy bicycle, he held no interest in other things.
The only place he spent his money so far was to financially support the Seongsim Orphanage.
Even the new house his family bought at a fairly large sum was bought with the money Chairman Hwang Jeong-Hu had given to Kang Yu-Hwan.

'I can't tell if he's an amazing guy or just naive…'

Someone like Hwang Jeong-Hu in his advanced age could get less attached to money.
But Kang Jin-Ho was still young, so it would be rather mature of him to feel that way about wealth.
After all, even Jo Gyu-Min couldn't even imagine himself being that way!

Jo Gyu-Min shook his head and got back to the main topic.
“Okay, so… You want to let Park Yu-Min into the Jaegyeong University as a special scholarship student? Did I get that right, Mr.

“Yes, that's what I'm thinking…”

“In that case, how are Park Yu-Min's grades?”


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Jo Gyu-Min sighed at that.
He didn't need to hear it to know.
If his grades were good, he would've just entered the university as a regular student.
Are his grades that bad?”


“…I see.” Jo Gyu-Min sighed again, his mind beginning to race.

To let a student with poor records into a university—that person must have some kind of irrefutable achievement under their belt that could convince others.
For instance, being a famous actor or an athlete would massively help.

Even if the grades were poor, the candidate would still be accepted if their admittance would raise the university's profile and bring in the related extra revenue.
Without something like that, the voices of opposition would be far too fierce to overcome.

A university wasn’t something an educational foundation could control at will.
A sensitive topic like this could only be decided after considering the potential societal fallout, opinions of the alumni associations, and the voices of the student bodies.

“Mmhm. It's not going to be easy.”

Unfortunately, Park Yu-Min's achievement was nothing to write home about.
All he had achieved so far was reaching the semi-final of a gaming tournament.
He hadn’t even win that gaming tournament outright, so to grant the special scholarship to someone like that…

Even if the general awareness of the pro gamer profession had permeated throughout modern society, such an achievement wasn't enough to convince anyone.
Heck, even a tournament winner would find it hard to get the scholarship, so a semi-finalist…

“I'll see what I can do, but…” Jo Gyu-Min muttered in an uncertain voice.

“Will it be difficult?”

“If the university has already decided on the screening criteria, then it'd be too late to admit Park Yu-Min-gun as a special case.
We'll have to figure out where he has an advantage in the screening criteria, but I'm afraid that the profession of a pro gamer may not be enough to earn a computer science-related scholarship.”

Kang Jin-Ho shook his head.
“No, I didn't mean that way.”


“Isn't there a screening process for disabled candidates?”

“…Oh?” Jo Gyu-Min's jaw slightly dropped.
There was indeed a screening process reserved especially for disabled students.

Thanks to the Ministry of Education's policy, universities with courses that run for four years must provide a scholarship screening process for students with disabilities.
Since this process wasn’t brought up often, Jo Gyu-Min had completely forgotten about it until now.
But he knew for sure that it was available.

“Yes, you're right.
There is.”

“Wouldn't his personal situation, as well as how law-abiding his life has been so far, be enough to make up for his poor grades? He also entered and reached the semi-final in a tournament despite his current circumstances, too.”

Jo Gyu-Min covered his mouth, sat back in his chair, and fell deep into his thoughts.
It felt like he was onto something here.
Being disabled was not going to be enough, but by emphasizing the boy's achievement as a pro gamer…
Maybe, a solid case could be made on his behalf?

“I think it's worth a shot.”

“Can it be done?”

“By taking the angle you suggested, yes, it might be doable.
A student who never lost his hope despite his challenging circumstances and had done his best to balance his studies and work-life…
Not only that, but he also managed to go pretty far in his profession, too…” Jo Gyu-Min muttered as his expression gradually brightened.
If this event was handled well, Park Yu-Min getting accepted could boost the university and the foundation's image.

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“I can't decide on this by myself, however.
It'd require the consent of the chairman, the university's chief director, and the faculty members.
All I can do is simply deliver your request to the chairman and offer my opinion on the matter.”

“I see.
Please remember this, though…” Kang Jin-Ho firmly drew the line on the sand.
“This process must not negatively affect someone else.
I'd rather have Park Yu-Min disqualified if it means he's taking away an available spot from someone else who's more qualified than him.”

“I get what you're saying, Mr.

How strict… One could even say that this was bordering on being obsessive.
Even so, Kang Jin-Ho didn't come across as dry and hardcore.
Probably because he was so crystal clear on his principle of not harming strangers even for his friends.

“I'll leave it in your capable hands, Mr.

“Thank you.
I'll take care of it, so don't worry.”

Kang Jin-Ho nodded at Jo Gyu-Min's assurance and got up from his comfy seat.
“Well, then.
Shall we get going?”

“I'm sorry?” Jo Gyu-Min stared at Kang Jin-Ho in confusion.
Get going? Where?

“Not sure I follow… Where are we going?”

Kang Jin-Ho replied in a disinterested voice as if Jo Gyu-Min had asked a dumb question.

“I told you, I failed the driving test.”


“So, I must practice.”


Kang Jin-Ho slowly cocked an eyebrow.
“Weren't you planning to help me?”

ha… W-well, as you can see, I'm a bit busy, so…”

“I came knowing that you don't have anything to do.”

Jo Gyu-Min's complexion was instantly drained of all colors.

“You will help me practice, right?”

Of course, I…
will…” Jo Gyu-Min got up and followed Kang Jin-Ho outside the office like a cow being dragged to a slaughterhouse.

'Oh, dear Lord, please grant me mercy and help me come back home safe and sound today…'

For the first time in many years, Jo Gyu-Min offered a prayer to God today.

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