Chapter 1 : Three Seconds Rule

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――I felt a heavy shock in my head, and woke up.

The surroundings were pure white.
In front of me, a blonde girl wearing a simple white gown appeared.
With both of her hands, she held my cheeks and brought my face up.

「E, Excuse me? What is this place?」

「……Haー!?…….So, he’s really awake? It would be nice if he didn’t wake up, but… Ahhー what should I do now…..」

Said the girl, who dropped her shoulders after saying something disturbing.
If I looked closely, not only her blonde hair, but her blue eyes also made her look like a foreigner.
Without exaggeration, she was truly a beautiful girl.

I saw a pair of wings on her back.
A cosplay?
What a really high cosplay quality.
As expected from a foreigner.

While thinking about such things, I noticed the changes in my body, at the same time I began to understand the situation.

Eh? Why do I have no limbs? And, it’s just me or my body was turned into a ball or something?

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I could feel she was touching my cheeks, but my limbs were missing, and for some reason I realized that my body turned sphere.

I became a ball.
And a beautiful blonde girl sandwiched my cheeks with both of her hands.
What’s with this situation!?

「Miss? What kind of situation is this?」

「Oh, right, I have to explain.
You died」

YES!? Is this girl kidding?

I remembered yesterday, after work, I stopped by my favorite izakaya; I got drunk, but I managed to get home, and immediately dove into my bed.

*/ Izakaya : Japanese bar restaurant

「Ah, indeed there are people who can’t remember how they died, but your case was different.
While still drunk, you slipped when you tried to jump into your bed, and hit the back of your head against the floor.
You may not remember because you were drunk, but that’s how you died.
You’re lucky, because your death wasn’t so painful.
Well, you might be saved if there was someone who took you to the hospital right away」

So I’m really dead?
I still had something I wanted to do though.
And this girl seems to be able to read my mind.

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Because I’m an angel!」

The girl who proclaimed herself as an angel made a smug face.
I hoped she was lying though, but it seemed this wasn’t a prank television program, and it felt too realistic to be a dream.
Perhaps I was really dead, and the girl in front of me was really an angel.

「And… what will happen to me? My body has become a ball though」

「A, Aahh… about that, right now, you’re only a soul without a body.
And from now, your soul will be washed using a soul washing machine to remove all of your memories, and then you will be reincarnated.
That’s how it should work, but」

Soul washing machine?
While I was curious about that thing, the angel girl turned her eyes sideways.
There was something like a two-tank washing machine.
Was that a soul washing machine? It looked like an ordinary washing machine though.
So I’ll be washed with that thing?

「Well, ordinarily, I’ll put you into this machine, wash your memories and sins, and then after you clean, you’ll be reshipped to the world… but…」

It looked like sh

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