Chapter 13 : Delica

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We’re making this field.
Who are you, onee-chan?」

「I’m Delica.
I live in this neighborhood.
My little brother said there’s a child who’s doing something strange in this vacant lot recently, so I came to see」

As Delica said that, I saw a child hiding behind her.
It must be her little brother.
Oh, wait.
I remembered this child.
Sometimes he saw us from a distance.

「……..I’m Yuuri」

A timid little brother murmured.
It looked like he was the same age as me.

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「Nice to meet you.
I’m Mark, this is my twin little sister, Nicola」

Nicola, who was standing beside me, bowed and showed her smile.
She seemed to be in wait-and-see mode for now.

「Fuuunー So you are twins? But you two don’t look alike somehow」

Yeah, Delica was right.
Because I was born from a beautiful mother and handsome father, my face was quite good looking, but Nicola’s was on a whole different level.
Perhaps, because she was an angel; she looked really beautiful.
Well, even though we were twins, we were fraternal twins, so it wouldn’t be weird if we weren’t that much alike.
Thus, whenever we said to other people that we were twins, they would say why we didn’t look so alike.

「Yeah, people often said that to us.
So? Why do you come here? You have business with us?」

「Nah, like I said, I was just curious and came to see what my little brother said.
So, you’re growing vegetables here I see.
Are you this vacant lot owner’s child?」

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This vacant lot belongs to an old man called Gill, he gave us permission to use this place.
I made this field for practicing magic」

It wasn’t something to hide.
From Delica’s perspective, perhaps I was no different from children who admired becoming adventurers and pretending to practice with swords.

「Heeeー I heard that it’s a magic field, but I never thought it was two of you who made it.
The magic field I know is a field cultivated by many adults who can use magic.
To make a magic field with just the two of you, you two are amazing!」

I remembered Gill once told us about high-class magic vegetables that were sold to nobles.
It looked like a magic field was the field cultivated by adults using magic, and they did it with a large number of people rotating, so they wouldn’t run out of mana.

By the way, it wasn’t “two of us”, because Nicola only helped a little when she was bored, I did almost everything.

「It’s only a small field, so I’m not that amazing.
But our tomatoes are delicious! You want some?」

「Yes! Give me, give me!」

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Delica replied with a big smile.

I turned to the field, picked up two tomatoes that seemed ripe today, and handed them to Delica and Yuuri.

「Thank you! ………….Hhhmー! It’s very deliciousー!」

I knew she would enjoy it!

Delica ate the tomato deliciously.
Beside her, was Yuuri who was nodding and enjoying it with all his heart.
Without doubt, this sibling had become captives of our tomatoes.

………I wondered if dad also won mom’s heart this way with his dish.
No, no… Why should I do that? I’m not a lolicon!

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After a while, Delica finished eating the tomato.
She looked very satisfied.
After licking the remaining juice on her fingertips, she suddenly shoutedー


And then several children, boys and girls from the same age as me to around the age as Delica, appeared as if they were hiding all this time, and surrounded me and Nicola.

Delica stretched out her chest and declaredー

「From now on, this vacant lot belongs to us, “Moonlight Wolf Team”! Mark, Nicola, I will make you two my underlings! Be grateful!」

Apparently, in a vacant lot in another world, not only the grumpy old man, but there was also a bully who acted like a leader of a children gang…..

New characters have been unlocked.

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