veryday life with Boss spoiling me, ehehe~ So Onii-chan, please! Would you like to become a lolicon for me?』

『As if I would! …..But, wait… When I turn twelve, she will be sixteen, right? Does marrying a 16-years-old girl fall into a lolicon category? I’m younger than her in the first place, so…… Wait, wait, waaait! What am I thinking!? I’m still young! I still wanna enjoy my child’s life!』

『Eeehh~~~ Please become an adult quickly and provide for me.』



I decided to end this stupid telepathy conversation and let out a sigh.

Next to me, Delica was still yelling at her dad.

I feel tired… Not physically, but mentally…

I leaned deeply on my seat and looked outside through the small window.

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The sky was so clear that there were no clouds at all.

As I stared at it for a while, I saw a flock of birds crossing.

I’m not sure because of the distance, but I feel like they are bigger than normal birds.

「Gauche oji-san, what kind of birds are they?」

Seeing Delica being teased by her dad, I feel sorry for her, so I tried to distract her dad.

「Mark, you can call me ‘Dad’, you know?…..
Those birds, huh? Those are called ‘Piercing Birds’.
They are not normal birds, they are monsters.
They have long and sharp beaks that can easily make a hole in a human’s body.」

Gauche oji-san taught me while being glared at by Delica.

「Monsters!? Are they going to attack our carriage!?」

「Don’t worry.
They won’t attack us as long as we don’t attack them.
They usually move from mountain to mountain while hunting beasts on the way.
Their beaks and feathers sell very well, so there are many hunters and adventurers hunting them.」

「I see.
So there are also monsters who are not aggressive, huh?」

Monsters like goblins and kobolds would attack humans as soon as they saw them.

「Well, most of the monsters are said to be normal animals that have been transformed by the influence of mana around them.
So of course there are some that don’t like attacking humans.
If all the monsters are vicious, humans would be extinct, you know?」

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Ahh, I see.
He has a point.

「Oh, right.
Speaking of monsters, you can eat monster meat in Secard Village.
You can’t eat them very often in Fatia, so how about we eat them for today’s dinner?」

「Ehh!? Dad! Don’t tell me, we’re going to eat ‘that’ again!?」

「Ahahahaha! Maybe Mark and Nicola would like ‘that’, right? Who knows?」

「Well, maybe they will like it, but… I’ll never eat ‘that thing’ ever again! Aa-ahh… I got goosebumps just by remembering it.」

Said Delica while rubbing her arms.

Just what on earth will they serve us!?

But… honestly, I’m kinda curious what monster meat tastes like.
I can just give up if I think it’s impossible to eat.

「Oi, Delica.
I’m sure Mark prefers a woman who has the bravery to eat ‘that’.
Am I right, Mark?」

「U, Umm….」

「Geez! When are you going to stop talking about this!? Stupid Dad!」

Aa-ahh… Here we go again…

While watching Delica and her dad arguing again, I decided to do daily magic practice by making stone balls.

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