As she tried to say hello, Michael laughed coldly.

“I brought a present.”

Michael threw something under her feet.

It was a round red pouch.

When Jestina winked at Ran, Ran opened her pocket with trembling hands.

Then a scream came out of Ran’s mouth.


Astonished by Ran’s scream, Jestina looked at her feet.

Blood from the pocket was wetting the floor.

She followed her gaze and found something frightening there.

It was a human head.

Jestina closed her mouth with a trembling hand.
She felt nauseous.

Her eyes grew bigger, as it was probably Mary.

“You told her to.
Give Priscilla a dose.”

“Your Majesty!”

Jestina knelt down.

Michael approached her and thrust his sword into her.

Jestina’s face turned white.

“I’ve been easy on you for a long time.
Don’t you think?”

Jestina could not answer.
She knew it too.

That the Emperor was condoning what she did to some extent.

But why now?

She didn’t understand.
So she asked.

“You’ve been watching until now, but why are you doing this all of a sudden?”

“Why? Of course it’s because you touched Priscilla.”

Then Michael plunged his sword on the floor and grabbed Jestina’s hair.

“I don’t care what you do in the future.
Except for Priscilla.”

“Why, why is Priscilla the only exception?”

“Because she’s special.”

Jestina clenched her teeth.

Michael smiled fearfully, revealing his white teeth.

“If you touch Priscilla again, your neck will roll on the floor.
Keep that in mind.”

Michael’s eyes hoped for an answer.

Jestina replied with a nod.

“…I’ll keep that in mind.”

“All right.
I know you understand.”

Michael let go of Jestina’s head.

And he went out like a cold wind.

Jestina sat on the floor, looking at Michael’s back and clenching her fist.

Her eyes bristled with venom.

“I should’ve killed her last night.”

She will definitely be killed.

Jestina barely moved her trembling legs to raise herself up.

And next to her, she saw Ran still shivering.

“Don’t be nervous and get rid of that right away.”

“What? Yes.”

Ran got up from her spot, removed the tablecloth and wrapped it around the gross.

And after turning it around, she took it out and had the maids throw it away.

Jestina was fed up with looking at the bloody room.

“Move the bedroom to the next room.”

“Yes, Lady Jestina.”

Jestina went out as if she didn’t want to be in this room anymore.


Alfred approached Michael, who left Rosemary Palace, with a worried face.

“Your Majesty, I think you’ve gone too far.


“You mentioned Lady Priscilla to Lady Jestina…”

“Her lady-in-waiting acted behind her, and I’m here to punish her.
What’s wrong with that?”

Alfred sighed.

“Lady Jestina will have hatred for Lady Priscilla.”

“That’s what I was hoping for.”

“Only Lady Priscilla will be having a hard time again.”

Michael looked at Alfred with a firm face.

“Alfred, why are you so interested in Priscilla? You don’t care about other princesses.”


Alfred could not utter the next word.

“The more Jestina urges Priscilla to die, the more it will act as an opportunity for me.”

Alfred also knew Michael’s intentions.

However, it was pitiful what Priscilla would go through in the process.

“Don’t pity Priscilla.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”


Priscilla took a break with Heidi.
She was caught by Rien.

“L, Lady Priscilla.
Is what you’re holding now a cat?”

Priscilla quickly clasped Heidi in her arms.

“It’s true, but…”

Rien criticized her as if she had waited to do so.

“What did you say? If His Majesty finds out, there will be an uproar.”

“I know.”

“You know!”

“Not for long.
Just wait until the owner comes back.”

“Does it have an owner?”

“Uh, the owner is someone else.
I’ll send her back as soon as the owner comes back.”

“Who’s the owner?”

“Sorry, it’s a secret.”

Rien sighed deeply.

“I can’t live.

“There’s nothing I can’t live for.”

Then suddenly Lili came in.

Priscilla quickly hid Heidi under the bed.

“Heidi, I’m sorry.
Just stay here for a second.”


Heidi sat on the cushion under the bed, as if she understood.

Priscilla quickly straightened her posture and greeted Lili.

“His Majesty is coming now, Lady Priscilla.”


Why do you keep coming?

It’s not like she was hiding honey here.

You can leave now.”

When Lili went out, Priscilla quickly pulled Heidi out from under the bed.

“Heidi, a very scary person is coming.
If you’re here, a scary person might do something to you.
So why don’t you take a walk outside with Rien?”


Heidi seemed to say that a walk was good.

Priscilla handed Heidi to Rien.

“Rien, please take a walk so that you don’t get caught.”

“It can’t be helped.”

Rien hurriedly carried Heidi out, and after a while Michael opened the bedroom door and came in and she sneezed.


She should have cleaned, but Michael suddenly came in and she couldn’t.

Priscilla didn’t even let Michael open his mouth.

She said hello first.

“I see Your Majesty, Sun of the Empire.
Glory be with you.”

“Get up.”


“I have something for you.”

“You’re going to give me something?”

Michael handed Priscilla a palm-sized box.

“Why does it smell so fishy?”

“You’ll know when you open it.”

Priscilla opened the box.
Then she dropped the box in her hand in surprise.

“W, what is this?”

“It’s the finger of the person who tried to hurt you.
She tried to pull out your fine hair with that hand.”

Priscilla’s face turned white.

“Why do you look like that? I thought you’d be happy.”

How could she be happy with such a crazy, cut finger as a gift.

“It’s disgusting.
Please clean it up.”

She got goosebumps and couldn’t look.

Then Michael frowned.

“Aren’t you happy? The person who did this to you is like this.”

Anyway, to cut off her finger and bring it back as if it was a good thing.

“What happened to Mary?”

Michael grinned and pretended to cut his throat with his hand.

“That’s what happened.”

“S, she’s dead?”

Priscilla was surprised.

She just thought she’d get the right punishment, she didn’t know he’d kill her like that.

Michael closed the box with her indifferent face and handed it to the attendant.

“If you don’t need it, throw it away.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

When the servant went out with the box, Michael reported to Priscilla.

“I cut off and threw the head of the maid who tried to hurt you to Jestina.”

“You gave Jestina her head?”

The mere thought of it was terrible.

Seeing it in front of her eyes, how freaked out Jestina must have been. 

Michael went on.

“I even warned Jestina.
You are a special woman, so don’t touch her.”

“You warned her, did you?”

Priscilla was at a loss for words.

Wasn’t it that he openly threw her as a target to Jestina.

‘This crazy Emperor?’

Now she really had to think about how to survive Jestina’s clutches.

And why didn’t the heroine appear!

But time didn’t go by.

She was dying while waiting for the heroine.

Michael approached Priscilla.

“I did what you wanted.
So you should give me a reward too, right?”

“What reward?”


“Achoo, achoo.”

Michael started sneezing again.

“I sneezed again.

Michael looked at Priscilla.

“Aren’t you really raising a cat without my knowledge?”



Eventually Michael grabbed his nose.

“I guess not.”

Priscilla was relieved because she thought Michael was just leaving.

But he suddenly snatched something from Priscilla’s waist.

“What’s this?”

He showed Priscilla a white string.

“No matter how you look at it, it looks like cat hair, doesn’t it?”

Then he sneezed again.

“Ah-choo! Can you explain it to me?”

Priscilla’s face was distorted.

She was screwed.

What should she do?

She’ll have to go around it.

Priscilla walked around it.

“I went out for a walk today and saw a cat.
I hugged him briefly because he was cute, but I must have got fur on me.”

“The cat was in the palace?”

“I just happened to see it.
More than that, Your Majesty.
Are you allergic to cats?”

“Yes, I am allergic to cat hair.
That’s why I hate cats.”

“You are.
I didn’t know.”

“Now that you know, don’t go near the cat next time.”

“I don’t want to.”


“Unlike your Majesty, I like cats very much.
If you don’t like it, why should I stay away?”

“You really don’t miss a beat.
You have such a big liver.”

If the words were going to kill her that way, he would have already killed her.

Priscilla had some idea that he wouldn’t kill her.

And once she died, she didn’t want to live like she did in the past, she didn’t want to bend over to the Emperor.

She had nothing to lose anyway.

The country abandoned her, and her family turned away.

But is it necessary to be shabby?

The life she gained again, Priscilla wanted to live proudly.
Whoever she was.

“Thank you for the compliment.”

“It’s not a compliment?”

“Oh, I see.”

Michael looked at Priscilla with a face of absolute wonder.

A woman who never lost a word against him.
He was getting irritated.

“I can’t stay anymore because I feel bad.”

Then he turned around and left.

When he left, Priscilla breathed a sigh of relief.

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