anded on the floor.

Michael ran, and the saber tiger limped toward Michael.

As the saber tiger opened its mouth and tried to tear Michael’s horse apart, an arrow from somewhere hit the saber tiger’s eye.

And Michael quickly decapitated the saber tiger with his sword.

Priscilla, who rode behind him, was on the verge of fainting.

Her hands gave out, and Michael seized her deftly as she was about to fall, and jumped off the horse.

Priscilla looked at Michael with a blank face.

‘Crazy guy.’

All she could think of was that.

“Are you surprised by this?”

She had nothing to say.

‘This jerk.’

Then Robiche came running.

“Are you all right, Your Majesty?”

“Ah, I’m all right.”

‘You’re all right, but I’m not all right.’

“Oh, Lady Priscilla’s face has become very pale.”


Michael pointed to the saber tiger, which fell down with an inconsiderate expression.

“Leave it here.
Deal with it.”

“Yes, I see.
Your Majesty.”

Michael looked at Priscilla’s condition while Robiche was recovering the saber tiger with the knights.

“Get it together.” (Michael)

“Have I come to my senses now?” (Priscilla)

“Why are you so angry?” (Michael)

“Of course it’s…” (Priscilla)

Priscilla managed to contain her anger.

Even if you raise your voice here, you were the only one who lost.

“I can’t put strength in my legs.
Can you help me up?” (Priscilla)

Let her hold out her hand with confidence.
Michael grinned and lifted her up by the hand.

“You must be very surprised.”

“Of course I’m surprised.
I never thought you’d do such a trick on a horse.”

“So you know it’s an honor.”

Honor is shit.’

She thought she was going to have a heart attack.

It was then.

“Your Majesty, one more appeared.
It’s coming this way.”


Michael hurriedly turned his head.

And it saw Priscilla.

“You stay here.”

“I intend to do so.”

Michael smirked and raised his sword.


Michael quickly moved to Robiche’s side.

When he saw the Emperor, Robiche said urgently.

“It looks like we’re paired up.”

“I see.”

It finally showed up.

It was furious when it saw the dead body of the saber tiger.


The one who roared loudly roamed around, attempting to cause death.

Michael holstered his sword and drew his bow and aimed.

It jumped high.
Michael’s bow also went up.

Michael pulled the bowstring at it.

The arrow was pointed right at the bastard’s stomach.

But it cleverly twisted itself in the air to avoid the arrow and ran toward Priscilla.


Michael quickly followed in its footsteps.

Priscilla never expected the saber tiger to target her, so she froze.

The saber tiger opened its mouth wide and bared its fangs at Priscilla.

‘Oh, am I going to die like this?’

The moment she felt she was dying.

Michael, who appeared with a loud clatter, wielded a sword and penetrated the saber tiger’s neck.

Right in front of her nose, the saber tiger spewed a fountain of blood.

Priscilla hardened like a stone statue in the blood.

Michael pulled his sword from the neck of the collapsing saber tiger and turned his head to look at Priscilla.

“Are you okay?”

“I’m not okay…”

No matter how tough she was, the stimulation this time was too strong.

Priscilla fainted.

It felt like someone hugged her, but that was it.


A late evening.

Priscilla, who managed to come to her senses, raised her upper body.
She looked around, she was inside.

“I’m back.”

“Are you okay?”

The lady-in-waiting looked at Priscilla with a worried face.

“I’m all right.”

“Have some of this.
It’s tea made with upli leaves, and it’s the best after being surprised.”

Priscilla nodded and drank the tea given by the lady-in-waiting.

The warmth spread down her throat, so she thought she would live a little.

“But it’s a little noisy outside.”

There was a loud laugh and chatter outside.

“His Majesty has caught two saber tigers.
Everyone is having a toast with him.
Would you like to go out?”

I want to wash up more than that, can you help me?”

“Of course.
It is said that the hunting festival prepares women for washing.
Would you like to go now?”


Priscilla left the barracks with her lady-in-waiting.

When she left the barracks, she saw them huddled together, having a drinking party.

Michael was sitting in the center, drinking meat and alcohol, and talking to the nobles.

Priscilla pursed her lips at such a sight.

‘Crazy guy.’

Priscilla, who cursed inwardly, moved along with her lady-in-waiting.

And there was a person watching her from afar.

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