“As expected, Your Majesty.
To catch not one, but two.”

“That’s right, Your Majesty is very brave.”

Michael did not smile at all, even though he was praised by the nobles.

Because he knew that everything they said was nothing more than straightforward flattery.

Michael’s eyes suddenly turned to the barracks.

There, Priscilla was seen going somewhere with her lady-in-waiting.

‘I guess you’re going to wash up.’

This was because the direction she went was where women bathed.

Michael, who looked at her, lifted his glass again.

The atmosphere was ripe.

Even the princesses poured out all sorts of praise to look good to the Emperor.

Only Jestina remained calm.

Then someone came to her ear and whispered.

“She’s gone.”

“So, are you sure?”

“Yes, Lady Jestina.”

There was a strange smile around Jestina’s mouth.

Jestina gave Chris a slight wink.

Upon receiving her signal, Chris quickly got up from his seat and got up and approached her.

“Is it going well?”

“She should be there by now.
I’ve bribed Priscilla’s bath attendant, and he’ll help you.
You can do it well, right?”

“Of course.
This is my specialty, more than that, you have great skill.
How the hell did you do that?”

Jestina rolled up the corners of her mouth.

“There’s nothing in the world that money can’t do.
This is a piece of cake.”

“I like it more and more.”

“Don’t talk nonsense and do your work well.
Do you need a reward?”

“Of course I need it.
I’m living on that reward these days.”

“That’s all I need to know.
You know if you fail, right?”

“Don’t worry.
I’m Chris, haha.”

As Jestina watched him lick his lips with his tongue, she felt uneasy inside.

‘I hope it won’t go wrong.’

She was nervous, but she decided to believe him.
Because she never failed using Chris.

I’ll get going.”


Jestina smiled bitterly at Chris, who disappeared quickly.

Today would be the most unforgettable day of Priscilla’s life.


Chris headed to the valley where women could wash up.

He watched his brother Robiche prepare from the side, and he grasped the geography perfectly.

So finding a shortcut with an escort was also a piece of cake.

Chris wore a mask on his face and went down the mountain slowly.
He heard the sound of water in the distance.

The sound of the water became clearer as they got closer.

“There it is.”

Chris hid himself behind a rock and looked out into the valley.

He could see the silhouette of the woman he wanted.

She was soaking in the valley water and enjoying her bath.

Because Jestina had prepared in advance, it was only her and her lady-in-waiting who took a bath.

Chris watched with a gulp of dry saliva.

The light pink hair was submerged in the valley water and then came back to mind.

As the woman raised her head with a splash, the moonlight poured over her face.

She was really beautiful.

“As rumored, she’s really beautiful.”

His eyes were filled with lust.
Saliva was welling up in his mouth.

‘No matter how much I think about it, I think I did well by learning stealth.’

He secretly visited the master of stealth and paid money to learn.
As a result, he was very good at being stealthy.

The stealthing skills he learned were great enough to deceive even the top-class knights.

So getting close to Priscilla was nothing.

Chris watched Priscilla ten meters away with an insidious smile.

He leaned over a large rock and threw a stone to hit the lady-in-waiting.

Then the lady-in-waiting turned around.

When he made eye contact with the lady-in-waiting, it solved the art of hiding.

The lady-in-waiting who found him approached Priscilla with a nod.

“Lady Priscilla, you’re gonna have to get out.”

“All right.”

As Priscilla walked out of the water, the lady-in-waiting took her behind an invisible rock and put a gown on her.

It was to cover the eyes of the knights.

And while the lady-in-waiting turned her back to dry Priscilla, Chris, who moved quickly, covered Priscilla’s mouth with his hand.


“I finally met you.

Priscilla’s eyes widened.

“Soon you’ll go to heaven.”

Chris pulled out his vial and held it up to Priscilla’s nose.

Then Priscilla’s eyes relaxed and she lost consciousness.

“Hurry up; it’s difficult if the knights notice.”

“Don’t worry, just keep an eye on them.”

“All right.”

While the lady-in-waiting was watching, Chris quickly put Priscilla in a bag.

“All right, let’s go.”

When the lady-in-waiting nodded, Chris walked around with Priscilla as he hid.

Of course, the knights moved out of sight.

So Chris left the valley.
In the meantime, the lady-in-waiting ran away to another place.

It seemed that she had no regrets because Jestina gave her enough compensation.

Chris saw Priscilla on his shoulder with a smile of satisfaction.

‘Look, I succeeded this time too.’

He had already done some work behind the scenes in case things went wrong.

All sparks would fly at Priscilla.

The princess of the Concubine Palace committed infidelity.

Heh, wait a bit.
Cutie, I’ll pamper you to the fullest.

Imagining the future, Chris couldn’t control his excitement.


Even over time, the nobles’ flattery did not end.

“That’s incredible.
I can’t believe you caught a saber tiger.”

“That’s right.
That’s amazing.
Well, my wish is to make a carpet out of the saber tiger’s leather.”

“That’s a big wish.
Will it be possible before you die?”

“You know, His Majesty will give me the saber tiger he caught, won’t you.
Your Majesty.”

“Listening to you, I guess we’ll have to catch one more.”

“Oh, it’s an honor.
Your Majesty.”

Michael was very tired of listening to them.

Eventually, he got up from his seat.

“Today is a fun day, so drink as much as you want and enjoy it.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

When the nobles bowed, Michael turned away.
He was tired.

Returning to the barracks, he tilted his head at the empty bed.

“It seems like she’s still washing up.”

It’s been a while since she went to take a bath, but she didn’t come back, so he thought women washed for a long time.

It was an incomprehensible idea.

Michael laid on the bed.

It was a long break.


How long had it been?

Michael opened his eyes.

He felt like he had a short rest, but he felt refreshed.

“How long has it been?”

It was still noisy outside.

It was natural to drink and enjoy late at night because it was to promote friendship.


There was no Priscilla.

“What, is she still not back?”

It seemed like it had been quite a while, but there was no sign of her returning.

“Is there anyone out there?”

At Michael’s call, a knight who was guarding the barracks ran.

“Did you call, Your Majesty?”

“Who’s guarding the valley now?”

“They are guarded by female knights under the commander of the Second Knight Commander Angel.”

“Call Angel.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

After a while, Angel, the Second Knight Commander, came into the barracks.

“Are you guarding the valley now?”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Did Priscilla take a bath there?”

“Yes, she did.”

“Then, is she still doing it?”

“That’s not true.
I thought she was done, but she didn’t return?”

Michael wrinkled his brows.

“She didn’t come back, so I called you to ask.”

Angel’s eyes widened.

Obviously, she saw Priscilla go into the water.
And she saw her coming out of the water.

She looked up, and she had moved elsewhere.

“How the hell did you stand guard?”

“Sorry, I’m sorry.”

Michael’s brows wagged.

“Did she run away…”

That’s all he could think of.

But how?

The area around the valley was filled with knights to protect it.
It meant she had nowhere to run.

In addition, the lady-in-waiting also disappeared.
The lady-in-waiting and Priscilla met for the first time today.

Even if Priscilla asked for a favor, she couldn’t have helped her escape prematurely.

“Running away or kidnapping…”

Michael looked at Angel.

“Let’s release the knights right now and look for them.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Robiche, who saw Angel hurry out, went into Michael’s barracks.

“Sir, what’s the matter.
Just now, Sir Angel seemed to be rushing out.”

“Priscilla is gone.”

“What? Well, what… I would have kept the valley strictly.”

“Yes, it is.
That’s why it’s weird.”

Angel said she saw Priscilla washing herself.
And she was gone after that.

What the hell happened?

There’s no way she’d cheat the knights’ eyes and run away.

Then someone’s intervention could have led to her being kidnapped.

‘It’s difficult.’

He was disturbed.
He expected her to get in trouble, but he didn’t expect her to get in trouble this fast.

Michael thought seriously.

He was the one who decided to take advantage of her, so he thought he should protect her.

Michael saw Robiche.

“Robiche, release the troops you can mobilize at once and find her.”

“…All right.”

He left it to Angel, but he couldn’t just trust her and wait.

They needed to find her quickly before something bad happened to her.

“Hurry up.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Robiche, who left the barracks at Michael’s command, moved hurriedly.

He was nervous about something.

‘Lady Priscilla is gone.’

Come to think of it, Chris hadn’t been seen since earlier.

‘Could it be that guy?’

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