green gaze.
He might be offended by her disrespectful behavior, but she wanted to talk anyway.
Of course, that was not done entirely out of her grudges.

Rather, Flitta took precedence.
She is her daughter who was intimidated and pays attention to others and acts like a child anymore.

“It is hard for a five-year-old to wake up early in the morning.
If she was a normal child, she will barely wake up even if the sun is already high above the sky.”


“However, the princess wakes up early every morning without waking up from drowsiness.
Even though she often dozes off when I touch her hair, she never got up late.
At least since I came here.
Perhaps she has done that before.”

Rosé looked at Haven, who was silently listening to her words.
His hair, which had been wet, was already dry.
But it wasn’t as tidy as usual.
His wet hair was naturally dry, so it was slightly wavy.

Like Flitta’s head.

Even in the midst of this, her eyes lit up at the fact that she had found similarities between her child and him, the father of her child.

“Do you know why the princess wakes up so early every day?”


Haven, who had been listening to her story, looked up.
And Rosé’s green eyes and his blue eyes crossed.

“It was because it’s the only time she can be with Your Highness.”


“The Princess is afraid of Your Highness very much, but on the other hand, she really likes you a lot.
Because Your Highness is her father.
Because she is the one and only family Your Highness has.
That’s why that young child puts in so much effort…”

Rosé shut her mouth while talking.
It was an abrupt silence that engulfed them.
But it was also an insignificant silence.
There was no way that the silence of a maid would have any great weight inside his office.

But why does he feels anxious?

Haven asked himself inwardly and narrowed his eyes as his question was absurd.
He was nervous? He looked as if he was a child who got scolded badly.

No, he never got scolded when he was young.
Who would dare to scold him who was born as the king’s son?

He could be called a gutsy maid.
Rosé opened her mouth again at the same time that Haven swallowed his empty laugh and looked at her with his eyes wide open.

“Why doesn’t Your Highness try to put effort? No, why… Why should a five-year-old have to make the effort?”

Rosé asked Haven as if arguing with him.
The words were so direct that the butler would have been frightened had he seen the scene unfolding.
Fortunately for Rosé, however, the butler hadn’t returned yet, and Haven just let this maid speak to him without hesitation.


“Yes, try putting effort.
A child shouldn’t be trying hard.
That’s an adult’s job.
Shouldn’t a child be loved just for being born?”


“But Princess is always working hard to be loved.
She has to grumble and shout, she also has to insist and insist, but she doesn’t do any of those.”

“That is normal.
Flitta is a princess….”

“Before being a princess, she is just a five-year-old child, Your Highness.”

Rosé intercepted Haven’s words.
And she looked straight into his eyes and said.

“Also, before you hold the title of a Grand duke, Your Highness is the princess’s father.”


“Just give the princess a little more time, Your Highness.
Moreover, while eating a meal together, you can also try to greet Her Highness.
If you just give her a little smile at her greeting, the princess will be very happy all day long.”

The bold maid talked a lot even though it wasn’t her job.
Haven looked at Rosé, who was making demands on him.
She was a slender woman, so he thought she would have a weak mind, but she seemed to have a stubborn side, on the contrary.

Although it was a little strange that the stubbornness was invoked for Flitta’s sake, not for himself.

“On the day the princess wears a ribbon, you can stroke her hair and say she’s pretty…”

“I think I should have done that.”

Haven interrupted Rosé.
Then, Rosé, who was looking at him, opened her mouth.
But a knock on the door forced her to shut her mouth again.

Your Highness, I have prepared the bath water.

It seemed that the butler had returned.

* * *

“Where are you going around like that?”

As if waiting for Rosé to enter her room, a sharp voice flew in.
It was the nanny’s voice.
Rosé closed the bedroom door and lowered her head.

“I’m sorry.
I have to take a break for a while….”

“I guess that was more important than serving the princess?”

The nanny glared at Rosé with her bitter eyes and sneered.
Instead of answering the nanny’s words, Rosé lowered her head once more, keeping her mouth firmly shut.

And the moment she raised her head again, her eyes met Flitta, who was sitting next to the nanny and reading her storybook.
Flitta looked at the nanny and held the storybook she was reading in her fingertips and then let go again.
She wanted to take Rosé’s side, but she couldn’t, feeling sorry.

Rosé smiled slightly at the child.
Flitta’s face brightened after seeing her smile.

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