k of it, I remembered her.
She was the woman who saved Flitta back then, right? She took credit for what she did, and therefore became a dedicated maid.”

“That’s right.”

Haven turned her eyes from the Duchess to Isabella.
His tone was as casual as usual.
As if responding to a story about something that he has no interest into.

But why?

… Why does she feel so uncomfortable?

“She’s a lucky one.
Thanks to that, she became the grand duke’s maid.
Moreover, she earned her honored position as the princess’ exclusive maid so easily.”

Isabella smiled, struggling to shake off the feeling of filth towards Rosé.
She was just a mere maid so it’s absurd to feel that way toward such a person.


‘It’s all because she’s similar to that child.’

Those green eyes.
Although her eyes were darker in color than Flitta, they both had same eyes resembling greenery.
So, the maid must have offended her.

Besides, she has a history of arrogantly looking straight into her eyes and defending that child.

“Saving Flitta?”

At that moment, the Duchess intervened in the conversation.
Since she was not in the capital at the time, it seemed that she had not even heard of the incident.
Isabella looked back at the Duchess, raising the corners of her mouth as if it was nothing.

“It wasn’t that great.
There was a bit of an accident during the memorial service for His Majesty the King…”

It was she who saved the child’s life and she reduced that importance to an insignificant, natural occurrence.
Haven sneered at the former queen’s pettiness.
Then he cast a glance toward the door.


His fingers tapped on the table.
Lightly enough that he doesn’t even realize it himself.

* * *

“I don’t like my aunt….”

Flitta whimpered while being held in Rose’s arms.
After carrying the child away, Rosé wiped Flitta’s wet eyes.
Upon returning to her room, Flitta’s eyes were wet from crying.

“At this rate, my princess, your eyes will be of a frog.”

“Huh… Frog?”

Flitta rubbed her eyes and tried to cry again, but she showed curiosity at Rosé’s words.
Rosé burst into laughter at that childlike appearance and then fumbled around the child’s eyes with her finger.
Flitta squinted her eyes as if bitterly looking at her.

But even so, the child obediently left her face in Rosé’s hands.
Rather, she even pulled Rosé’s arm with her little hand, seemingly wanted Rosé to hold her tighter.

Rosé’s heart broke at that innocent gesture of wanting someone’s warmth and affection.

Her child’s wishes were not so great.
A warm word, a kind gaze, that would have been enough.
But even those little things have not been received until now.

She recalled the cold stares people had cast upon her child.
Earlier, when the butler had come to deliver Haven’s order, she also remembered Flitta’s behavior.

「 “To, together? With my Aunt… the big Aunt?” 」

She was a kid who laughed loudly, saying that eating alone with Rosé was so exciting.
However, Flitta was frightened by the butler’s message and stuttered her words.
She couldn’t disobey her father’s words, so even as she went downstairs, Flitta trembled the whole time.

What it said was clear.

That their coldness wasn’t once or twice.
She knew that Flitta lived with such treatment among those under the name of ‘Guinters’.

“I can’t be a frog….”

Flitta murmured, pressing her eyes with both hands.
She was so cute and lovely.

‘Such a pretty child.’

Rosé laughed as if she would cry and hugged Flitta.
Flitta asked worriedly while rubbing her nose against Rosé’s nape of neck.

“Am I a frog?”

Is there such a pretty frog?”

“But… I’m going to become a frog…”

“If you keep crying, your eyes will swell.
Like a frog, a frog.”

“Th, that can’t be!”

Flitta’s eyes widened.
The child whimpered and rubbed her eyes with the back of her hand.
Rosé looked at her child and smiled.

“You’re fine now, Princess.”

“I am not a frog?”

Umm…  Actually, the princess would be cute even if she became a frog.”

“No! I won’t be a frog! If I become like that, dad will hate me..”

Flitta was startled by Rosé’s playful words and said while waving her hands, then slurred her words.
Seeing that, Rosé once again looked at her child with anxious eyes.

“Is my dad mad at me? He must be ashamed of me.”

No way.
Why would he be embarrassed because of the princess?”

“I… Because I acted like an idiot.”

Flitta quickly became sullen.
Rosé opened her mouth to appease the child, but she heard a knock on the door before him.
Rosé and Flitta’s heads turned towards the door at the same time.

“Wait a minute, princess.”

Rosé got up from her seat and approached the door.
She wondered if the nanny had returned, but the moment she opened the door, her eyes widened.

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