Chapter 8.1.
National Army


Vending Machine.
Equivalent Exchange Store.
This was the power of a unique skill of a strong, cool, hard-boiled old man.
What a revolutionary skill, that ability was to use the monster core, the heart of a monster, and exchange it for an item.

With this power, the world became somewhat peaceful.

It hasn’t become peaceful at all.
Look at the current situation.]

On the roof of an abandoned building.
Amano Sakimori, who was relaxing on the penthouse sofa, was humming and spreading old-man pollution, but he sighed at Shizuku’s tsukkomi.

“Well, five F-ranked monster cores in a single coupepan is tough, isn’t it?”

A monitor is projected into the air, and earnings are displayed.
It’s the Equal Exchange Store’s current earnings.

It had been three days since Sakimori installed it.
The old man was fretting that the world might change a lot, but he was relieved that not much had changed.
The reason for his relief was that, as far as he could see, very few people trying to monopolize the market.
Since then, he has added five more units each, and now Tokyo has 15 equivalent-exchange stores, but there has been no significant movement.

“Well, this is the result.
Sales are slumping.”

He sighs and puts his hand on the monitor.
He traces the results with a stubby finger.

[Sales Profit: 1248G, 86F, 35E]

They’re all G-ranked.
The surprising part is that someone is putting in E-rank cores.
Probably someone from the inner city.
They probably put them in to see if some item they were selling would be released.
Too bad.
If there’s no target, they’re going to have to bash it out.

[I think goblins can win if they use their brains.]

The ghostly Shizuku shuffled her feet on the sofa and muttered in a bored manner.
It’s true, I think you’re right, but.

“Archer is troublesome.
It would be nice if it consisted of only low-level normal goblins like a game, but they always have Archer with them.
It’s annoying, considering the possibility of injury, goblins are impossible.”

I think about it with my arms crossed and eyes narrowed.
That’s the bottleneck.
Of course, they’re subtle and cunning, so they won’t fall for simple traps.
And they have the same powers as adults.

I tapped my fingers on the armrest.
Shizuku starts to dance to the rhythm, waving their tiny arms and twisting their bodies in a cute little dance.
It seems she is not busy.

I sigh, thinking how stupid and cute Shizuku is, but I can’t help it.

“Maybe people think F rank is only for goblins.
Can someone make a rank table… even Karin? We need to teach people F rank that is easy to beat.
The large rats that were their staple food might go out of control.”

Slime and big roaches are staples of the giant rats.
To get water, people in the abandoned town would be going crazy trying to defeat them.
It’s also a little dangerous.

[You are a good-natured person.
I think you have a hungry spirit that grows in chaos, don’t you?]

I reply with a wry smile to Shizuku, who gives me a gentle look and a not-so-gentle line.
Yes, the balance will swing in favor of my good-naturedness, but.

“It’s for my good, too.
Because if I know how to make money, I’ll be stronger, too.”

[Then do as you, please.
And I’m determined to follow you.]

The cute, beautiful girl cowering her thin shoulders is soothing.
I would say that she is a tsundere, but this guy is surprisingly jealous.
Maybe not tsundere, but yan tsundere.

“Mmm, the national army is coming to the store?”

A signal comes in from the crows that watch the outer wall and share a visual.
The rusted gates of the outer wall slide sideways with a creaking sound, and three wide military jeeps and an infantry transport vehicle are passing through.

“They are moving fast for Uchimachi-sama.
Have you come to investigate the other stoa because you think it’s important? They don’t have the numbers to occupy them.”

[Yes, that’s right.
I haven’t seen an army since last year during the Lizard March].

Shizuku, who can share her senses with Sakimori, also has a serious look and makes the same decision after seeing the composition of the enemy.
It won’t be a problem, but …….

“This is your chance.
Has something changed in the inner city?”

Do they rely on guns as weapons? Or do they rely on having skills? Have they built a new model that can take down the enemy? Interesting.

“Don’t teach me how to defeat my enemies.
Let me show you the power of the inner city.” Let’s see what the inner city guys can do.”

I snicker, meditate, and try to focus on the crows, and notice that Shizuku is fidgeting and shaking her body.

“Something on your mind?”

[Gah! Did you say that normally? Gan.
I was trying to figure out how to reply.]

Shizuku opened her small gaping mouth, twisting her head at the drop that was in some inexplicable shock.

National army.
The damage caused by the dungeon was already too great, and the debate over whether to shoot guns and whether to dispatch the Self-Defense Forces continued in the Diet, but the former Self-Defense Forces occupied the Diet.
After that, it became an army.

At that moment, Japan became a military state.
Just like other countries.
After all, in times of emergency, force is the key.
There were no exceptions in all countries.
It was not a matter that could get resolved by talking to each other.
Monsters and dungeons.

The military vehicles were moving, spewing exhaust gas, showing off their high power with added armor and tune-ups.

“Did you have to go to the abandoned city at all? Did I, a field officer, have to go there?”

A nervous man in his thirties, wearing a flippant, black military uniform, complained to the driver, not hiding his irritation.
The driver replies fearfully, steering the wheel.
It’s a conversation that gets repeated so often since their departure that I’ve lost count.

“I am sorry, Major Marume.
The council has taken this matter very seriously this time.
They want me to confirm that all the core stores are selling the same items.”

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