Chapter 11.2.
The Big Rat



I click my tongue and send magic power to the water that gets destroyed.
The scattered water begins to gather, but by then rare rat is right in front of me.


With a thud and a heavy sound, the rare rat jumps in front of me, and I jump to the side in a panic.
A slight graze on my arm, that’s enough to send a numbing pain through the preventer.

“What the hell is that thing? It’s like a bowling ball.”

From the feel of the snatch, I realize that the fur is like steel, and its eyes narrow and steely.
It’s strong, as you’d expect from a rare monster.

[So it’s an iron rat.
It looks different from the big rats we’ve seen before].

“That’s because it’s rare.”

I chuckle at Shizuku’s words and glare at my enemy.
The iron rat came at me, bouncing at a sharp angle, cracking the concrete floor each time.
It was a terrifying step.

Calmly observing the movement, I drew the knife from my waist just as it was approaching, and I thrust the knife to the side of the iron rat that was coming at me, and I dodged.
There was a giggle sound, and the iron rat was still in perfect condition, not a scratch.

It’s strong.
Because this guy, the old man is in trouble.
But I came up with a way to win.

I’m glad I dressed in black as a shadow master.

“Shizuku, please don’t let them destroy the shadow puppet.”

If Karin sees me, my hard-boiled vibe will be gone.
I’m sure Karin will spread the story about how the hard-boiled me is locking up girls and doing whatever I want with them, nyan.

[Leave it to me.
Then let’s go change.]

Shizuku nodded and took over.
The shadow master becomes slightly smaller, but the shadow’s clothes are so bulky that they look stuffed, and people can’t tell from a distance that we’ve changed place.
For this reason, I always wear shadow goods in dangerous places.

The old man believes that she can handle this opponent.
Shizuku’s power in the last three years.
The ratio of status is different from mine.

It’s like this.


Mana 50

Strength 30

Strength 30

Dexterity 20

Magic 10


Unique Skill:

Combat Talent level MAX

Remaining Life level MAX


Combat Technique level 2


All of them are different.
Numerical status.
Nearly triple except for magic power.
I thought it was different, but it is not.
In total, the numerical values are the same.
Shizuku is cutting mana and increasing physical ability.
By the way, her unique skill is not martial arts talent, but combat talent.
She is a formidable girl who can use anything, including guns and knives, in combat.
She looks like a pretty, beautiful girl.
However, it seems that magic isn’t included in her combat skills.

Why did she almost die? She won’t tell me why she shared her life with Sakimori.
She’s a girl with many secrets.

Shizuku’s height is 140 cm.
To cover the height difference of 180 cm, Shizuku smiles and raises her hand to take a defensive posture, saying, “You have to be careful not to fall.”

“I’m sure it will only take a moment, rat.
Let me play with you.
I won’t get played like a dumb cat.”

With a quick wave of her hand, the iron rat, perhaps feeling provoked, accelerates and starts zigzagging.
It’s fast, despite its tiny legs.

The speed of a motorcycle is about the size of a puppy, and it runs in zig-zags.
A normal human being wouldn’t be able to keep up with its fine movements and would surely hit its body.

At least, the old man can’t.
Since he’s a magician, fighting is impossible.
Or rather, if a bowling ball flies at you with such force, you will surely break at least a bone or, worse, rupture your internal organs.

[Iron Charge]

The zigzagging iron rat’s body glows red, leaps up, and rushes toward Shizuku.
Shizuku takes a half step to the side and swings her arm like a willow at the rat that rushes at her, and then she changes her trajectory to catch it and


And she grabbed its neck.


The rat jitters and flails, but it doesn’t seem to have any magic power, and couldn’t escape.

“It seems difficult to break through your current defenses.
But how about this?”

She steps forward, vigorously swings her arm to grab the rat, and throws it toward the vaulted ceiling.
Muscle strength 30 is no joke; she can throw a weight of about 30 kg as easily as a baseball.

The ball was thrown into the air, became as small as a pea, and fell right in front of her.
The concrete floor rumbled, puncturing a hole and scattering fresh blood and chunks of flesh around the area.

“Minimal effort, maximum efficiency.
Phew, my talent is frightening.
I’m shaking so much.”

Shizuku puffed her chest as she pulled the glistening red monster core out of the hole.

Iron Rat.
If you fight it properly, you’ll probably have a hard time, but if you don’t fight it properly, it’s nothing like this.
Because a rat is just a rat.

A red monster core.
Its power is F rank.
What it will get has already been decided.
It has been more than 20 years of hard work.
When I acquired the residual skills, everything below my rank got grayed out, but I could see what was inside.

“Well then, I’ll be back.”

Sakimori swaps place with a swoosh and pretend to be unaffected.

“Now, this dead rat.
I’ll have the kids take it apart later.”

Sakimori smiles with flames on his arms.
I understood that reconstruction would begin.

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