Chapter 12.1.


Karin is an informant.
Karin has catification as her characteristic.
She wasn’t abandoned by her parents when she was born.
Because they thought she was disgusting.
It was because even though she grew cat ears and a tail, she recognized it to the extent that it was rare in this world of dungeons, symbiosis, and skills.

Especially when she was born, people told her that it must have been the wish of one of her parents because she was a cat girl.

The beast trait was a good skill that she could use even at low skill levels, and people around me were envious of it.
Karin’s catification is the same as the Dwarf and Elfification skills.
It’s a useful status from the beginning.
The ability to hide, dexterity, and high physical ability.
There is also the reason that Karin has already developed her catification skills to a certain extent.
There is a significant difference between zero and one.
Even more so at the higher level.
Of course, it wasn’t raised by proper means.

She’s just like the person in front of her.
He didn’t grow up over decades.
The man in front of her is a crazy man who raised his skill level by endlessly diving into dungeons.

“Are you sure you want to do this, Sakimori-san-nya?”

The children who helped him prepare to exterminate the big rat this time are holding coupepan in their hands, and their faces are torn.
The good old man, dressed in black and stupid, nods at them.
Karin is inwardly amazed that he’s as good-natured as ever.

The number of big rats the defenders had killed exceeded 300.
He handed half of them over to the boys, who, with 150 cores in their hands, were moved to tears.

“But I have a condition.”

The heavy-voiced, ruthless-eyed preventer, who sends shivers down her spine, unusually speaks of conditions.
I’m curious to know what they are.
He usually gives free ration coupons to the children who come to collect.

Karin knows.
Karin knows that there is such a thing as a Sakimori’s territory.
Sakimori has four unique skills.
She knows he’s the only one with his territory in here.
But he doesn’t admit it.

And that children are less dangerous within that territory.

Black cats and crows are placed in various locations to detect approaching enemies.
Karin would have to climb a dangerous wall to find him.
He’s frighteningly skilled.

And Sakimori also has some offensive ability.
To the extent that his familiars can protect sleeping children.
He defeats monsters that he can defeat, his cats meow, and his crows caw when danger is imminent.
That’s why Sakimori was well-liked by the children.

He has shadow magic.
He’s a person who can transform his magic into familiars he can use.
Karin knows people who have the same skill, but they cannot turn them into messengers like Sakimori.
This man has an incredible level of skill in handling skills.
She also analyzes him as he could use fire, water, and healing magics.
While being solo, his danger level is ranked D+.
Karin wonders why the government hasn’t recruited this man.

He’s also believed to know the secrets of the dungeon core, but it’s unknown.
She knows that he has regenerative skills, as he could heal himself after a while, even if he’s injured.

She would love to have him as a friend, but she’s sure it will be impossible.
There were times when Karin felt an unusual fear in the depths of his eyes.
Whatever they say, people are at a level where they could die from a gunshot.
They’re left with a level of danger only on paperwork.

There are more dangerous people out there.
There are groups of people with lower skill levels who want to attack the inner city or the dark side of a cult.
They’re not so many people in groups.
The danger level has jumped and is even ranked A.

Karin, who was gruffly thinking while watching Sakimori, couldn’t hide her surprise at the following words.

“I’d like you to become my subordinate.”

“Huh? You want me to be your subordinate-nya?”

It was the first time.
Sakimori has a subordinate.
She wondered why.
Until now, it has been his custom not to have subordinates.
Having subordinates means that he must provide for them.
It also means that he has to protect them.

But then it hit her.
It was the presence of the core store.

“Yo, with pleasure! I’ll be your subordinate!”

“Oh, me too!

“Me too!”

“I’ll be your man!”

The children present bowed their heads and shouted with joy without even thinking about it.
Karin thought, “That’s right.
He’s the strongest man around here.
If I’m to be his subordinate, I have no hesitation-nya.”.

She has no power, and she’s anxious about whether or not she’ll wake up tomorrow.

“It’s rare to see Sakimori having a subordinate.
What kind of change of mind is that-nya?”

She confirms in a light tone.
It’s her style with Nyaa Nyaa.
However, she couldn’t fool Sakimori with that light tone.
When he looks at her with a gaze that seems to shoot through her, she’s so scared that her heart shrinks.

Like this time.

“You know what I mean.
That store.
That presence will change the ways of the abandoned city.
If you have a steady supply of groceries, there will always be those who will increase their power.
I’m not going to live solo and lose.”

While leaning against the wall, arms folded, the content of what Sakimori says is hard to believe that he thought it up in just a few days since the store showed up.
He’s looking ahead to the future.
He intends to gain power.
The time has come to unleash the ambition hidden in his eyes.

There are many hungry people in the abandoned town.
If those people can work with their stomachs full, the abandoned town will become noisy at once.
Although he’s the strongest, being a solo, people could kill Sakimori if they outnumbered him.
He guessed that they sensed his danger.
He was frighteningly smart.

Being strong is a cripple in itself, isn’t it-nya?”

“Shall we call ourselves the Amatsugahara Corporation?”

She laughs back at the smirking Sakimori.

“That might be a pretty good name-nya.
But I can’t be your subordinates-nya.
I don’t think you’re strong enough to make an informer like me your subordinate-nya.”

“Well, that’s right.
You know too much.
If I make you my subordinate, I’ll turn other factions into enemies.”

She shrugs her shoulders and says it lightly.
Even if she refuses, he puffs up his cheeks as if she doesn’t respond to that within his expectations.
It would be nice if he was a little more enthusiastic about recruiting her.
She likes him.

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