”Did you enjoy the functions? Its so good. I haven imagined that our universitys boys are so good at singing. ” said Uma.

” Ya I also haven imagined, they can handle this program in such a way that everyone will start liking them, ” said Ahana.

” Come on Ahana I am talking about their singing talent. Don start your management skills right here, ” said Uma.

” Okay okay, don get frustrated. I won talk about their managing skill anymore. But yes they sang so nicely. For once I also fell in love with their singing. ” said Ahana.

” By the way, how many years have passed this year, India got independence, ” asked Uma.

Ahana replied, ” Uma you are also a student of History and why do you always ask me the question of dates? Can you remember the dates by yourself? ”

Uma said, ” stop irritating me and just tell me the year. ”

Ahana took a deep breath and said, ” one hundred and ninety-nine years. (199) ”

” Just one more year and India is going to complete two hundred years of independence day. Now I can wait for the next years independence day celebration. I wish this is not the year 2146 but the year 2147. So that I can celebrate the two hundred years of independence today. ” said Uma.

Ahana said, ” live in your imaginations I have to go to the site for gathering the Fossils for the research purpose. ”

Uma said, ” what but why today? We have the deadline for this work in the next month. Don go today. ”

Ahana said, ”I am going to have my degree in the next month after this project gets completed. And then I need to start my job so I want some holidays between these two months to make myself feel relaxed. Thats why I am completing my work as fast as possible. If you want you can come with me. ”

” No thanks I want to enjoy my free time. You can go by yourself, ” said Uma.

After that Uma and Ahana went on their respective paths. Uma headed to a cafe and Ahana headed towards the hills.

A lot of things have changed in the last 99 years. Nothing was changed, everything was corrupted till 2047. So many people wanted to say against corruption, bad people, corrupted politicians, and the system. But no one dares.

But after 2047 a political party came into power and started doing good deeds. They cleared every type of bad things like robbery, loot, murder, acid attacks, violence against poor and weak people, corrupted government systems, and government employees. They cleared everything which was a curse for society.

They started working in the favour of our own countries development. They started investing in the science and development programs of India. By taking inspiration from this party and its leaders so many other people and parties came in front to support them.

Because of that one fearless step was taken towards the development of India and Indians. India after 99 years was looking like heaven for the whole world. India is a superpower. It has so many things in every sector. Nowadays no one is unemployed or underemployed. Everyone is getting the benefits of government policies. 97% of Indians are educated they can read and write whatever they want. Even after having so many things, Indians never lost their faith in God. They believe in God with closed eyes and open minds. And the most important thing which has changed in these years is the mindset of the people. Indians are not narrow-minded anymore.

In short, now India is the dream country of so many Indians who died before 2047.

While thinking about all of these things Ahana reached her desired designation. And now she had started doing her work. She was finding some fossils for her research works.


” 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,7, and 8. Okay just two more fossils and then I can go home. Its so tiring. Why did I choose this subject? Ya ya, I know why I am asking this question myself. I wish that idiot Uma is with me. So that I can share my feelings with her. But no madam needs to take rest. Huh ” said Ahana to herself.

She was getting so irritated from her work. But she loves to read about the history of her country. And she loves to work in the archeological department.

She is a workaholic person and loves to read romantic stories. But her hobbies are also related to her work. She is going to get her masters degree in the next month and after getting the degree she is going to work in an MNC as an archaeologist. So before entering into her working life, she wants some free time to relax.

She was studying very hard for getting this job. And now her dream was about to come true. But before getting the job she needs to submit a report of at least ten fossils. Which is going to become the proof that she is eligible for receiving that certificate and the degree of an educated, knowledgeable, and a little experienced archaeologist.

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