Ahana woke up early in the morning. She completed her morning routine and came out of her room to prepare breakfast. She prepared breakfast for everyone and called those three men out of the room for having their meal.

All of them sat in their respective seats and had their meals. Ahana was busy on her mobile phone. She had some emails to reply to, so she was doing her job. Last night she had cooked some instant noodles so Amar didn find anything good in that food. But in the morning the meal which Ahana prepared had exact the same taste, which her food had in her previous birth.

Amar had almost cried after eating the food. But Moksh calmed him down. He had frozen his feeling for the next few hours. All of them finished their meal and then Ahana took all the dishes to clean.

After some time Amar and his friends got ready for leaving her house. Amar doesn want to leave Ahana again but he couldn stay with her since she won get her memories back.

All of them said bye to Ahana and went away. Before going, Ahana asked Amar, ” why did you get hurt? Who wanted to kill you and why? ”

Amar knew if he would not answer this question, she would suspect him. So he framed a story and told it to Ahana. He said, ” as I told you that I am also an archaeologist. Its normal for me to have some enemies because of my research work.

One of my enemies wanted to steal my newest project. The new fossils which I found from the hills of the Himalayas. Those fossils are almost seven hundred years old. And it can discover so many things about our past generations. And they wanted to steal it for the wrong purpose. Thats why they hit me. ”

Ahana felt bad for him. After that, she wished him good health and working partners.

Amar left after saying all those things. Ahana also went for packing all her stuff for going on her trip. Amar was happy after watching his wife fine. When he came out of Ahanas house he started crying. Well, those tears were of happiness. But he was crying very much for the second time in his life.

He cried for the first time when Ahana left him. He was getting very emotional. After some time he controlled himself and started following Ahana secretly. But before going anywhere he healed his wounds first. And after that, he booked the house in front of Ahanas house. So that he could see her all the time.

He got to know that Ahana was going on a trip. So he didn wait for anything and booked his tickets too. He wanted to live with her or near her 24 by 7.

After some hours he met Ahana at the airport. Ahana was surprised to meet him there. He also pretended to be surprised. She asked him where he was going. Amar told her that his company had sent him there and now when he was injured it was the responsibility of the company to give him the best medical treatment. So he was going to avail of those treatments in another state of India.

She smiled and told him that she had completed her studies and was going to get her degree in the next month. So she had one month for enjoying her time. So she wanted to travel to another state or city for refreshing herself from the tight schedules of her study days.

He smiled and said, ” that means we are going to meet each other several times in that state too. ” Ahana smiled and went away.

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