s eyes when he refused him could be seen in a glance.
With just a hint of seduction from himself, whatever indescribable things happen afterward… is it not a matter of course?

    In order to not stoke the fire, Qin Mu didn’t take a bath with Gu Qin.
The two took cold showers one after another.
When they met back up, Qin Mu held Gu Qin’s hand with the inner sadness of ​​not being able to eat meat.

    “Tonight, sleep with me?”

    Gu Qin lowered his eyes and glanced at the hand being held by Qin Mu.
The man’s strength is not strong.
He can break free with a single stroke, but he doesn’t want to break free.

    This night, the two slept on the same bed.

    Nothing happened.


    In the following days, Gu Qin took Qin Mu to see his parents and arranged for both parents to meet.
Qin Mu’s parents in this world are just ordinary farmers, who are honest and responsible.
On the other side, Gu Qin’s parents are both university professors, and his grandfather is the founder of the Gu Group.
Being the named heir to his grandfather’s legacy, Gu Qin can be said to have grown up in the palm of everyone’s hands.

    What is rare is that the people in the Gu family are very open-minded.
They believe in Gu Qin’s vision.
As long as Gu Qin likes them, they will love the house and the crow (2) and will not interfere excessively.

    Father Gu asked people to pick a lucky day (3), and the wedding was scheduled for the middle of next month.


    With the wedding just around the corner, Gu Qin’s facial lines softened.
Although there was no obvious smile on his face, the melting warmth in his eyes almost overflowed.
He never verbally said anything to Qin Mu, but the inner happiness of such a stoic person can’t be faked.

    As for Qin Mu, he didn’t have much expectation for the wedding.
He only knew that the day when Su Hanyu’s pain was full, was the day when he brakes up with Gu Qin.

   After Qin Mu tried on the suit to be worn at the wedding, he asked Gu Qin to send an invitation to Su Hanyu.
Since Gu Qin had last met with Su Hanyu on the phone, Qin Mu has not had contact with Su Hanyu.

    “Invitation?”  Gu Qin glanced at someone lightly.

    Qin Mu: “I did not mean anything else by it, I just want him to see how I found a good husband ……”

    “So that he regrets it?” An assessing gaze questioned.

    “Yes.” After a pause, Qin Mu said: “If you don’t like it, then we don’t have…”

    “Send it.” Gu Qin nodded his dark and deep gaze on Qin Mu’s face, and Qin Mu couldn’t see the emotion behind Gu Qin’s eyes for a while.

    Qin Mu: “You really don’t mind?”

    “I don’t mind.” The expression of someone who doesn’t mind became colder and colder, and said assertively: “I’ll go with you.”


    A lazy afternoon in a quiet café.

 Su Hanyu stood up from his seat after seeing Qin Mu coming, with a hint of tension in his tone: “Qin Mu, you…came.”

1:    Chapter 14 Qin Mu asks Gu Qin if GQ had fallen for him at first sight at the hotel.
GQ had denied it at the time.

2:    Loving the House and its crow, seems to come from Chinese history as a famous quote.
The  full saying is “If you love a person you will even love the crow on their roof, if you hate them you will even hate their servant.”  So If you like someone, everything they do is good, and if it’s the opposite then everything they do is bad in your eyes.
You can see this a lot in pop culture and even some politico spheres for reference.
Here is a Baidu article I found on it (The article is in Chinese). https://baijiahao.baidu.com/s?id=1702555790063328408&wfr=spider&for=pc

3:    Picking a lucky day to do something, from my understanding, is to use a specific calendar or ask a master for a day to do a thing to have the greatest luck at it.
It was very popular in Ancient China but seems like in modern times has mostly fallen to picking days to hold Wedding and Funerals.

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