Just as he looked dazed, a young man’s voice came in from the side, accompanied by the sound of leather shoes meeting the cafe’s floor.

    “Qin Mu, the agreed time is up.” Gu Qin walked to Qin Mu’s side and pointed to the watch on his wrist.

    Qin Mu: “…” This kid came up without saying a word.

    Gu Qin took Qin Mu’s shoulders very naturally, and coldly nodded at Su Hanyu, who had a stiff complexion, “Hello.”

    Su Hanyu stood up from his seat and replied tremblingly: “…Hello.”

     “Thank you for giving Qin Mu to me.”

    Qin Mu’s eyes flashed with astonishment.
You must know that with his proud nature, he couldn’t believe that Gu Qin would ever say such a thing.
In his own mind, he recalled the conversation he had with Gu Qin.
It seemed that Gu Qin had deliberately cooperated with him in order to achieve his goal of retaliation against Su Hanyu.

    This sentence obviously gave Su Hanyu a serious crit, and he was speechless.

    Before leaving, Qin Mu smiled and said to the green-faced Su Hanyu: “My wedding, you must attend.”

    Su Hanyu: “…… okay”


     On the way back, Qin Mu asked: “Did you hear anything just now?”

     The youth’s tone was calm and did not reveal the slightest strangeness: “No.”


     Gu Qin definitely said: “No!”

    Before he finished his words, a small scoff came from Qin Mu.
Gu Qin paused, his tone stiff: “What are you laughing at?”

    Qin Mu poked the corner of his slightly upturned mouth, “Then what are you laughing at? You’ve been smiling since you came in.” He is not blind, and this kid often has a bitter and hateful expression.
Just today, the corners of his mouth are happy.
It’s like blooming a flower.

    Gu Qin immediately lost his faint smile.

    Qin Mu (☉_☉;)

    … Wow


    The sound of water from the bathroom was heard in his ears, Qin Mu retracted his gaze from the bathroom door and bit into an apple slice that Gu Qin had personally cut up for him.
Seeing that this world was about to end but he and Gu Qin had no in-depth communication other than kissing, and Qin Mu couldn’t help but sigh heavily.

    【You have now collected 98% of the pain value of the scum gong.

    Qin Mu thought to himself, He was not surprised by this data.
He believed that on the day of the wedding, the remaining 2% of the pain value would be filled.

    【What are you thinking?】

    Qin Mu couldn’t help but cast his gaze in the direction of the bathroom again, “I was thinking about how to have a marginal and indescribable beep with Gu Qin——”


   “Don’t worry, I can resist eating ice cream no matter how delicious it is.”


   “I’ll just lick it.”

    【Qin Mu ……】

  “Shhh, he’s out now.” Qin Mu’s eyes lit up, put down the fruit plate, and greeted him, “All cleaned up?”

     “En.” Gu Qin was drying his wet hair with a snow-white towel.
Qin Mu stretched out one hand, took hold of the towel, as his low, hoarse voice sounded in his ear: “I’ll do it for you.”

The hot breath sprayed on his ears, and it made them a bit itchy.

    He did not refuse, and Qin Mu pushed him to the side of the bed and sat down.
Qin Mu moved behind him and used a hairdryer to help him quickly dry his hair.
Running his fingers through Gu Qin’s hair he gently massaged his scalp.
Gu Qin closed his eyes, enjoying Qin Mu’s rare initiative.

    Tonight, he used the same shower gel as Qin Mu, with a fresh and fragrant smell.
At this moment, the breath of the two of them entangled each other, regardless of each other, and the ambiguous factors gradually grew in the air.
He doesn’t know if it is his illusion,  but he always feels that every action of this man is a temptation.

    Just when he was hesitating to open his eyes, Qin Mu opened his mouth: “Just one quilt tonight?” Although the two of them slept in the same bed these days, they had their own quilts.

    Gu Qin opened his eyes abruptly and met Qin Mu’s suddenly serious eyes, which contained obvious deep meaning.
The long eyelashes fluttered as if they were disturbed by a butterfly.
He and Qin Mu looked at each other for a while, until he lowered his eyes, nodded, and replied, “Okay.”

   At this time, they were only a week away from their wedding.


1:   If I figure out how to put pictures in I will!! From my understanding, “囍”  is like “ Good fortune in marriage” or good luck and is a very popular choice for invitations.
Those are usually bright red with gold accents as they are traditional wedding colors for health and fortune.

2:   Severe Crit, a critical hit in gaming terms.
In animes, this is usually the part where the person spits up blood to show they got damaged.
Critical hits may not be the killing blow but they are very strong.

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