is still on.
and the soundproof of the low-rising building is not good.
Qin Mu listened to it by hiding in the corner outside the wall, he seemed to understand a little bit. 


“Are you sure that the parents of the baby will not find it? “


” Old Chen has promised me that He has never been seen by anyone.
Besides we have spent all our money.
If someone took the baby away, then I will let Lao Chen spit out the three thousand dollars we spent.”

” Baby has been crying all the time…”


The man interrupted in a loud voice: ” Children are forgetful, and he will get used to it after  a few days.”


Taking advantage of the two are busy chatting, Qin Mu slipped in hastily. 


This family consists of a couple, that has been married for many years but still has no children.
When Qin Mu is free, he will come over.
His mouth is sweet, when he sees someone he calls them uncle and aunt.
The young couple liked Qin Mu and often gave him sugar candy. 


After Qin Mu entered the familiar door he found the room, and surely found a little boy who is sleeping in the back room.
The child look likes four or five years old, his skin is very white and looks very lovable, cute and tender,  It is like a jade doll. 


He seems to be tired from crying, the small body is shrunk into a ball, the small mouth is pouting grievously and his eyebrows are furrowed.


He seems to be very unhappy.

Qin Mu has never seen such a good-looking child in this Anping village.
He couldn't help but squat at the bedside, grinning he couldn't help but stick out the fat paw and poke the child's soft and slippery face.  


It seems that the child gets offended so he waved his short hand in his sleep, pouted his mouth and changed his sleeping posture, and showed something hanging around his neck.



Translator Note: 

I found this novel interesting so picked it up.
At first, I won't be able to update more, when I will get used to it, I will update more.

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