FH Chapter 11 : 拉皮條的

Pimp (a man who controls prostitutes and arranges clients for them, taking part of their earnings in return.) 

Liu nodded her head and wondered in her mind if there was something wrong with Granny Xu.
50 taelstaels ah, real gold and silver, no exchange for silver, such a broken pamphlet, would be worthless if it got wet, although she thought so, she did not say so.


“Haitang ah, you are here to watch.”


Granny Xu took a look at Liu, who was in a state of shock.
In her heart, she despised her.
She didn’t answer, but slipped the pamphlet into Li Haitang’s hand, winking at her.


In those days, ordinary people could not afford to buy books, and most people in the village could not read or write, or even could not read and write their own names.


Li Haitang was a bit curious about the drawings in the booklet, she consoled herself with the fact that she just wanted to know how well the ancients drew pictures but when she looked at it, she was immediately intrigued.


She was amazed by the way in which the male and female positions were represented in the booklet in great detail and the explanatory note written in small character at the bottom of the booklet, especially the expressions on the faces of the two people as they made love, were so realistic that she was shocked.


“Tsk, tsk, tsk, no wonder it’s so expensive… How come this man has such a big dick?”


Liu stretched her neck and watched from the side, but she was a married woman with children so she has a thick skin, and even commented on it while watching while Li Haitang rolled her eyes as she listened.        


A few moments later, Granny Xu came in through the door, carrying a small parcel in her hand and handing it to Li Haitang in a mysterious manner.


All these years, she’ve done a lot of bad things.
Granny Xu’s health has been deteriorating recently.
She was afraid that one day she might not be able to get up in the morning, her legs might stir and she would meet Yama, king of hell. 


Perhaps it is because she has made a lot of money from Counselor Qin, or because she has discovered her conscience, that Granny Xu is generous for the first time and lets Li Haitang catch up with her.


“Auntie Xu, what is this?”


Liu looked at the fabric of the parcel.
It was made of red silk satin and, it was not a small piece at all.
If it could be worn as a undergarment covering the chest and abdomen, it would be so comfortable against the skin.


“This is for Haitang, she can always use it after she gets married.”


The package was opened by Granny Xu, and inside were several brightly colored small boxes with flowery carvings on the top.
At first glance, they were not cheap goods from the roadside.


“This small flat box contains ointment that will be useful on the night of the wedding.”


Granny Xu was very ambiguous in her words but Liu, being a veteran, understood immediately that this ointment has a secret recipe and cannot be bought by ordinary people, and it is not cheap.


All women have to go through that once, so few people care but Liu is different, she has suffered and she wants to keep the contents of this little box (what rightfully belongs to others) for herself, so that she can give it to her daughter Qiu Ju as a dowry in the future.   


“These are ointments for bruises and injuries, apply a light layer and the redness will fade the next day.”


Counselor Qin has a special fetish, he likes to beat up women, otherwise he wouldn’t have gotten such a reputation; a dog can’t stop himself from eating shit (狗改不了吃屎: idiom : bad habits are hard to change) It’s impossible to change a dog’s mind.
The Li family treats Li Haitang like a straw, otherwise they would never have prepared for this.


“Lastly, this is the spice.”


The first two items can still be bought for a small amount of money, but the last one is a spice that has no market and has been stocked by Granny Xu for many years.


The spices come from the West and have an aphrodisiac effect and make women easily impregnated.
At that age, Counselor Qin, there was no telling when his legs would stir.
He doesn’t know when his legs will give out.
If he didn’t leave his family behind, all his property would be confiscated.
Li Haitang, a young woman, had become a widow at a young age so her mother’s family would not be able to tolerate her.


Even though Granny Xu had said a lot, Li Haitang did not show any gratitude, she had pulled all the strings, as if her conscience was eaten by dogs.
Now she has turned around and try to be a good fellow; try to get along with everyone (often at the expense of principle) or in other word overly accomodating.
She (Li Haitang) really don’t understand what kind of brain this person has.


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